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August 2011

How do I sync contacts to my iPad with a wire.

I made the mistake of running and installing the Software Update on the PowerBook G4 last night. Now a lot of applications will not open. Is there a way to undo what I did? Or is a reinstall needed? I updated it via Software Update, and now applications will not open. Everything just bounces in the dock. I did not pay attention when I ran Software Update, so I messed it up.

There could be several reasons this is happening.

1. out of hard drive space
2. a startup item is corrupt
3. the software update failed to install correctly
and many more.

A complete reinstall of the OS may be needed but there are a few things you could try first. Boot the computer into safe mode by holding down the command at startup. This will skip any non apple extensions from loading. If the computer boots normally then we would need to remove those items from the startup up or login folders before restarting.

You could also boot using verbose mode (command V) at startup. This would run a terminal like prompt that could also give an indication of what the problem is as it lists all activity during the start up sequence.

You could try single user mode (command S) at startup. Then run an fsck -y to try to repair the disk. Instructions will be listed at the end of the terminal startup sequence.

You could boot from an install disk and do an archive and install. This may be the quickest way out. When installing, choose options or customize in the install process and select to archive and install preserving users.

Lastly, if you really feel the need, you could just erase and reinstall (clean install) from the disc then restore all data from a time machine backup.

Even more lastly, Since it’s a G4, you can use the old “boot into firmware” trick. The new guys don’t know about this one. Start up holding down “command option O F” all at the same time. You’ll boot into open firmware. It’s sort of like an operating system before OSX loads. Now you can use the following commands to hopefully bring your powerbook back to life:

reset nvram

After entering the last command the computer will restart. It’s been a while since I booted into open firmware so each of the above commands may or may not require the dash in between words.

Bento may be a fit

One important thing that did not get addressed was that I got a back-up drive (Seagate 1T) but I have not been able to get the system to pick it up through time machine.  It just doesn’t look like the machine is aware the drive is plugged in.  If you have a thing or two for me to try, I would appreciate it.
First, simply try unplugging and replugging it in.  If that doesn't allow the disk to remount on the desktop then with the disk connected, open disk utility to see if it is listed.  You can use spotlight search in the top right hand corner (maginifying glass) to type "disk utility".  Then select "mount" in the bar above.  
Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 2.12.07 AM
If that doesn't work then the drive may be dead.  Drives die all the time so I've just become numb to it.  That's why we have more than one.  let me know if either of those suggestions work.  You might also try connecting via a different method.  In other words, if you are using USB, maybe firewire may do the trick.  

Reseting the airport express

what is your experience with U-verse? Is it better/worse than RR?

I have several clients who have Uverse and have been very happy with it. The only complaint I’ve heard from a small number of people is that the quality of video is inferior to RR. Internet speed is fine. I’ve found Uverse internet speed to be in the mid 20’s down often which is very very good. The only thing I would warn of is the Uverse wireless router ATT seems to be installing. It’s a much slower modem than the airport extreme which you may already have. They tend to replace a customer’s current router with their own crappier one. They can work together but a few settings must be adjusted.

Old Mac, new drive

Hi Scotty,

Do you repair ipod Touches by any chance?  My son dropped his fourth generation Touch and the screen broke.  I was curious if you do that kind of work.  Please let me know.

No, I’m sorry. I don’t repair physically damaged iPod touches or iPhones.

Slow internet at the office

Scotty, my iPad Contacts is empty and when I sync my iPad with my computer, I notice that the Contacts icon does not appear.  Have I not activated something on my computer to allow my Contacts information to be shared with my iPad?  Thanks,

PS Thanks for the two Peach Frescas, they were great!

When you plug your iPad up to iTunes, select it in the left hand column then you’ll see tabs across the top…one of which is labeled “info”. Be sure that contacts are checked to sync between your device and your computer. Remember that Apple promises the upcoming iCloud transition will grant email addresses free of charge and will include wireless contact and calendar syncing. We’ll get you signed up the moment it’s out!

Lion Considerations

Hey Scotty~

I was wondering if you do any computer software consulting/training or if you can recommend someone who does?
I am working with a small, but very necessary, non-profit organization that provides a free preschool education for at risk families.  We are interested in purchasing some fundraising/client relationship management software and we are not sure what we need.  

I may be able to guide you in the right direction.  This sounds like an interesting and worth while project you're engaged in.  Sounds like you are looking for an application that will serve as a database or collection tool that also shows relationships to different projects.  Take a look first at Bento from Filemaker.  There's a free trial.  I'm not sure it's what you're looking for but it's a good place to start.

How do I recover my wireless password?

I bought the express and got as far as joining my existing network but now I am not able to get online as my mac can't read the modem or routers.  So I am stuck. Boo. I really thought I could do this. Any suggestions?

Remember you want to select to extend the network, not "join" it.  If you haven't resolved it yet, try holding down the reset button on the bottom as you plug in the device.  Use a pen to hold the button down first then plug it in to the wall.  Continue to hold the button down until you see the amber light blink at least 5 times then let go.  The light will go solid.  Now wait about 30 seconds until it goes from a solid amber to a blinking amber.  You should now be able to see your airport express in airport utility and can start over the process of extending your current network.

iTunes Playlists to not mvoing to iPhone

I have an older Mack desktop, dual GHz processors, silvered drive doors, into which I'd like to install a 250 Gb SATA Hdd. I have an AtA-SATA adaptor, but the computer doesn't seem to recognize the drive. Can I bring the machine and drive to your place sometime?

I seem to recall that that model had a drive size limitation.  For instance; you could put in a 1 TB and it may only show as 500 gigs.  I would doubt that a computer that remedial at this point would be able to see through the ATA to SATA converter.  

How much ram for the old macbook pro?


Quick question.

My internet has been super slow. Type in address, it sticks for a long while, and then opens extremely slowly. I had Ivan our IT partner test my speed, and it checks out perfect for both T1 (1.5) and DSL (5.4). I remember you had checked it previously and thought it slow. Ivan thinks that since the lines are checking out, it might be my computer and how it is receiving. All I know is that it is dramatically slower than ever before.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this from a Mac perspective?

I seem to remember your wireless access point was a linksys router sitting on the floor behind the front desks in the main office area.  If you are connecting wirelessly it could have more to do with the router than the mac.  I've often found that the problem is not with the mac itself.  However you may want to compare speeds by using a different browser.  Chrome over Safari to see if you notice a difference.  Was the test machine wireless or wired?  That would make a big difference.  I would suggest in the long run you replace that linksys router eventually.  (I'm not a fan of Linksys/Cisco routers).  Just an opinion.  

Another sure fire way to narrow down the problem is to connect your mac directly to an ethernet port on a wall nearby to find if the problem continues to exist when wired in.

I’m definitely wired in directly. I’ll try Chrome. If it is the Mac, what can I do?
In that case, the next step if you don’t have another mac to test with would be to test with your own mac but from a different user. You log out of your user, log in to another user and test internet speed there. That would tell us a great deal.


Do you think we should upgrade all computers to Lion?

Difficult to say.  Whether I would suggest someone go to Lion has more to do with the age of their computer, hard drive space available and amount of ram they have.  Lion needs at least 2 gigs minimum.  More if you can install it.

Lion system requirements can be found here: Apple - OS X Lion - Technical specifications

Google ad and old iPhones

Scotty this morning I tried to access Netflix (then Hulu, and all my other internet connections available on my Sony home entertainment center) and everything failed. (kept getting the message "Internet connection failed") I have a contract agreement with Best Buy's "Geek Squad", but after staying on the phone with them for nearly an hour, the best they could do was offer to send a tech by on Monday. I'm wondering if there was anything that might have changed when I installed the b/u hard drive? Can't imagine what it would have been since I didn't touch the modem, but if you have any thoughts I'd appreciate your sharing them.........

I don't recall whether we changed your wireless router's password but there is a way to check.  Go do a spotlight search (top right hand corner of your mac's screen at the magnifying glass) and type "keychain access".  Open that program and then do a search for your wireless network's name in the search field in that application's window.  Once you've located the keychain that holds your wireless password, next select to show password.
Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 10.53.55 PM
You'll be prompted for your computer's password (not the wirless one) then after you enter the computer's admin password you'll see the wireless password listed.  Write that password down and enter it into your Sony set top box.  That should take care of it.  
Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 10.53.58 PM

iTunes with Sonos to NAS

This is ridiculous I have synced my iphone and loaded everything except my playlist will not download what am I doing wrong??
I have googled the question but the answers are never clear!!

Hopefully it’s something simple we’re overlooking. With the iPhone connected go to iTunes and select the iPhone in the left column. Next look across the top of iTunes and you should find the music pane. Select that and you’ll have the ability to choose either all music or specific playlists.
Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 10.35.06 PM

Plugin is 32 bit mode

Hi Scotty,

One more question.  I had Crucial run a scan of my computer and it recommended the following-copied and pasted below.  It looks like they are recommending Two(2) - 1GB memory kit.  But the my computer already has two (2) 1GB memory installed now.  There are only two slots.  Should I order two(2) - 2B memory cards?

Screen Shot 2011-08-25 at 10.16.45 PM

That particular model would only recognize 3 gigs maximum in ram.  So you may want to just purchase one 2 gig chip and replace one of your 1gig chips for a maxium total of 3 gigs.  

Adding an exchange calendar to iCal

Hi Scotty, I've been specing out Sunshine's new MBP and I wanted your opinion on SSD vs HDD, all the forums I have read like the SSD, except for the premium price. I was thinking maybe a SSD boot/applications drive and HDD data/backup, or am I just getting intoxicated thinking about a new computer.

Thanks Scotty,

SSD’s are no doubt, the future of drives but as you stated above, the price is the main concern. Secondly, you give up the amount of space for speed. Personally, I’m still happy with a 7200 rpm physically spinning drive. I have 500 gigs of storage and performance is fine to me. There’s always going to be a bottle neck when in comes to speed on a computer. If it’s not the internal drive, it’s the processor or the bus speed of the connection method or the ram speed. I personally say save your money for now and stick with the larger slightly slower spinning drive but do upgrade to the 7200 rpm drive. My 2 cents.

Events set to annually repeat in iCal?

Hi Scotty- 
Our computers are great!! I have two questions…
Any time I search anything on Safari the page that comes up once I click on a page is spam. How can I stop that?
Also, I have an old iPhone that I used when I was with AT&T now I am with Verizon, is there anything I can do to make it compatible with Verizon?

1. The first question is a bit strange. I am guessing that you may be thinking about Google’s first links listed that are in a yellow block at the top of the page. These are the paid advertisers on google. I personally usually just ignore them and go for the first results listed in white.
Screen Shot 2011-08-24 at 12.43.47 AM
2. Other than just using your old iPhone as an iPod touch only, there is no way to use an ATT phone on a Verizon network or Vice Versa. The cell tower technologies are completely different.

What can I use my gift card for?

Scotty, hey.  You have done some troubleshooting for me in the past and wanted to run this by you.  I have changed and upgraded my home listening system to a Sonos-internet system.  Are you familiar with this product?  I use my lap top to store, access, select my music to play in different zones in the house.  Anyhow, I currently have my music stored on my laptop which I believe I am now out of room cause I got this error message stating that "...the disk you are attempting to use is full...."  My intent is to offload all music off my laptop and store it on an external-wireless drive to free up my laptop space.  Does this make sense to you?  I would appreciate any advice from you.  The Sonos system is still new to me and we, the company that installed it, have finally worked out the kinks.  This there an external device that would be better than another for these needs?  I welcome a call or perhaps we can set up something to go over what I currently have on my laptop and see what else can be done.
Thanks Scotty.

It is possible to point iTunes to an external drive wired or wireless. I prefer wired. Things tend to go wrong down the road if your iTunes library is connected to a drive on the network but it IS possible. If you are getting the error that your drive is full, this needs to be dealt with immediately. Another option is to just upgrade the drive inside your mac. 500 gigs on a laptop or 1 TB for a desktop is a good start.

Wireless you could use a Network attached storage or simply plug a drive into your airport extreme or time capsule if you have one, dump the music to that then point iTunes to the external wireless drive. Easier said than done but it can work. You just have to be ready to troubleshoot things from time to time. I’d be happy to assist.

Ram won't come out of the iMac


The conference call webcasts at do not work on a mac. Please help.

continued from town hall:

Ok, figured it out.  The windows media player plug in is written in 32 bit.  Your operating system is native 64 bit.  Here's the work around.  Use firefox and when you go to view the meeting/webcast, you'll be prompted to restart Firefox in 32 bit mode in order for the windows media plug in to work.  I was able to hear the conference call after doing that.  There are other ways to force the other browsers into 32 bit mode but at this point I would just download firefox and use that browser only for the conference call tasks.  

Turn of Ping in iTunes

i think you told me the answer to this but I can't find it.

i've got an exchange calendar plus three mobile me calendars.  

all of them show on my phone.  but the exchange calendar doesn't show on mobile me so it doesn't synch to the laptop.

can i fix that so that all calendars show on all devices?

When you add an exchange account to the iPhone you should have the ability to toggle syncing contacts and calendars hosted on the exchange account. If you want to add these calendars to your iCal then you’d have to add the exchange account to iCal’s preferences under Accounts and select to add Exchange.
Screen Shot 2011-08-22 at 10.55.51 PM
An exchange account works completely separately from MobileMe. The calendar show in the same view but syncing is separate. You’ll need to know the exchange server settings if you do this. In Lion and Snow Leopard as well, when you add an exchange account to you’ll be asked if you’d like to add calendar and contact syncing into iCal and AddressBook as well. However, not all exchange accounts work as well with Apple’s Mail and iCal. There are several versions of Exchange in use and it’s a little complicated which versions work with which versions of Outlook, etc...

Erase your Time Machine drive once a year.

Hi Scotty
Appointements from a year ago are popping up on my ical  - what is going on?  Should I get you over here?

My first guess would be that these events are set to repeat annually. Double click on the event in question and see if it has a “repeat every year” setting. Try that first and if that’s not it, let me know and we can look more closely at it.
Screen Shot 2011-08-22 at 10.47.44 PM

Can I get Lion for free?

Family member won a 150.00 gift card to the Apple Store and gave it to me and I don't know what to spend it on do you have any suggestions?????
Besides you!

I think someone is still inside my computer, I got another strange response today totally unrelated to the last one.

Wow, that’s lucky indeed. Most likely it’s a gift card that will apply to your Apple ID inside iTunes as well as the mac app store. There are many things you can spend it on. including:

Apps for an iPad or iPhone
TV shows or Movies both purchased or rentals via iTunes on a computer or AppleTV
Applications from the Mac App Store if you have Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or higher.

You might just want to go on a music buying spree!

As for the second part of your question: I don't think anyone is inside your computer.  The best way to secure your privacy is to change your password from time to time.  You may think of doing that with your email address(s). If you feel your privacy is indeed at risk, then you may want to schedule a session with me.

Finding the Apple ID you've used

So I got my RAM cards today in the mail and when I went to install them the original card won't come out of the computer. Any advice?

There should be a plastic pull strap attached to the slider holding in the ram. If you don’t see that strap then you could also use a thin pair of needle noose pliers to gently pull the old ram from the slots.

I managed to get one of the cards in, but when I turned the computer on, at first I heard the normal startup "chime", but then the computer nade these three loud beeps, and kept repeating the beeps. I took the 2 gig card out and the computer started up fine after that.

Those beeps you heard were the computer's way of telling you the ram wasn't in all the way.  You have to push the ram chip in quite a bit before it snaps in completely.  

MobileMe email account disappeared

One thing you said you'd show me was how to turn off Ping. Time ran out on us, and we didn't get to that. This morning I typed "disabling Ping from iTunes" into Google and following the steps outlined in one of the postings I found a pretty short, easy to follow set of instructions. However when I went thru the steps given, I found that "Ping" was off (or at least the button was in the off position.) When I go to play music, the Ping button still appears next to selected song. Does this mean that it's working, or merely just there if I should want it? I'd like to get rid of the little devil completely........

Yes, it bothers me as well. You are correct that turning off Ping doesn’t actually take away the button. Apple hasn’t thrown in the towel on Ping yet but I think it’s only a matter of time. In the mean time here’s a clear way to kill that silly button. It requires using terminal but it’s not too hard. Just follow the steps exactly and it should be fine.

How To Get Rid Of The Ping Drop-Down Menu In iTunes

Google Docs to the rescue

Hi again,
I was able to transfer all the info from my external hard drive, but now I keep getting the following message. What does this mean and how do I fix? Thanks Scotty!!

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 9.16.09 PM

I’m a believer that about once a year it’s not a bad idea to erase and reformat your time machine drive so this would be a good opportunity to do so. I can help you on Monday’s during Town Hall of course or you can schedule me but if you want to be brave then you can open disk utility, select the Time Machine backup drive and select erase. This will bring the ™ backup back to 0 days. HOWEVER, if you have other data stored on the external drive beside time machine data, (which I don’t recommend) then do not erase the drive.

It’s also possible that you’ve outgrown your external drive. You always want your external (target disk) to be larger then your internal (source disk). But it’s more likely that the external drive is just full of data and needs to start over.

iPads in the classroom and licensing

Hi Scotty,
I was going to install Lion today and I can't find it!  I think you said it would be in the app store.  I do see it there; but I would have to pay for it.  Can you tell me how to load it for free?

Lion is only available for free for people who have recently (within the last month) purchased a computer before lion was installed. If you feel you qualify for the up to date program you can start the process by going here: Apple - OS X Lion and Lion Server - Up to Date Program

If you haven’t purchased a computer within that recent time frame then you’ll have to purchase Lion via the Mac App store for $29. It is featured prominently on the front page.

Error during Lion install? Save the dmg file and try again

I upgraded to lion on the laptop then lost all of my office programs (word etc..).  However I have purchased all of the programs like pages. I can't get these to be recognized as previous purchases. They were purchased in iTunes for my iPad. Do I have to repurchase these apps?  What should I do about the excel and word documents that I already have?  Is there a conversion in pages. This is getting confusing.


I think I just figured out why I can't get pages. It says it is exclusive to the iPad and iPhone. 

You lost the Office programs because they were Office 2004 which is not supported under Lion. It’s very possible that the iWork apps are not showing in your previous purchases because you may have more than one Apple ID. This happens to people all the time. And when you log in to the mac app store with the correct Apple ID, the previous purchases under that name will appear. One way to find older Apple ID’s is to go to iTunes and look through your purchased music and right click on a purchased song to “get info”. This window will tell you what ID the song was purchased under. There could be more than one. example:
Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 9.13.48 PM

This will work with apps in iTunes as well. Go to the apps area in iTunes and get info on the pages app and you may find the correct Apple ID there as well.
Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 9.17.52 PM
Another check to make is to go to your iOS device and go to settings/Store. View what account you are logged in as and that may also give you a hint as to what account is active. Apple IDs never die. They just sit in iTunes for the rest of our lives whether we use them or not.

Lastly, be sure to run all your app updates. That could resolve it.

Marware iPhone and iPad cases


any ideas for this...? I just got home after being away for 5 days, during which time I did not use my email account (a "me" account) from my imac -- I did, however, continue to use this same email account on my iphone and use it now from my macpro to email you.

When i went to my imac today, that email account is entirely absent from the mail program on my imac. I open email from the imac and all files are empty; i cannot send an email either. very strange.

I would love your hunch is that something simple is going on, maybe something turned off accidentally? the internet is definitely up and running fine on the imac.

The first thing I would check is in mail’s preferences. Under the accounts tab, check the advanced pane to see if the account has been disabled. Be sure the account has the “enable this account” box checked. See below:
Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 9.03.47 PM
If it is checked then you may just want to delete the account by selecting it then hitting the minus button in the bottom left hand area then re add it again. MobileMe accounts are IMAP so you shouldn’t loose anything. It should just all come right back again.

you are was disabled. all good now. Thanks much.

Two drives is better than one


We are now at the point that we need to have a spreadsheet that multiple people can work on simultaneously. We tried to share it via iwork and this did not work for us.
I was working on part of the spreadsheet while my co-worker was working on it also she sent it to me but my changes of course were not there.
I really need this to work to manage a big international project.
I have searched the apple website to no avail at this point, but I am still looking.
Is there a way that multiple people can work on a spreadsheet at the same time?

Google Docs should do the trick. it will allow multiple users to edit the document at the same time. iWork may support this feature in the future with their iCloud service but that doesn’t roll out for a month or so and there’s no guarantee this will be supported. Office has a similar feature but I’ve not seen anyone use it. Google docs is the way to go.

Deleting an email account in

I hope you're doing well. My principal is very technology forward and has already purchased an iPad for the school. I have to share it with the Tech teacher. We're going to write a grant to get 20 iPads or maybe even 30 (classroom set).  There are so many questions I have about using them in the school. The biggest question is how many iPads can we sync with one iTunes account. Have you dealt with the iPads in your consulting? Any advise you can give me would be great!!!

Great to hear from you.  I deal with ipads every day.  I working with a middle school teacher in CMS on trying to implement the ipad wireless in her classroom using a wireless network and appletv.  Show she can teach from it and broadcast the ipad's screen remotely.  

The bottleneck is not in how many ipads can sync to itunes.  The problem comes with licensing.  About 2 months ago Apple changed the licensing agreement to state that up to 10 devices can share purchased content. Five of which can be computers.  This means that you can purchase an app and install it on up to 10 ipads before you have to purchase it again under a different Apple ID.  There may be site licensing allowances but you'd have to speak directly with AppleCare about that.    This goes for apps, music, movies and any other content you purchase from the iTunes store.  

Please let me know if you need any assistance.  I'd love to help any way I can.

Rock on.

Alternative to Office? yes…Pages.

Dear Scotty, 
Earlier today I bought OS X lion to get it and so other family members can test it before installing it. After I bought lion, it started installing correctly. So I left the computer sitting with caffeine (a mac app that makes your computer not go to sleep) and when I came back it was on the login screen (where you pick which account to use). It was as if the computer had logged out or restarted itself. When I logged in the download had canceled and on the purchases page of the Mac App Store it Said "an error has occurred"  
 Screen shot 2011-08-16 at 6.02.40 PM

So I reinstalled it from that page and left for lunch. When I got back the same auto log out/restart thing happened and I got the same message. I was very frustrated and shut down the computer. After it started up i tried installing again and it wouldn't do it (it kept saying "waiting"). so i shut down the computer again.

Once the computer started back up I clicked install once more and it started downloading so i left for about 20 minutes. When I came back, it had done the logout/restart thing and gave me the error message 
again. I then just decided to email you.

If you have any solutions please share them with me. 

The first thing I would try is disabling “caffeine”. Also try going to login items in your user account system preferences and minus out any/all login items except iTunes helper. There could be other third party programs running preventing the install. Also try running the install from another computer but after the download is complete grab the dmg install file before installing because it will self delete after installation is complete. Plenty of threads out there describing how to do it. Check here:

Save Your Bandwidth! Prevent OS X Lion Installer From Self-Destructing! | Cult of Mac
Can I save the downloaded Lion on disc ?: Apple Support Communities

You may be best suited to install the dmg file from a usb drive or key.

Outgoing email failing on iPhone

Hey Scotty; thanks for your help. What was the the name of your iPhone case? Went to the site and wasn't sure if I was remembering it correctly. There were a couple that looked like they might be the one. 

The iPhone case I use is the C.E.O. Flip-Vue iPhone 4 Case from MarWare. I also like their Eco-Vue iPad 2 Case. Search on Amazon before you buy. You may be able to find it cheaper.

When is a good time to buy?

You had said at some point I'd need an additional secondary hard drive. If you think the one is enough, I'll hold off. If I were going to get another, I'd definitely get another LaCie. I'd planned on having another to add to my present set-up, rather than replace my current LaCie.

Having two drives (one outside your home) is a great way to keep your data safe.  It's a little bit of a hassle to trade them out from time to time but if you have the same manufacturer for both drives then it's less bothersome if the power cables can stay and only the drive moves.  I still don't like the cloud backup plans like carbonite and mozey just yet.  I'm not ready to recommend them until some things change around them.  

Extending an Airport Network

I have some how created two google email accounts with the exact same address...some incoming messages go to one and some go to the other, I think this happened when I had the password problem that you helped me with a few weeks ago. how do I fix this?

To delete one account from your mail application (the stamp), first open mail then go to preference in the menu bar (under “Mail”).
Screen Shot 2011-08-15 at 10.51.38 PM
Next, select the Accounts tab then select the account you want to delete. Finally, hit the minus button in the bottom left corner. Your second gmail account should disappear.
Screen Shot 2011-08-15 at 10.52.45 PM

Is the air up to par for Virtualization and large iPhoto libraries?

Hey Scotty,

As I think I mentioned, we just bought another piece of Mac hardware in the form of a macbook air.  I was dismayed to learn it doesn't come with word processing or excel software standard however.  Do you recommend just downloading a copy online or is there a cheaper way to get them?  Iworks is $80 for one copy, and I think we actually use Word more so we'd probably rather have that for now....advice?  Thanks!

You may want to take another look at Pages (available in the Mac App Store) for $20. You can transfer Office from one computer to another if you have installed it on another computer in the past. The home edition allows 3 installs. If it’s the 2004 version however, it will not run on new macs. 2008 and later should be fine. You don’t have to pay $80 for iWork anymore. It’s available separately as I stated, in the Mac App Store.

If your heart is set on Office, and you don’t have the original disc, then you can download it from Microsoft for around $160.

Removing old contacts from Mail's Previous recipients list

I am trying to send email and it is telling me cannot send message using emailaddress@gmail. Com. Also several friends have told me their emails are bouncing. Thought i was set up for gmail. Not sure what is going on.

There are several reasons this could be happening. Improper server settings, wrong password, spelling of the email address could be wrong. I would really just have to look at it to solve the issue.

ATT Uverse

I know, from some of your comments, that there is often a cycle to Apple's actions.  If I decide to purchase a laptop, should I do it now or is a new cycle imminent and waiting would be best.

There’s a great buyer’s guide at macrumors that simply tracks how often products are updated and recommends buying or not buying based on where they are in the product cycle. check it out at: Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone
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