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Apple releasing new processors.

Which computer should I buy? I know, it’s very broad. I only use it for internet, emails and some spreadsheet work. The iMac that I’ve had for the last five years has just been soooo slow. I’m looking for something that’s a lot faster.
We replaced the hard drive a little over a year ago and that hasn’t helped much.
Any insight would be helpful


Apple has just started a transition to a new type of processor. They are leaving the “Intel” brand and beginning to use their own processors. They’ve always designed their own processors for iPads and iPhones so they’re moving that same idea over to their computer lines. The MacBook Air and 13” MacBook Pro lines are the first to get the new processors. This means the iMacs and larger 16” MacBook pros are in line waiting. They should be available mid 2021. So you might consider a 13” MacBook Pro. It checks the speed box for you, checks the better hard drive box (solid state, no longer the old spinning drives that are just not that fast) checks the portability box, and gets you a little more time into the future with the new processor.
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