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Can you move a domain name to iCloud?

Can you help me move a domain that we use primarily for email from to icloud, we keep running into mailbox size issues.
Can you also help move the archived email currently on the server to iCloud so we can get access to it on iCloud?

It’s not possible to actually “move” a domain and email corresponding to that domain to iCloud. iCloud is not set up to handle domain email. It simply sends and receives email from “”. I think what you are referring to is to transfer your vanity domain from register over to a new service. There’s a lot to discuss when making this move. First, where to move it. The service I haver found to be far above the rest is GoDaddy. You will want the domain name, web hosting, and email hosting to all be under the same umbrella. While gmail does offer email hosting for vanity email I feel strongly that it’s always easier to have everything under one roof.

Here’s where it gets tricky. One hosting service almost NEVER wants to cooperate with a transfer. This requires changing a file called “mx records” so that all traffic gets pointed to the new direction. The new hosting service cannot do that so it’s up to either the user or the old service to make those changes. This is one of the primary reasons I recommend GoDaddy as they are very used to this behavior and can usually walk you through exactly what steps to take.

In terms of email name is one thing. Harvesting all the email from the old account before the old account is shut down is another. Your old email provider will not have a magic button that transfers the old email to your new service so it’s up to you to save everything. The simplest way this would be done would be to use a computer to pull down all the old email that’s relevant onto that computer locally. Set up the new email service then move the up to that services’ cloud. iCloud could be used in this case but you’d not be using a vanity email going forward.

So as you can see, there are many moving parts to this transition. Yes, I can assist. Warning: I’ve found this process to be slow and aggravating for the client. So if you have some patience and are not in too much of a hurry we can accomplish it. Please let me know your thoughts or what questions you may have.
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