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September 2012

What's up with the iOS maps?

Hi, Scotty--

Well, turns out that my Mac has really died this time. When I turn it on I get a "beep, beep, beep!" Kinda like, 911.
Crash occurred about 10 days ago. I am disappointed that the work you did didn't last...


Beep x3 usually means bad ram so we are probably in the clear with the data on your drive. Often when a hardware failure occurs on a computer, we jump to the conclusion that we’ve lost the data. Sounds like the drive is fine but either the logic board or ram could have failed. We should be able to get your data I’m guessing.

Leaving AOL and how to create folders

Thanks for help today, BUT when I  try to move ANYTHING (picture or text) from a previous presentation to any  of the  new templates, they all seem to slide behind the slide and nothing appears on the new slide. This is pretty basic... I saw you transfer both text and graphics over, but it does not work now.  What do I do?

When copying elements between two separate keynote presentations, dragging will not work. You need to use the copy/paste commands.

LCD dimming accross one area

Hello Scotty!
I hope everything has been going well with you. I'm out in finally out in California! However, I have been having issues with my iPhone update for IOS 6. I tried to update my iPhone, but in doing so all of my data was wiped out, and I do not know how to reconfigure the iPhone and back up all of my data from my computer back to the phone. Does that make any sense? Thank you for your help!

When you connect your iPhone to your computer, (assuming that you had done so before) there’s a very good chance you can restore from backup.

Worst case however, if you can’t find a copy of your data through the above method you can always just read your iCloud account in settings and select to sync contacts, calendars, etc… Choose “merge” when prompted. You can also re-download all your purchased items from the phone by going to the App Store and choosing previous purchases.
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