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Moving contacts to OS X server.

Dear Scotty,
Thanks for all your help over the past few weeks.  Before I click the wrong button, if I want to repopulate my calendar on my desktop (currently empty), do I go to system preferences, go to Mail, Contacts and Calendar, and then merge the mac calendar with the icloud?  thanks,

yes.  system prefs, icloud, check calendars

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Localhost permissions incorrect

Thank you for your recent email about iCloud.  It sparked a renewed interest in trying to resolve my time management delima.

For many years I used Mac Mail for my email and Palm desktop for appointments and tasks lists.  It worked great since 99.9% of my work was in an office.  I am now more mobile and have gotten a smart phone (unfortunately an Android since I couldn't afford a Verizon iPhone).  I now have the need to access my email, appointments and tasks while "on the road."  The only thing I have found that really works is Google.  So I use Google Mail for harvesting my email from several accounts, Google Tasks for my "to-dos" and Google Calendar for my appointments . . . but it gives me a headache since it is not user friendly and I really don't like the way it looks.

Does iCloud have the capabilities that Google has?  I like it that on Google Calendar my wife and I can see each others appointments.

I'm not writing expecting you to answer these questions just for me . . . but I was wondering (if you have not already done so) if this might be a topic for one of your future webinars.

Good question. That is exactly what iCloud does. In a way, iCloud is Apple’s step to catch up with many of the services that Google was offering for free for the past few years while Apple charged $99 for MobileMe for essentially the same services. So you can now sign up for a free iCloud account and as long as your wife has also signed up for one, you can share calendars between the two accounts. But really, it sounds like you don’t need to move to iCloud because you already have these services on Google. If you leave the Android then these will all still work fine on iPhone. We can absolutely discuss this on town hall.
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