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DoI have a trojan virus?

My Mac is saying we have a “Trojan” virus !!
Can you help
I cannot use my computer!


I’d be happy to assist. Force quit your browser then restart your browser while holding down the shift key. If that does not help You can schedule a session online via my website for further assistance.

Okay it worked but what is Trojan
And should I have you come out to put some protective software in??

What you saw was a scam ad that runs via javascript to make it seem like they have control of your computer.  People do accidentally install garbage software onto their computers.  The most important thing is to not give anyone money or call any numbers.  You can schedule me at some time to insure you’ve not installed anything malicious.  You don’t need anti virus. Just never enter your computer’s password without understanding your reason for doing so.

This image is a theme.plist hack