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June 2012

Is my mac dying?

My iMac has a lighting issue, darkening, on the left side of the screen (see attached). I rebooted and its still there.  Any idea on what this is or how to fix?  I think this Mac is only over 1 year old...........

Hard to set appt with you if the only advice is to bring it back to Apple , so I thought I would see if this is worthy of an appt.  If so I will schedule one with you. Please advise......



Behind the LCD there are 2 or 3 connectors that supply power to the flattened florescent tubing inside the LCD itself. When one of those connectors comes loose it can cause a portion of the screen to dim. You would notice a dark area consistently across an entire section for left to right or top to bottom depending on the model iMac. It is also possible that there’s nothing wrong with the connector and could actually be the LCD florescent tube has failed. Either way, it WOULD be best to take it back to apple. This would be covered under AppleCare if you have it.

What printer should I get?

Since you primarily use gmail as your email address this should be a simple fix. You’ll want to open your mail application then go to preferences. Next, select “accounts” at the top then select the gmail account on the left hand column. Finally, select “account information” as seen below then change the outgoing server to your gmail server and check the box that says “use only this server”.
can't send out emails!!
The message box reads: cannot send message using the server

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