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Time Capsule router reseting a cable modem? wait what?

Can I install a solid state drive in my powerbook G4?

Considering that your computer is a G4, it uses an older hard drive connection method called IDE.  The more modern format is SATA.  Solid State drives (being so new) usually only come in a SATA configuration which means it would be difficult to find a solid state drive for your G4 powerbook.

Arrow keys flung off???

I hope you are having a good summer.. Question- We are going to have to buy our kids new laptops this year for school (or one to share) and of course want to get a mac but it doesnt seem that the apple web site is promoting the "notebook" anymore... is that about to change? I was thinking of buying it during the tax free weekend.. but if they are about to come out with a new one we will wait.
Any suggestions???  Also should we buy the office software or something else- they do need power point and ex cell.

Apple has officially ended production on the macbook. They now offer two lines, the macbook pro and the macbook air. The Pro currently has an optical drive, more storage, more ports and usually rates as a faster processor. The air is lighter, smaller drive but is very competitive in speed. If I were buying a new laptop for my child or college student, at this point, I would not hesitate to purchase the air. Apple has declared the DVD and CD dead so going forward everything is download from this point on. Apple just released new airs the week of July 21, 2011 so you can feel confident on your purchase.
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