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Why is my computer talking to me?

Hey Scotty, have a voice telling me everything I am typing and doing,  what is this and how do I get rid of it and where did it come from.  
You've accidentally turned on voice over in Accessibility. It's a feature designed to assist people who may have sight impairments To undo this, go to system preferences/Accessibility then click on "Voice Over". Uncheck the box and you should be good to go once again.

Colors gone crazy on iPad

Hi Scotty,
Quick questions.  When you convert from Mac to Windows on your mac; do you use the Window based program?  Example: Could I load updated Quicken for windows; and switch from Mac to Windows and use the "better" version of this software?  Thanks,

In the example you suggest, the answer is yes. You would need to export the quicken data file from the mac as a quicken data file for windows. Then port it over to the windows machine to be opened. What you can not do however, is go from a newer version of Quicken to an older version no matter what platform you are on. You most also keep in mind that the data export may loose certain pieces of information like scheduled transactions or stock info.

It works the same in other instances as well. Microsoft Word, for instance, can save a .doc file on either platform to be moved to the other.
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