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Korg or Yamaha keyboard for starters?

I want to ask you about the Cloud.  Is it up and running?  If so, can I send all my pics and music to it?  Would it be a good back-up system?  
Also, per your last newsletter, do I need to think about a security system for my MAC?  If so, should I have you come?
I hope you are well.

iCloud will be available in about a month or so after Apple has finished work on it. It is not what we all think it will be. It is not a backup system at all. I will be writing a newsletter on it soon. It is a way to move your documents around to all your devices easily (within certain applications). It’s a great way to move pictures from your camera to iPhoto automatically, it’s a good way to manage your music library on your iOS device without plugging it in but it is not a backup. More on this as it gets closer.

Apple has all the info on it here. You’ll need 10.7 and iOS 5 to take advantage of it. Also the latest version of iPhoto.
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