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So hey, I finally got time machine going. I got a 1Tb drive connected to my AirPort Extreme. I'm doing my initial backup right now. I'll let go all night. Will it only back up 'My Side' or will it back up both 'Users' (wife and me both)? Do I need to back hers up, as a different location?

Time Machine backs up everything. All users, apps, even the operating system. Although TM is not a bootable drive. You’ll have to reinstall the OS then import the data again if you experience HD failure.

Once it's done, I'm going to wipe my iMac and take it in to get a new DVD drive and have them look into 4 white "spots" near each corner. (When the screen is completely black there are 4 places that glow whitish.) My AppleCare is up in December of this year so I need to act fast. I also hear all kinds of digital noises (beeps, bleeps, buzzes, R2D2) when working in any audio program (Ableton LIVE, Sound Studio, etc). They told me it might be because the components are so tightly packed, but it sounds like BS to me. The laptop doesn't (didn't) make any noise when I worked with audio in it. Could it be a Core Audio issue?...the card? Anyway, I figure I'll go for broke with this thing. Get it all parted out just before the warranty ends.

I would say it’s probably the audio port itself. If you can hear it via earphones and external speakers as well then it could be the audio port. The Apple is very careful in their design to sheild the components with metal tape or mesh as to avoid these types of issues. One other thing that could be happening is that the hum you are hearing could be caused by either bad (brown or dirty) power or an external device. My LCD projector renders my audio unusable due to the non grounded flow of current when I connect a second display to my macbook pro. You can try unhooking all external drives, mice etc... and seeing if the sound persists or also try a second power outlet in another part of the house to eliminate that cause. The more trouble shooting steps you have to show you’ve tried to resolve the issue the more likely the genius bar will be to look at other causes.

Can I hook up 2 drives to the Extreme and use one with time machine and the other to just store random stuff? Do I need to get a hub or chain the drives together? I have a LaCie 250G drive and the new LaCie d2 quadra (1Tb).

Yes. The USB port will support up to 127 devices including hard drive. You’ll just dedicate one to TM and the other can be storage.

Alright, just send me a bill after the 20 questions! Take it easy and let me know if and when you make it down this way and have some leisure time built in. Tell the fams hello! Talk to you later.

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