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Logic Pro

MBP running Logic. How much ram?

Getting lots of “Disk full” messages on MacBook and iMac is running slow.  Thinking about replacing both:
Have 500 GB SSD on current MacBook.
Have 1 T HD on current iMac, with only 168 GB available.  Would this make my iMac run slower?
Looking for recommendation on how much SSD to buy for each replacement computer.
Basically my question is should I go with 1 T for MacBook and 2T for iMac (lots of emails stored) or should I spring for more.
Leaning toward the 16” MacBook.
Also, do I need to get 16GB memory or is 8 enough.
Obviously, will need your help after these are ordered.

Forgot to say that I HOPE to run Logic Pro on the MacBook if that makes a difference on how much memory I would need.

Disk full is a dangerous message to see. You always want to address that before you go below 10% capacity of the entire drive. (My number, not Apple's) On the several issue of your iMac, in general having 168 gigs still available is probably not the reason your iMac is running slow. There are usually two potential reasons. Software/Hardware. The most common reason is hardware in my experience. Hardware means hard drive. And Apple did not put good quality hard drives into their 2013-2018 iMacs. I've seen many of those drives fail in recent years.

Replacement drive: Yes, you can put a new SSD in the iMac at a fairly low cost. The problem isn't the cost of the SSD replacement drive
. The problem lies in how Apple manufactured those iMacs. They glued the screens on which means you have to unglue them in order to get into them. Once they started this method, I ended my hard drive replacement service. It just leads to an ugly repair with the display not reattaching to the computer in a reliable way. So I personally don't do the repair anymore.

Replacement computer: I would recommend investing in the storage as opposed to Ram. However, you mentioned you want to use Logic. So Logic will address as much ram as you have so Logic loves lots of ram. But here's the deal…that's only really relevant if you're running lots of tracks. If you're just 1-4 tracks 8 gigs would really be fine. (My current Logic setup is just 8 gigs)
. But if you plan to use Logic extensively then 16 gigs is a great option. It comes down to how much money you have! I think the 1 TB laptop and 2 TB internal on the iMac would be good as long as you are looking at an SSD. Do not buy a fusion drive option. I just can no longer recommend spinning drives of any type. It's 2020.

Moving to Logic Pro

Hi Scotty
what is your opinion of the apple's growl application. i just updated my files as part of a software update and was prompted a suggestion to include the growl application.
what is your opinion of this newest application?
things are going well for my system and I have made folders and placed them on the desk top which makes for easier filing. thank you for your suggestion on the growl application.

Glad to hear you’re getting your folders and files under control. Growl is actually not a program written or supported by Apple. It’s a third party piece of software who’s job is to notify you by small text box, when something significant happens within certain applications. Growl supports only certain applications. I like Growl and feel it’s a great enhancement to the Mac so go ahead and update it!

Why Logic?

Scotty, I vaguely recall hearing that Snow Leopard will work only in an Intel Mac, which my G5 is not. Is that correct?

If true, then can my Mac become an Intel Mac?



Unfortunately, there’s no way to convert your G5 based mac into an intel based one. Leopard will require an intel machine which means it may be time to purchase a new computer if you want to move up to 10.6.

Logic and the Yamaha DM2000

I deleted the google search from the top of Safari and do not know how to get it back. Can you help?

To change the toolbar in Safari, go to “View” in the menu bar at the top of the screen with Safari open. Next, choose “customize toolbar”. You’ll see a drop down window. Simply drag the google search bubble back into the toolbar in safari then hit Done.

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