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Garage Band

Korg or Yamaha keyboard for starters?

I want to ask you about the Cloud.  Is it up and running?  If so, can I send all my pics and music to it?  Would it be a good back-up system?  
Also, per your last newsletter, do I need to think about a security system for my MAC?  If so, should I have you come?
I hope you are well.

iCloud will be available in about a month or so after Apple has finished work on it. It is not what we all think it will be. It is not a backup system at all. I will be writing a newsletter on it soon. It is a way to move your documents around to all your devices easily (within certain applications). It’s a great way to move pictures from your camera to iPhoto automatically, it’s a good way to manage your music library on your iOS device without plugging it in but it is not a backup. More on this as it gets closer.

Apple has all the info on it here. You’ll need 10.7 and iOS 5 to take advantage of it. Also the latest version of iPhoto.

Garage Band = spinning ball

Scotty,  I just sent myself a "test" e-mail and below is what I received.  I would sure like to stop sending and receiving all this garbage.



What you are seeing is called Headers. Go to view in the Mail application and select message then Hide headers. As seen below.

This image is a theme.plist hack