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Can't install Fortnight onto Standard User using /Shared folder

I freed up 400G+ space. No problem installing un my user account; when daughter tries, she sees this message:


Odd because users are not allocated specific amounts of space to use on MacOS. Her user has the same rights as any other users when it comes to space allocation. Admins vs standard users doesn’t matter in terms of space. I suggest doing a reinstall but instead of installing it into the /Shared folder you install the application into the Applications folder. Give that a try next.

Can I monitor my child's xBox?

Is there a way to track xbox use?

There are parental controls built in to the xBox itself and Microsoft can provide weekly report to devices associated to devices logged in to your child's account.

Civilization V worth it?

One of the things I would like to do is getting a bigger internal hard drive for my macbook pro.  Can I go ahead and buy one?  If so, where? 

 If you want to go ahead and buy your own drive for the MBP then you can get one at best buy.  You'll be looking at either a 5400 or 7200 rpm drive.  I recommend at least a 500 gig drive.  The 7200 rpm is better but Best Buy doesn't always have them in stock.  I would be happy to supply it as well if you like.  2.5” drives on amazon.

Why does my computer say DOS?

Hope you are doing well.  I was interested in your reaction to iOS 6 and the new map feature.  Is it as bad as the reports say?  If we have iPone 4s or earlier devices should we, in your opinion, upgrade to iOS 6?  Thanks.

The topic of maps has gotten a lot of press with iOS 6. But let’s keep one thing in mind. We have started to see a trend in iPhone/iPad releases over the last five years. It goes like this:

1. massive anticipation and speculation
2. analysts forecast crazy huge first weekend sales
3. device is released, apple can’t meet demand
4. analysts call it a let down
5. someone finds something to complain about the new device
6. news channels and bloggers use the story as link bait for about a week
7. device breaks all sales records
8. stock goes through the roof
9. analysts reverse their stance
10. problems that were never really that big a deal go away.
11. Everyone starts talking about the next device.

My point is this: Yesterday the USA today had 19 stories on the front page of their website. 14 of them had something to do with the iPhone. Everyone milks any news about Apple or their devices for all the links they’re worth so the result is that a small story often turns into a very big one for no reason. I challenge you to find any news site right now today without a story about Apple on it.

Now to the actual issue of maps. I use maps religiously everyday in my work. The new maps are fine. Some things I like, some I don’t. I also use the
Motion X drive app. In my opinion, it’s always been superior to even google maps. I’ve not found a reason to jump on the “hate” bandwagon over the new map app in iOS 6. Certainly not a reason to avoid the update. It’s a good update. You may want to wait for 6.1 in a week or two however. Every day that goes by Apple is filling in the holes in it’s map. But remember, those holes are not so evident in Charlotte. However, if you are traveling in Indonesia, Tonga, or the Fuakland islands you may want to wait until more detail has been added.

Apple’s decision to leave Google’s maps was 100% the correct one. They had to. They know how much potential for ad revenue there is in location and map services in the coming years and that would have been money they would have just given away to Google. They had to take the step to create their own maps app because in the coming year the hot market will be where you are, not what you like. Imagine getting a notification for garden seeds that are on sale at Home Depot and you just happen to be at Home Depot, or walking in to Target and getting a notification that pants are on sale. All of this data will be generated by location based ads will can very likely be integrated into maps. Apple had no choice. Yes, I’m sure there are problems with the map app. Just as there are problems with every app. But it’s no deal breaker, nor will it keep more than 10 people in world from buying the iPhone 5. The map detail will fill in in the coming months and everyone will move on to talking about how easy it is to scratch the aluminum.

In the last several days, I’ve been asked by several clients what I think of the map problem. I always ask the same thing…”have you experienced a problem?” I bet you can guess what their answer is.

Can I run PC games on my mac?

Hey Scotty-2 quick questions-

1.  You helped me get my old Elgato Eye TV Hybrid set up to move my VHS tapes to the MAC.  I moved about half of them, took a break for a year and a half and now wonder....there are newer versions of Eye TV that seem to make the process easier.  Do you know if it is worth getting the new Eye TV 250 Plus? OR is there a better way altogether?

2.aaaah, iPhoto.  I seem to be having a problem...sometimes, when I import pictures that friends have sent me, they are fuzzy.  Sometimes when I have sent pics to friends they are fuzzy.  The ultimate embarrassment for me was when some friends were moving away, and I dutifully sent  a few pictures of them through iPhoto and Mail to another MAC friend who then loaded them to his Apple TV and had the slideshow going during the goodbye party.   Sure enough, we all had to comment on the "fuzzy" pictures that Wendy was implied that I did not know what I was doing....I hope you have enough MAC faith in me to know that I DO know what I was doing, but I can't figure this fuzzy thing out!!!!!!!

Thanks Scotty!!



1. Unfortunately, when it comes to the slow painful process of digitizing VHS tapes you just have to either suffer through it yourself as you sit there wondering why as you watch the 36th hour of little league baseball practice from 1987 or pay someone else to do it.

2. With the fuzzy iphoto issue. There could be several explanations at work. The first and most likely is that the thumbnails have become disassociated with the original and what you are sending could only be the thumbnails. The next time you open iPhoto, hold down the option+command keys and you'll be presented with several choices including rebuilding your library. I would check the first two then go get a cup of coffee.

What's a good card game program for the Mac?

Hi Scotty,
I took a picture of what keeps coming up on Anna's computer. After we authorize it then it tells us it's already authorized. We're at a dead end, do you need to come over or is this something you could fix Sunday at 8, or is it an easy one or two step solution? Thanks!


Couple things to try...

Use the iTunes "Store" menu and select deauthorize computer. Then select authorize computer. Try to sync again.

Or try these suggestions...
iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize computer to play iTunes Store purchases

I've seen this before and it can be very painful to get it solved. This would not a good thing to try to solve over the Sunday session but we could give it a try.
This image is a theme.plist hack