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Which computer is best?

I dropped it and the keys are somewhat messed up so I think it’s time to get a new one. I like the small size/weight of the one I have but given the issues (mainly w email) is there any particular one (apple) you would recommend? when it comes in I will have you come set it up please:)

Your computer needs are right on the boarder. Normally (80% of the time I would recommend the newer MacBook Airs. They are very good machines. Just put your money into hard drive storage. So for a M2 1TB Air, you’d be at around $1700. For the Pro…14” M2 1TB $2500.

You could make a case for being more on the Pro side of a user considering how you utilize your computers. However, you could totally get away with the Air. The newest model Air is vastly improved over the older design. On the pro side, if you’re old with the 14” then you’d be at the price point I mentioned before however, moving to the larger 16” would put you into the $2700 area.

All in all, I would lean toward the 1TB Air but wouldn’t have a problem with you going to the 14” pro.

If you decide to have me transfer the data, the easiest would be for me to pickup and return it the following day. If you have a backup drive, I wouldn’t need the old computer but if there’s no Time Machine backup drive then I would need both. (Overnight)

Before purchase, just check to make sure your space math adds up. So many people accidentally buy a new drive smaller than the one they had before. 1TB is now sort of the standard for me. Unless you’re using significantly less than 250, I’d rule out a 500 gig drive these days. To find out about your storage, select “about this Mac” under the apple in the top left corner of your screen then choose “more info” then “storage”.
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