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I getting a message that i need to free up space from my start up disk so I can download updates
How do I do this????


This is not a good message. You should immeadiately take action here. You'll need either a: get a larger drive or b: clear off data that you no longer need by moving it to another drive or deleting it.

The first thing that comes to mind are unnecessary print drivers and Garage Band support files. If you don't use Garage Band, you can go to /library/application support/GarageBand and delete the garageband folder entirely. That will give you a few gigs of room after emptying the trash. You can also go to /library/Printers/ then delete any printer manufacturers folders that you don't own. Like Canon, Brother, Epson, etc... Just leave the folder whose printer you have and delete the rest then empty the trash. That should give you a little breathing room until you're ready to install a larger drive.

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Dear Scotty,

I have discovered an issue with my contacts since you installed the new hard drive.  In short, they are not synching to my phone when I enter new info on my laptop.  In the online forums, it is suggested that this has happened as a result of the new drive installation and recognition of the users? (I'm speaking a little chinese here, I have no idea what I'm talking about).  I am hoping you might have a minute to correct this problem without a charge.  It is driving me crazy and I don't feel like I can handle the steps they've put forth in discussions as it requires you to merge data and I'm terrified of doing the wrong thing and then losing info (yes, I have been backing up on the external so no real worries, but still, a pain to do it all over again).  Anyway, can you easily solve this for me?  Thanks Scotty.

If you're having trouble syncing your contacts via the iphone, there are two ways to do this...

1.  over USB directly connected to iTunes.  
2.  over mobileme wirelessly with an account.

The first thing I would try would be to delete my mobileme account from my iphone and readd the account.  However, if you have added contacts to the phone that are not in the cloud then that could present a problem.  It could be that your information is now in the cloud but has not moved to your computer also.  You may want to turn off syncing within your system preferences and resync again.  Merging is the best way to go 95% of the time.

Let me know what you think about this information.  More details...

I'm not sure I totally understand -- most, but not all, of my newer contacts were entered on my computer.  If I understand you correctly, I should first try to delete my mobile me account, then re-add it, but only on my phone?  As for where the info is on the phone, I'm not sure if it is in the cloud or not -- can we check that somehow?  As for turning off the synching and merging, I'll need your help with that.  List the steps and I'll try.  Thanks Scotty.

If your newest contacts are on your phone and you really have a more up to date contact list on your computer then deleting the mobileme account on your phone and readding it will solve the issue.  

On your phone go to settings/ Mail, Contacts, Calendars  Select the mobileme account then choose "delete".  Next choose to add account on the previous window.  Now you'll be prompted to select different elements to sync...calendar, contacts, bookmarks.  Select them all and your contacts should return but now updated.  

You will of course want to make sure you have syncing turned on within your computer's mobileme preferences.  Go to system preferences/mobileme.  Select the sync tab and check the elements you want to sync.

Because of mobileme’s IMAP characteristics, all info should reappear onto your phone.
You may see a warning on your computer to Merge info.  that's fine.  

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