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What antivirus software do you recommend?

Scotty, what antivirus company to you recommend? Purchased one last year, trying to figure which company, think I took your recommendation…. Thanks Rhonda Gibbons
I do have TunnelBear, do I need more? Should I have in my phone, iPad too, etc? Thanks

TunnelBear is a VPN which is a very good tool to have when traveling while using internet or simply keeping yourself private as you use the internet even in your home. Having a VPN is a wonderful tool.

As for "antivirus" software, I do not recommend any personally. The LARGE MAJORITY of problem I encounter on people's computers are self inflicted, meaning people install garbage software on their own. Antivirus software would not stop you from doing that. Think of antivirus software like locks on your door. If you have 10 super secure locks on your front door, good for you, but if someone knocks on your door and you unlock it and trust that they are who they say they are, but turn out to be bad, those locks didn't help you.

The Mac is a very secure platform and iPhones and iPads are even more secure than Macs. Yes, there are vulnerabilities but Apple is constantly blocking holes and updating security measures. The best antivirus is the user's strong hesitancy to not type their password in when they don't know why they're being prompted to do so. Just hit cancel. If it continues to pop up, you'll soon realize what is cause the password request. Antivirus software will not improve one's judgement. And that's just about the only way the Mac can be affected. If you participate in installing garbage software yourself. There is much more detail and nuance in this topic but I'll leave it at that. I'm not a fan of antivirus software.

Take a look at the scams section of my answers area on my site. None of those scams would have been prevented if the user had been running antivirus. Harm is caused by the bad guys socially engineering their way into your life by convincing you to let your guard down. Clicking a link that was texted to you from supposedly Amazon saying they're having trouble delivering your package. An email saying your bank account has been locked due to fraudulent activity. "Just click here to resolve it.". No, no no. Antivirus wouldn't help you.

Paying for antivirus software is essentially paying someone to guard your house against a Viking attack.

Why is my new display fuzzy?

I feel like the resolution on my screen is a bit blurry. Maybe it’s just not as good as my old Mac. The resolution is set to the recommended setting. Any ideas?

Couple of things to check. First, you can play around with the resolution within the System Settings on your Mac. Select "displays" then select which display you want to affect. In this case, your external display.
You'll then see "show all resolutions". You may find one there that is better for you. Different displays support different qualities of resolution. I personally don't really care for the ultra wide displays such as the one you're using. I prefer a more standard size. Graphics chips in modern Macs also prefer more standard sizes. It can also come down to how much you spent on a monitor. Chances are, if you spent under $250 for the external monitor, there's a chance the maximum possible resolution may be below what you'd like. For instance, on a standard size monitor 1900x1200 would be considered fuzzy these days compared to the 300x2000 higher res.

The monitor itself will have settings on board as well. The interfaces to change those settings is usually controlled by a couple of small buttons on the display and the menu to navigate through those settings is usually pretty terrible also.

Do I need more icloud space?

Hi Scotty
My phone tells me it hadn’t backed up in 7 weeks and that I need more storage. Do I need that? Or is it time to delete stuff?


Depends on a couple of things. It’s true that your phone backup lives in the cloud and it’s using space you pay for. There are 4 plans:

5 gigs. Free
50 gigs. $1 per month
200 gigs. $3 per month
2000 gigs. $10 per month

Most of that space is taken by one’s picture library, so the more pictures you have, the more space you need. This generally translates to one’s age as well. The older you are, the more pics you probably have. In other words, a 12 year old doesn’t need much space but a 50 year old may need lots more simply because they’ve been alive longer and have more pictures.

So, if you’re on the 50 plan, it’s definitely time to increase. If you’re on the 200 gig, you may have to bight the bullet and play more. I hate subscriptions but this is one I don’t mind paying because it keeps all my pictures safe in the cloud and available on all my devices.

Which computer is best?

I dropped it and the keys are somewhat messed up so I think it’s time to get a new one. I like the small size/weight of the one I have but given the issues (mainly w email) is there any particular one (apple) you would recommend? when it comes in I will have you come set it up please:)

Your computer needs are right on the boarder. Normally (80% of the time I would recommend the newer MacBook Airs. They are very good machines. Just put your money into hard drive storage. So for a M2 1TB Air, you’d be at around $1700. For the Pro…14” M2 1TB $2500.

You could make a case for being more on the Pro side of a user considering how you utilize your computers. However, you could totally get away with the Air. The newest model Air is vastly improved over the older design. On the pro side, if you’re old with the 14” then you’d be at the price point I mentioned before however, moving to the larger 16” would put you into the $2700 area.

All in all, I would lean toward the 1TB Air but wouldn’t have a problem with you going to the 14” pro.

If you decide to have me transfer the data, the easiest would be for me to pickup and return it the following day. If you have a backup drive, I wouldn’t need the old computer but if there’s no Time Machine backup drive then I would need both. (Overnight)

Before purchase, just check to make sure your space math adds up. So many people accidentally buy a new drive smaller than the one they had before. 1TB is now sort of the standard for me. Unless you’re using significantly less than 250, I’d rule out a 500 gig drive these days. To find out about your storage, select “about this Mac” under the apple in the top left corner of your screen then choose “more info” then “storage”.

How do I set up auto response on RR email?

Hi Scotty - I can’t remember how to have husband's email shoot an auto-reply stating he longer checks this email. Would you let me know please?

To set up a vacation response, go to, log in to his account, then go to settings. From there, you should see “vacation response” or something worded very similar. There may also be a range as to how long you’d like that message to be active. There may also be a “save” button on the page but I don’t think so. Just check at the bottom of the page.

Keep in mind that Carolina.rr email is now managed by spectrum.

My mac won't respond.

I have a 2020 MacBook Pro. Think I got a lemon. Already rebuilt through Apple Care once.

2 questions 

1. What if anything should I try to get it to restart?

2. If that doesn’t work, will you take a look at it and see what you think?



Not responsive?….Does it chime to power on? Does the caps lock key light up when pressed? Near a spare monitor? Connect to the second monitor to see if there’s a picture. That would generally eliminate if the screen had failed.

Also, hold down the power key several seconds to completely kill power. (You can test when the computer is off by watching the caps lock light)

Hold down command+p+r and start it back up. Continue to hold those three keys down (not the power key) until you hear the computer chime three times. Does it come back to life?
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