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November 2019

How do I configure Time Machine?

I bought the new Seagate back up drive and can’t remember what you told me to do once I plugged it in. Can you please advise?

Once you unpackaged the new drive, plug it up to your computer. If your computer is not currently associated to another external drive, you'll see a message asking if you'd like to use the new drive as your Time Machine backup drive. If this is the case, say yes. It will ask you if it's ok to reformat the drive (therefore erasing all the data on the drive). This is also ok since it's right out of the packaging and no one has copied any unique data onto it.

If however, your computer is currently associated to another time machine drive no longer being used, you'll need to plug the new drive up then head over to system preferences/Time Machine. System Preferences can be found under the black apple at the top left corner of your screen. From there, select time machine then "Select Backup Disk". From the drop down window, now select the new drive listed then select "Use Disk". You may be asked to "replace or use both". Select to replace then just leave the drive connected for around 2-3 hours as it has a chance to make the first complete backup.

From this point forward, you'll want to connect the drive as often as possible. Otherwise, it will not backup.

External drive failing

My external G Drive is failing. Very slow to restore from my old time machine image. Finally restored but took several hours. Should I take this opportunity to replace it?

Considering the price of external drives (2TB for around $60) I would say yes. Go ahead and get a new drive and begin using it as your new time machine drive.

DoI have a trojan virus?

My Mac is saying we have a “Trojan” virus !!
Can you help
I cannot use my computer!


I’d be happy to assist. Force quit your browser then restart your browser while holding down the shift key. If that does not help You can schedule a session online via my website for further assistance.

Okay it worked but what is Trojan
And should I have you come out to put some protective software in??

What you saw was a scam ad that runs via javascript to make it seem like they have control of your computer.  People do accidentally install garbage software onto their computers.  The most important thing is to not give anyone money or call any numbers.  You can schedule me at some time to insure you’ve not installed anything malicious.  You don’t need anti virus. Just never enter your computer’s password without understanding your reason for doing so.

Why does this gmail message appear?

Why do I keep getting this message constantly?

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 5.33.42 PM

Google (gmail) has added additional layers of security to their email service. Easiest thing to do to resolve this would be to delete the account from the device and re-add it once again. However this time when adding the gmail account, you'll see a slightly different looking window that opens (Safari) that will give more thorough access to the iPhone. If it continues then there is a settings that be found directly in the gmail settings at that would allow the account to be accessed on what Google considers "less secure devices". You can turn that on and that to, may resolve the issue but mostly likely, just deleting and re-adding the account should resolve it.

The Verizon guy used his AppleID on my phone

My iTunes and my App Store on two different accounts and I don’t really remember the password for them. When I bought my iPhone 11 from Verizon the guy just let me sign into his App Store and download the apps that I needed. But I do kind a need to download a couple more apps now and probably need to have it Set up more conveniently for use in the future.

The larger issue here is that now you have apps on your phone that are associated to a person at the Verizon store. Once we get your ID squared away I strongly suggest we delete those apps and redownload them again under your own ID.

I need to recover a deleted email but it's not there.

My computer will now allow me to delete emails but there is nothing in my trash folder after. Once I push delete, it is gone. Already accidentally deleted something I need to get back but I have made a note of what it is. Can you help me with this this week?

First, I’m glad the email issue has subsided and you can now delete email. If I remember correctly, the issue was that the computer was not communicating to the cloud correctly so I rebuilt the email database and set it to store all messages locally. This means that it doesn’t rely on the cloud to store junk, drafts, or deleted messages. Those all reside on the computer. (Which is a good thing). There is a setting in Mail that allows your deleted messages to be removed permanently either after one day, one week, one month, or just after quitting mail. Not sure which yours is set on. Nonetheless, sounds like the only way we can reacquire that deleted email would be through time machine. If you were backing up via an external hard drive then most likely, we could go back through your backup and recover that deleted message.

How does that sound?

Computer asking for password too quickly

How do I keep my computer from asking for my password each time I turn on the computer?

The area you are looking for is in System Preferences under Security and Privacy: General. Once there, you'll uncheck the "require password" area or select the amount of time you prefer to pass before the computer requires the password once again. Currently, you may be set to "immediately". You may need to click the lock in the bottom left hand corner and enter your computer’s password first.

Battery not holding a charge

Scott, the battery you put in the computer I gave to Ruth is not taking a charge. Seems to stay at 2% even when charged for a longer period of time. Is there something that I could do to fix things?

Let’s try this first: with the computer plugged in to the charger and the computer turned off: hold down the Shift+Option+Command+power button all at the same time. You should see the small light on the charger change colors. Green to Orange or Orange to Red. Then restart the computer.

Next shut the computer down and when you restart hold down the Command+Option+P+R all at the same time and continue to hold them down during start up. Ou will hear the computer chime. Continue to hold those keys down through 3 chimes then release. The computer will then restart completely.

Lastly, you’d want to make sure you are using the correct charger on the computer. Depending on the computer, some MacBooks charge via 45 watts, 65 watts, etc…. If the charger was underpowered it may not allow the battery to charge. So if the power adapter is the original it should be fine but if has been swapped at some point then that could also be the issue.

If neither of those solutions solve the issue for you, I would be happy to replace the battery at no cost. Keep in mind if we swap the battery and the problem persists, that would be strong evidence that the power adapter was the issue.

Phone not resolving the conflict.

Jane’s iphone 7 has given her the following message:  Cellular Update Failed – your iphone cannot make and receive calls or access cellular data until it has been updated.  It gives options OK and learn more but will not allow her to advance from there.  Should we go sign up for a session with you on Monday or just go to Apple or Verizon? 

Hard to say exactly. If the phone is able to connect to wifi then we may be able to solve the issue. Not sure if it is a hardware/SIM card or software issue. You may want to visit one of the previously mentioned stores first then cancel with me if you are able to resolve your issue prior.

Can't log into Netflix

Hi Scotty,
My TV is not recognizing Netflix and says to go to network configurations. Can you talk me through this or do I need an appointment?

So the first thing to do is always verify that you know the login username and password. To check this, go directly to the website. In this case then enter the info there to be sure you know your username and password. Be careful to not allow your browser to autofill that info. Otherwise, you will not have learned what the real password is. Once you've verified the correct information, return to your television and try to enter the info within the app. If this still does not work, next verify that your is actually one the correct wifi network. Every tv setup is different so I can't really walk you through how to go into your tv's settings to check this. Another step you can take is to test a different app to see if your tv is online. You can try the Hulu app, maybe amazon prime app, etc….

That's really as far as I can help you without being in front of it. Give these items a try first before scheduling me. I never enjoy charging people for only one issue so if you do end up scheduling a session, maybe you'll have some other issues to deal with as well to make use of our time.

In the long run, I highly recommend using a dedicated tv box like Roku or AppleTV instead of the "smart tv" apps. The interface is always way way better in my opinion and troubleshooting is also much easier as well. Lastly, companies like Apple or Roku are constantly updating those devices and software vs the smart tv that is rarely addressed by the manufacturer after it's shipped. So you may consider purchasing one of those in the future.
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