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Why do I have all these photo libraries?

Can you tell me what to do with the photo libraries?
Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.40.42 PM


First and foremost, always have a good time machine backup before removing files just in case you change your mind later. The above picture shows info on three different photo libraries. Most of us really only need one. The iPhoto library is left over from when Macs used "iPhoto". They now use "Photos" so it is very likely that library could be thrown out. It would no longer be relevant. That leaves you with 2 practically identical libraries. Photos 1 an Photos 2. You will also be able to toss one of these as well. To determine which one your computer actually uses, you can open Photos, go to preferences, select General and look for the one listed. That would be the one you would keep. The others can go.

By the looks of the size of each of these libraries, I feel confident that all the pictures that exist in your old iPhone library are also in your new Photos library. But just to make sure, you always have a backup (time machine) just in case 2 years from now you say to yourself "I think I'm missing some pictures from that trip we took to Yipsilanti. I wonder if they are in the old iPhoto library". That way you still have them on your backup. It's not easy to get to them from your time machine backup, but they are there.

How can my family share my Photos library?

Wife and kids want access to my photos (all on iCloud). How do I download them to their iMacs?

Currently two people cannot share both their iCloud Photo Libraries 100%. There are ways of getting close.

1. Anything you put in the Family Album is accessible to other members of the family, given that you have set up family sharing with your AppleIDs.
2. You can set up individual shared albums and invite people to that album. You still have to add whatever pictures you want into that album. It will not share the entire Photo Library.
3. Anyone can view your pictures at as long as they know your log in. But this does not sync to Photos.
4. You could do one massive merge of all pictures but that would not sync going forward. It only gives everyone a starting point with all the same number of pictures as of that day. Going forward however, it would be up to you to continuously contribute to each other's libraries.

Unfortunately there's no great way for family members to access each other's libraries right now. It's on my list of items to find work arounds to as my wife and I would like to do exactly this as well.

Scotty's Mantra

Pasted Graphic

iPhoto is in charge of taking pictures off the phone’s camera roll.
iTunes is in charge of syncing pictures back on to the phone to carry around and enjoy.

I've run out of space on my hard drive.

The computer i'm using is a fairly old imac and it is nearly out of memory.  I need a way to clean it up.  Much of the space on this mac is photographs.  SUPRISE>>>>>  With this in mind you might think of a way to store the photos elsewhere without our having to give up the ability to manipulate the image before printing

When faced with the issue of running out of space where pictures are the guilty party for taking up the majority of the hard drive, sometimes the best option is to move the iphoto library over to an external drive.  This means you’d be tethered to the external drive and could only open iPhoto when that external drive is connected.  But this allows you to avoid buying a larger internal drive for an aging computer.  This also means that you can take the external media drive with you to your next computer.  

Duplicates on iPad after sync

When downloading photos on computer it duplicated many of the pictures. Is there an easy way to delete duplicates?

Sometimes, we can confuse our photos as duplicates and in actuality they are. However, often they are in albums we’ve synced using iTunes but also still residing in iCloud. We know that these photos will expire out of iCloud eventually. (usually within a month or so with the max being around 1000 of the most recent pictures taken.)If you’d like to verify if iCloud is causing the duplicates, you can go into your iCloud settings on the iOS device, turn off “photos” then recheck the photos app. If the duplicates are gone, problem identified. If the duplicates are still there, then it may be time to resync rom within iTunes. More often than not, it’s a matter of a human not understand what the computer is doing rather than the computer making a mistake on its own. We just have to work out what is causing the duplicates.

iPhoto email settings are wrong

Hey Scotty,

Wife has had problems with her email going "over quota".    She has 20 gigs storage in iCloud.   And I noticed that her iphone backup was taking up 19 gigs.   I turned off the iphone backup to cloud feature, deleted that backup, and instead backed it up via iTunes to her computer.   That seemed to solve the problem at least temporarily.     Is this ok?    Also, I noticed on my own account (I also have 20 gigs), I have no iphone back up at all.   Any suggestions?


You are actually now doing exactly what I suggest. Don’t use your limited iCloud storage to backup your iOS device. Instead, turn off iCloud backup and backup directly to iTunes. iCloud storage space is better used for your email with an @me, @mac or email address as well as your temporary photo storage via photo stream. You can also use your free 5 gigs of storage space for Keynote, Numbers, and Pages documents so they will sync between your devices and computers.

For a little more on the subject you can check out my recent post here.

Taking your iPhoto library with you.

Hey Scotty,

You helped me set up my computer several years ago at my house and everything runs great but now I need to change my password for wifi, I think.  My grandson cannot access internet from my system when he is here even though I gave him my password I recorded a long time ago.

We have tried working network preference but no change.  How do I change the password?  Or why doesnt' the current password allow him to connect to my system?


You can find your current password by reading my previous posts on the subject here:
How do I recover my wireless password? | wireless, security | Sells Consulting
Finding your aiport password in Keychain Access | keychain access | Sells Consulting

If you would rather change your password then you’ll need to use Airport Utility (a program on your computer). You can find it by doing a spotlight search or going to your applications folder then into your utilities folder inside that.

iPhoto previous version

Hey Scotty,

What do you know about a cheaper iPad coming out in the fall?  How will it compare to existing iPad?  I just got a Kindle Fire.  It is fine, but it is not compatible with any of my iphone and mac apps.  Kind of a pain.  I amy return it or my hubbie might take it because he is a droid geek.

I know just as much as you do about unannounced Apple products. Any information not released officially by apple is pure speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt. You can definitely count on new products being released about once a year for each product line. If you are looking for a by-the-numbers breakdown on product release trends then you can check out the macrumors buyers guide. Again, that to is merely guess work but fun to check out and use as a guide for estimated release dates.

Reverting to the original in iPhoto

Hey Scotty, I am getting this error. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Screen Shot 2012-02-07 at 8.53.24 PM

Time to either delete unwanted data, move your iTunes, iPhoto, or other large amount data to a secondary external drive (which should also be backed up via Time Machine, or get a bigger internal drive.

Sorting events in iPhoto

I have not been able to get this to work consistently for different reasons at different times.  Most recently, I tried to call my client and got a message that I didn’t have enough “Skype credit” to make this call.  What does that mean?  Then they tried to call me and got the same message.  Later that day I contacted my son who also has a Macbook Pro with no problem.  My client also has a Macbook pro.  Is there anyone anywhere who I could call on a telephone when I’m having trouble with this?  The internet cable people know nothing about it.  Microsoft no longer has a phone service for this.  I can’t figure out how to use your website or the icon you put on my screen.

It sounds like you are making two separate type of Skype calls. Skype to Skype is free but Skype to a regular phone or cell phone requires $$$ in the form of “Skype credit”. That is most likely the reason you are able to call the son’s macbook pro with no problem but run into problems when you are trying to call the friend. This is because you are trying to call the friend’s phone, not his/her computer. I’m sorry you are having difficulty with the website. For monday night help, you can go to at 7pm on Mondays then select the link titled “click here to join” and you’ll be in my weekly meeting online. It’s free and you may find other people have similar questions.

Thanks.  I will.  Still I don’t understand how skype to skype is different procedurally. Isn’t your skype id…what you dial up, the telephone number you put in that dial thing that appears on the screen?  In other words, I still have the most important question.  How do I contact my client to skype without using the phone number?

He would need to have a Skype ID.  And a Skype ID is not his phone number.  It's a name of some sort.  My Skype ID is "tibookscotty".  If you typed that into Skype it would be free but if you typed my phone number in it would cost money.

iPhoto crashing after icloud update

Scotty, my pictures are seriously out of date order - can this be sorted into dates??  Its hard to locate photos from last month in 2002 section!

There are several ways to sort events in iPhoto. As long as the camera used to take them date was set correctly then you can select to sort by date and your pictures should rearrange. Note that you can choose ascending or descending order as well. Under View in the menu bar within iPhoto, choose “sort events”. ex:

Screen Shot 2011-10-31 at 9.56.00 PM

Don't use dropbox to sync iphoto or aperture libraries

My Apple router needs to be replaced.  Any recommendations?  I think I need a stronger router than the Apple one...before it stopped working the signal was not strong enough to reach all the Mac's in our house.

I'm sorry to hear your router is failing.  I've dealt with them all and I still can really honestly only recommend the Apple router as the top of the mountain.  It's rare to see them fail but routers do fail.  I'm wondering if there is actually a different problem.  My general rule is one router per 1200-1300 square feet of living space.  Of course the construction of a home can effect this rule.  Old homes built in the 20's and 30's often have plaster laid over wire mesh.  This can be a big problem for wireless routers.  I digress.

The thing I really like about the Apple routers are their ability to extend one another.  The Airport express compliments the Airport extreme so that your network can be stretched to cover a wider area.  

Another general rule is that if you are going to look into extending your network wireless, then you need to realize that most router manufacturers will only build extenders that support their brand of router.  In other words, a DLink router will not extend a Linksys router.  (not without some altering of code which we don't need to get into)

If you are leaving the Apple router family then you could look at the Netgears.  They're less expensive, descent routers.  I can't recommend Linksys (Cisco) routers.  Among the geek community, asking your favorite router is a very touchy subject so don't be surprised if you ask 3 geeky friends and get 3 completely different answers filled with ridicule other's choices.  

Still no good way to sync iPhoto libraries

Hi Scotty,  how do i discover if i have Lion  i think i still have Tiger?  10.5.8  thought i would send this so you can see what is here, do you think my remote apple keyboards can be fixed, the keys stick, the space bar sticks  i don't like the new one its so teeny.  quiet though I looked at logitech at Costco but didn't buy it what do you think about that? I type all day long   so it gets really used.  thanks Scotty  Judith Fain          
Hardware Overview:

  Model Name: MacBook Pro
  Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,4
  Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
  Processor Speed: 2.53 GHz
  Number Of Processors: 1
  Total Number Of Cores: 2
  L2 Cache: 3 MB
  Memory: 4 GB
  Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz
  Boot ROM Version: MBP53.00AC.B03
  SMC Version (system): 1.49f2

To find out what operating system you are on, go to the black apple in the top left hand corner and select “about this mac”. There you should see what version of the OS you are currently running. If you are at 10.5.8 then we need to get you to 10.6 so you can use the app store to buy Lion. You can check at the Apple store to see if they have any more copies of Snow Leopard. 10.6 (Snow Leopard) must be installed via a disc. Only problem is that a copy of SL is difficult to find at this point. If you are unable to locate a copy then you could always buy a had copy of 10.7 on a USB flash drive. If you have difficulty let me know.

It’s often possible to clean out the older keyboard keys to get them working once again. You can pop off the keys and clean underneath and around with a qutip. They usually pop right back on again. Most keys are easy to deal with except the space bar key. It can be a little tricky.

iPhoto has lost it's library

Anything I need to be aware of before I let my 10 year old sign on to. Mine craft multiplayer server?  Can I get a virus or computer damage or anything?

No reason to fear the mine craft servers. There may be some language or inappropriate words shared between multiplayer users. But for the most part, this game only appeals to kids of higher intelligence. Most of the kids who are into shooting games and things would find mind craft boring very quickly.

Freeing up space on the iPhone

Question- IPads should send and receive email and access internet via 3G......regardless of being near wifi....right? I got away from wifi range and it ask for cellular connection.....what do I need to input?

Your iPad has the ability to connect over 3G using cell towers however you must first set it up with either ATT or Verizon. You can do this directly on your iPad. The monthly data plan is around $25 per month for 2 gigs of data I believe. But don’t hold me to that. You can set up your account by going to your iPad’s settings button then selecting “wireless data”. You can also cancel the plan any time. It’s month to month with no penalty.

HDR photos result in multiple pictures

The back button has disappeared from the top of Safari. How do I get it back?

With Safari open, in the menu bar under “View”, choose “customize toolbar”. You’ll now see a new drop down windows containing many buttons. Now drag the back button back up to where it was.
Screen shot 2011-03-30 at 10.55.06 PM

Adding a picture from email to iPhoto

Scotty, I have just gotten the iphone and somehow have deleted all the contacts, with a few exceptions, out of my address book on the MAC.
Scott have the Lacie backup as you suggested the last time you were here. We just don't know how to retrieve the contact list
from the Lacie. Have you got a "How to" answer? Please let me know when you get a moment.

If you were using Time Machine on an external backup drive prior to the loss of data, you can recover the address book. With address book open, go to the menu bar above and select to enter time machine.
Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 8.15.46 PM
Your computer will enter a sort of science fiction view and you’ll be presented with a line of mirror like images going into the background.

Next, you can scroll along the side bar in Time Machine to a point in time where your contacts reappear. Now select all contacts using command+A and choose the restore button in the bottom right corner of the time machine window. Your contacts should now reappear in your current version of Address Book.

iPhoto has lost its Pictures

I have a picture that was sent in an email, that I want to print on photo paper. How do I do that? Do I need to send it to iphoto (if so how do I do that.)

You don’t necessarily have to use iPhoto to print. You can just double click the attached picture in email and it should open in preview. Then you can print from there. If you would like to send it to iPhoto you can either just drag and drop the picture from your email into iPhoto’s icon in the dock or you can use the button in Apple’s mail program shown here.

Screen shot 2011-02-14 at 9.13.37 AM

Click and HOLD the save button. You’ll see a choice to add to iphoto.

If you select Quicklook, the pictures or attachments will show in a dark window and you can also add to iPhoto from there as well.

Lost Pictures...always backup

Scotty -
I have an Imac with Microsoft Office for Mac on it. My wife has a Verizon Blackberry and would like to be able to sync her calendar, contacts, etc., preferably wirelessly and automatically. On a different topic, 4 of us share this machine and I would like it configured such that all music downloaded/purchased on itunes to any user account goes to my account as well, but not vice-versa. Can you help us with these issues and are they very involved? I will check your calendar for availability. Thanks.

Syncing music across multiple itunes libraries can be easily accomplished via “home sharing”. Mac or Windows, it won’t matter. The Blackberry however, ugh... Your best bet is to use
Blackberry Desktop Manager (free) to sync although it won’t be automatic and wireless may be unreliable. Blackberrys are said to be able to sync to the mac using bluetooth but my experience says don’t bother. Stick with the cable. Blackberrys can sync google contacts and calendar via exchange support. Google offers exchange as part of your account. But you wouldn’t use a mobileme account. (I doubt you have one anyway.)

Sharing Pictures via iPhoto

Hey Scotty.   I have noticed my iPhone is not properly syncing my calendar from my iMac.  It is supposed to do it without even plugging it into the computer, but it is not happening.  How do I check the settings to make sure it is set up properly?  Thanks!

Syncing your phone and computer via mobileme can sometimes be problematic. 10.5 and 10.6 handle syncing via mobileme a little different so it depends what operating system you’re in.

In 10.6 mobileme’s calendar syncing is handled via something called calDAV. If you have all your updates run 10.6.6 on the computer and 4.2 on your iphone, then you’ll need to convert your ical data to calDAV. Instructions here: MobileMe: Setting up iCal for the new MobileMe Calendar

Basically you’re moving your calendar off your computer and putting it into the cloud. It’s a tedious process if you have many calendars. Let me know if you need assistance.
In 10.5...try to restart syncing try the following steps:

Go to system preferences/mobileme and check that syncing is turned on for calendars. Now go to your phone and to settings/mail contacts and calendar and check the same.

If all settings are fine then you may want to reset the sync by going to advanced settings in system prefs/mobileme and re-upload the calendar. page1_blog_entry590-screen-shot-2010-10-12-at-11.17.07-pm
Next, toggle off calendar syncing on your phone. You will be prompted to delete the calendar info on your phone. If there are no events on your phone that aren’t on your iCal then you can delete. If there are events on your phone that are not in ical then we’d need to do a hard wire sync. (This can get confusing).

Getting rid of iPhoto duplicates

Hey Scotty,
I'm having issues using MobileMe with apple tv. Its asking for my MobileMe account name and I have put in my my email. @ Mac and @ me etc. Am I missing something?

Sounds like you are on the right track. However, your apple ID may not actually be your mobileme email address. One thing to consider would be to check within iTunes. Go to the iTunes store then check the top right hand corner to see what username you are logged in as.

Screen shot 2011-01-10 at 10.58.57 PM

If that doesn’t show you as bening logged in then click on “purchased music” in the left hand column of iTunes and then select one of the purchased songs. Next, get info on that song. You can right click or control click to do so. That information should show what ID it was purchased under. Now use that ID to log into AppleTV’s area.

Screen shot 2011-01-10 at 11.01.45 PM

Moving multiple photos in iPhoto.

Thanks for Monday night;  my son really loved being a part of your townhall.
I cannot find where I wrote down how to see Charles' screen from my desktop.  Will you please tell me again?


Yes, you can use screen sharing on the mac to watch what’s going on on another computer. A couple of things to think about first however. You’ll need to know the Admin’s username and password on the machine you want to watch. You will also need to turn on “screen sharing” in the sharing pane of system preferences.

Screen shot 2011-01-05 at 9.45.57 PM

Now you’re going to open a finder window and check the left column to see the child’s computer listed. (both computers have to be on the same network)

Screen shot 2011-01-05 at 10.33.55 PM
The only thing left is to select share screen and put in the username and password of the admin on that computer. Note: They will know you’re watching them as you have control of their mouse as well as an icon that appears in the menu bar. If you want to be more stealthy then a program like Apple Remote Desktop would do the trick. Happy Parenting.

Picures not moving into iPhoto

Hi Scotty!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.  When you get a minute, can you tell me if you know of any camcorder brand that is compatible with Apple computers??  I have tried to do some research but have not had much luck.

I have a Canon DVD camcorder, but I cannot put the video onto my computer, just the still images.... would love to have one that I could edit on my computer.

Hope you can help!

Happy Holidays!


This should answer your question:

iMovie: Camcorder Support

iPhoto dupicates (x2)

I have a question concerning my portable drive
When I connect it to a XP machine here in the office –I can only see the 300+MB part of the drive, I have installed the software for the drive and verified I have the right drivers installed for the hard drive.  Should I be able to see the larger partition on the drive if it was created on the MAC I run @ his home?   Right now I cannot

Since this drive is used for a backup program on the mac called "time machine" the Mac requires it to be formatted for the Mac.  It's a file type you will not be able to access on your windows machines.  While macs can read windows formatted drives like NTFS and FAT32, Windows can not read Mac formatted drives.  Unless you use a third party software like Mediafour | MacDrive. You could also network the drive via file sharing (requires 2 computers or airport extreme with USB port).

iPhone not showing in iTunes

Hi Scotty,  I understand my Mobile Me will expire in 310 days. Will I get notification and renewal instructions - I think its $65. per year.  Thanks


It depends on whether you set up automatic withdraw via credit card when you first set up your mobileme account. You can check your payment information via the mobileme control panel in system preferences to see what your payment method is. MobileMe is $99 per year although you can find it cheaper online at, That’s the better way to go instead of the automatic card payment system. You save $30 per year. You just have to remember to renew by purchasing the mobileme box then inserting the code you get in the box each year.

You will get notifications that your account will either automatically renew or will expire as you get closer to the expiration date.

iPhoto Duplicates

A friend is trying to raise a few dollars for several “educational” concerts of rag music. I offered to help with his flyer. He sent a .pub file which I on my Mac can’t open. (Or can I?) I asked him to send a pdf file. He said he uses windows and doesn’t know how.

If you know what app on a Windows PC gives a .pub tag, and if you know how to save it as a pdf file, please let me know.

Hope you are and all is well. Thanks.


So he's using Microsoft Publisher if he's dealing with .pub file extensions. He should be able to export that file within publisher to a pdf file. But if won't do that then you may be able to convert it yourself. Try one of these converters:

Zamzar - Free online file conversion
Doc2PDF Online: Convert Word to PDF for Free

Here's a tutorial on converting .pub to .pdf as well:

How to Convert Pub Files to PDF on a Mac |

I haven't tried either of these services but hopefully one of these methods will work.

iPhoto blurry photos again

I do have a quick question about changing information in a contact list in my address book. Can you change information, like in my x-mas list address book, such as the person's name, and not have it change in the main address book??


No, the changes made in the contact show up in the main address book and any of the sub groupings their in as well.  You may be better off duplicating the card then making changes to only one.  A pain I know.  

Elgato video and iPhoto fuzzy issues

Why won't my desktop icons show the preview of what the picture looks like. They are jpg files but only have the standard default image.


No problem. In the old days there was a way to "rebuild" your desktop on a Mac if your icons got confused. Now days you have a preference you can check to make the preview come to life. In the finder under "View", select to show view options then check to show preview in icon.

Camera died during iPhoto import


Where can I buy a new battery for my laptop other than


direct link to the apple page: Laptop Battery for apple

Syncing iPhoto libraries...ugh.

scotty, my laptop is extreamly slow even after I deleted a bunch of pics and files. my stats are above......what else can i look at?  And yes, i copied files to the terrabite on my desk top AND DELETED the pics and files off the laptop...

There can sometimes be background processes that are running that may be causing the system to hang up. Of course, always try doing a restart first. Go to activity monitor and check out all running processes. Be sure you've selected "All processes". Next sort by % CPU. This will tell a great deal about what is going on under the hood. Screen shot that the next time you are experiencing slowness. You can also toggle down the cpu meters in the menu bar to get similar information.

It looks, however, in your case not to be cpu related as istat is not reporting a heavy load. What may be of more concern is how much space you have left. Now that I come to think about it, you are in the emergency stage of needing to free up more space. Do a get info on your hard drive to find out how much space you have left. Remember anything under 10% is not healthy. Time to offload even more then repair permissions from disk utility.

Rebuilding iPhoto your library

Hey btw....Firefox is jamming up again just like before.  Arghhhhh!  Its aweful. How do I clear it?  I forgot what you showed me.  Something about plist I think.


There are several files to consider tossing out when firefox begins to act up. The most obvious is the plist file located in:


You may also want to consider uninstalling firefox extensions. These can make firefox act up quite a bit.

users/~library/application support/Moziila/extensions

Drag these to the trash then restart firefox.

Having a test user and logging on from that user will allow you to tell if it's a firefox issue accross the board or just your firefox settings within your own user.

Permissions on iPhoto library


I have a macbook pro. I am hesitant to buy a dell even though I think I am going to need to for Autocad. Do you think it would be worth you
coming here and trying to install Autocad on my macbook pro to see if it will run on it before I get an IMAC or Dell. Or do you think it
is a waste of time and that Autocad is too big a program to run on this macbook pro.

thanks for your help with this.



You may first want to look at the link I included that is autodesk's direct support page for apple.  
official autodesk support here:
Autodesk - Mac-Compatible Products

It states that autocad is fully supported in Bootcamp.  There's no reason why the macbook pro in bootcamp couldn't do what you're hoping for.  It's a pure windows machine at that point.  I would be happy to assist you with getting bootcamp up and running but past that point, I don't support Windows environments even when they're running on Apple hardware.  Just to be clear.  

External hard drive is locked

Scotty, you did some consulting work for me in the past.  I am still a mac novice and am need of some assistance again.  Such as, I got a new I Pod classic but it takes a MAC OSX 10.4.8 or later and I am still on version 10.3.9.  I can't seem to upload any photos anymore, I to back up my files, etc.  These are all minor issues to you but I would greatly appreciate your help + advice.  


Yes, 10.3.9 is pretty much "the good old days" at this point.  It's time for us to evaluate the computer you have and decide if it can move up to a newer version of the operating system or not.  It may require adding more ram as well.  Ram is the memory that a computer uses to run its programs.  I would be happy to assist you.  You can check my calendar on my website to find a time that may work for you.

Merging two iPhoto libraries

my i-pod touch seems to be locked and i can't get my e-mails, etc.  i stopped at the apple store today and the girl said that if didn't remember my password, to stick a paper clip in the airport.  is that all i need to do and which little hole is it?  i don't think i chose a password for my i-touch except it is called Betty's Network and i just have been able to get on.  can you help me?  thanks,

Ok, there may be a little miscommunication going on. These are two different problems. I assume by “locked” you mean that it is unable to get online via your wireless network at home. I found a record of your airport network in my keychain. I’ll send it separately from this post. But if you ever need to recover a password on your computer, you can do so from the keychain access application on your mac.

Redirecting iPhoto

Hi, how hard is it to down load DVs to my laptop?


By DV’s I guess mean mean DVD’s. It’s fairly easy to do. You’ll want to download a free program called Handbrake available here. With this program you can pull off the video content from a dvd and drop it onto your computer for viewing on multiple devices.

Changing file permissions

i don't know how but a cd got stuck in the computer and i don't know how to get it out any suggestions



There is a small button inside the CD slot.  You can use a paper clip to push it to try to eject it.  However, before you do that, try turning the computer off then back on while holding down the mouse button of laptop trackpad button.  That may eject the CD alone.  

How to remove iPhoto duplicate pictures

Mr. Sells, 

This evening I received a virus warning on Safari. It said that a virus -- or several -- had infected my computer and I should download a virus protector. However, everything froze up. I could not download the so called virus protector or anything else on Safari. Nor could I shut down the computer. I could access Word, however. I was finally able to Force Quit Safari and shut down the computer. When I rebooted, it seems to be working. My wife is afraid that she may have received a virus in an email from a friend. Should we worry about this? What could have caused the episode and could it be doing damage? 



You are certainly right to be concerned about viruses but if you aren’t running Windows then you can relax. The message you saw was most likely a popup window from a website trying to sell some silly software and they were using the warning as a scare tactic to get people to purchase something. When it attempted to run its code, it saw that you were not running internet explorer on windows and gave up. As far as Safari locking up, it’s not perfect but fairly stable. I would not worry at all. While the mac is a great computer, it’s not without occasional flaws. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about any viruses for the mac yet. There are many reasons for no viruses for the mac:

Very secure operating system that requires password authentication whenever installing things
Built on Unix
smaller market share than Microsoft
Nicer users

But the overwhelming reason is that OS X is just more secure. If you did get a virus for your mac then you would be the first in many years and we’d want to notify CNN.

The latest ad from apple is actually true:
Apple - Get a Mac - Watch the TV Ads - Biohazard Suit
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