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I hope you're doing well. My principal is very technology forward and has already purchased an iPad for the school. I have to share it with the Tech teacher. We're going to write a grant to get 20 iPads or maybe even 30 (classroom set).  There are so many questions I have about using them in the school. The biggest question is how many iPads can we sync with one iTunes account. Have you dealt with the iPads in your consulting? Any advise you can give me would be great!!!

Great to hear from you.  I deal with ipads every day.  I working with a middle school teacher in CMS on trying to implement the ipad wireless in her classroom using a wireless network and appletv.  Show she can teach from it and broadcast the ipad's screen remotely.  

The bottleneck is not in how many ipads can sync to itunes.  The problem comes with licensing.  About 2 months ago Apple changed the licensing agreement to state that up to 10 devices can share purchased content. Five of which can be computers.  This means that you can purchase an app and install it on up to 10 ipads before you have to purchase it again under a different Apple ID.  There may be site licensing allowances but you'd have to speak directly with AppleCare about that.    This goes for apps, music, movies and any other content you purchase from the iTunes store.  

Please let me know if you need any assistance.  I'd love to help any way I can.

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