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App won't download from App store.

I can’t get my weather app to show ‘cause
I keep getting this message. Don’t know
how or why I would have used a different
ID? This is certainly no big deal, but I am


The drag here is that you can't simply right click on an app that lives on your computer to find out who or what Apple ID purchased it. It's also very common to accidentally have more than one appleID and have acquired content under the less used one at some time. So, there are a few other ways to work around this. Here are a few things to try.

1. If the app still lives on the computer in the applications folder, delete it and then restart the computer and go back into the App Store. If you see a cloud with an arrow next to the app in the App Store, that means the appleID you're currently logged into has acquired it in the past and you may be able to re download it. In this example, there is ClassicWeather and ClassicWeatherHD. Looks like the HD version is about $12 but not sure of the cost of the standard version. It may have been free. If that's the case, you've lost nothing and by deleting the app from your applications folder, you may trigger the ability to redownload it. If you do not, however, see the little cloud but instead, see the ability to download it "purchase" then your appleID may have never acquired it in the first place.

2. You can go into the App Store and look at your name in the bottom left corner. When clicking on your name in the bottom left, you'll then see ALL the apps that particular ID has acquired. You can also change between family members in the top left. If the app was downloaded under a different family member, it may be listed there. By the way, not all apps allow for family sharing so it's possible that could be the issue.

3. You could also just guess the appleID you've used in the past, log into that, then redownload it from there but I advise against missing appleID's. It usually just leads to headaches.

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