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Another email account compromised.

Hey Scottie. We are getting these odd e mails that are not coming from us. They are also being sent to several clients. Can you help us or give advice? Thank you

Thanks for your response.  Employer and I have been in the mountains all day so I am going to try this first thing in the morning.  Also troubling is it is not letting me send out emails from my email, hence this email from my friend's account.  If you have any tips on that let me know.  Do you think the hacker changed my password?

In this case, the new sender has been adding an attachment to your email with a password. I opened it and it contains a few garbage installers pretending to be flash or vlc. Of course you should not open them or install them.

Then leads to…

This is all fake. Do not interact with it. Viewing the header information will help to discover possible clues as to where this email is originating from. Change your email password immediately.

Have I been hacked while in Mexico?

Hi Scotty,
I’m in Mexico and back in Clt Friday night. I was on my iPhone this Monday connected to the hotel Wi-Fi when suddenly everything in my email hotmail inbox disappeared on my iPhone. I checked the iPad I’m using now and same thing-all gone. I checked my computer and everything is still there but the computer was never connected to the Wi-Fi. I’m terrified of connecting it here or when I get back to Charlotte, as I believe everything will disappear on it too. (My devices are all linked.)
Do you have any idea what could be going on? Do you think I could’ve been hacked?
I’m leaving Monday for New York. Do you work on Saturday and if so can I schedule a session? Alternatively we can try a remote session from New York on the 20th/21st.


I am available remotely throughout the weekend if needed. You can schedule via the usual web link below. If your email was compromised and email was deleted then there are a couple things we can try.

1. Using a computer that has not been brought back online yet, turn off wifi, open mail, save all mail. As soon as the email client syncs to the web, that email would disappear.
2. Use time machine to recover your old email.

Regardless, you should look to change your email password ASAP.

You can also check via directly to see if it’s just a weird temporary problem. But given the fact that you are traveling abroad, there’s a very good chance that someone has gained access to your account. I see this all the time unfortunately. Happy to help any way I can.
This image is a theme.plist hack