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December 2022

How do I wipe my old computer?

How do I wipe my old computer?

Wiping a computer to hand off to someone else.

  • Go to system preferences
  • Users and Groups
  • Create a new user and give it admin rights
  • Sign out of your appleID in system preferences (will require you enter your AppleID password)
  • Sign out of that user and into the newly create user. I usually use the name "Admin" and make the password "password". In the hint area I usually put "pw is 'password'". You have to use the quotations marks as your hint cannot contain the actual word. The quotations hide the word. Example: "password". The reason you would want to do this is so if you give the computer to someone else, they'll be presented the password without having to call you and ask for it. You can also write it on a sticky of course.
  • Skip all the setup steps at the beginning of that user. The goal is to just get to the desktop
  • Once at the desktop, go to system preferences now under the new user of course.
  • Users and Groups
  • Select the old user on the left column
  • Hit the minus button in the bottom left of that window.
  • After a short wait, you'll see a dropdown window with three options. Select the third option "delete home folder".
  • Go back to system preferences and select "Sharing". Change the name of the computer to anything else other than any personal name associated to yourself.
  • Last step is to go through the applications folder and remove ANY personal items that may have been accidentally stored there. It is rare to have accidentally dropped a word or excel file in the applications folder but it does happen.

If these directions seem too confusing, I'm happy to assist you remotely.

How can I get Office?

Scotty. My wife has excel on her Mac but I do not. Any suggestions for adding excel to my computer?

You have a few options. Office is available via 3 methods.

1. Buy it outright for one computer. ($160 on time fee and never upgrade)
2. Subscribe for one license (one computer) $69 a year
3. Subscribe for a family (6 licenses) $99 a year.

If your wife subscribes to Office yearly, it’s possible she has several seats left. You would need to log in to her microsoft account to find what plan she’s on. Otherwise, you’d have to purchase/subscribe via your own copy.
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