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Apple ID

Someone has logged into our AppleID

We just got a notification that someone on my son's phone is signed in using our AppleID. We checked with the only people our son knows. What do we do? We are going to change the password.

Interesting. If he has two factor authentication on then there’s probably a simple explanation.  If he didn’t then it could be problematic. You are doing the correct thing to change the password. If his Apple ID is signed in to an unaccountable device, you can go into and wipe it.

Update Apple ID Settings issue loop

We are still getting this message constantly on every device since last week. I’ve logged out and in, turned devices off and on, and it keeps appearing. Relates to iCloud Keychain and it has gone circular. Any other ideas?

Looks like the problem is probably keychain related. Try turning off keychain on all devices as well and just don't use the keychain service until the next update.

Here are a couple articles on the web that seem to be successful with the same issue. Give this one a try first. Well written.
Fix Keep Asking Update Apple ID Settings Issue on iPhone

Update Apple ID Settings On iPhone? Here's What It Means & What To Do

keystroke loggers and Apple IDs

Greetings from Dallas, TX!

I have 2 questions for you.

My questions are:

1). Can the new bad software which has been written about concerning and other travel websites where they troll your keystrokes, can that software get into our Mac from my visiting their site and using a credit card on their site? Or are only PC’s vulnerable? I did not give them any passwords, but i did input my credit card # on their site. Then i cancelled my transaction entirely. I have used Expedia before without a problem but Dan just alerted me to this latest problem reported about them.

2). I went to try to install the new Mojave upgrades and it asked me for my pw which i don’t remember doing for other upgrades. So i cancelled out of it. Is is ok to provide Apple with my pw to install Mojave?

In general, the only way keystroke loggers can be installed on your computer is by the software tricking you into actually granting admin permission. In other words, you install it yourself by typing in your admin password. The main thing to look for when transacting on the internet is the small lock in the URL bar at the top. If you are on a site that starts with https:// then your information is encrypted and secure however, if you are on a site that starts with http:// without the "s", then that site is vunerable to malicious activity. Do not ever enter information into a site that is not https://.

More likely than expedia being a vulnerability is the possibility that people are going to a site that is similar in design and spelling in hopes that people will be tricked into entering information. For instance, you'll find great recipes at but malware at You'll find the paper of record at but malware at You can track your packages at but never enter any information at These are just a few examples of what's lurking out there waiting for us. Whether you're using a mac or a pc is irrelevant. It's our willingness to let our guard down is what's more important.

Second question…It is safe to proved Apple with your pw to install Mojave. To make sure you are talking to the real Apple, you can access the updates by going to the black apple in the top left corner, select App Store. The App Store will open and there you will see updates on the right side of the bar at the top of the application. Apple will ask for your AppleID in order to start the downloads. This is safe.

If you ever need remote assistance you can always schedule online via my site just as if you live in the Charlotte area. I just show up on your computer instead of at your door. Have a good day.

How to turn of "share my location"

Scotty need your quick help. My iPhone says that “Im currently sharing my location from my iPad”
How do I turn this off ASAP. I don’t want people tracking me that’s creepy.

On the iPad or iPhone go to Settings.
Next click on your name at the top revealing your Apple ID, iCloud, etc..
Select iCloud
Scroll to the bottom to see "Share My Location:
Turn it off.

AppleID relationships and other issues.

I've run into some issues:

1) find my friends: I'm getting message "location not available" is there a step we need to complete?
2) Are son and dad still attached?
3) In photos I cannot see video, move pictures, and there is an exclamation point in the corner of older pictures.

Thank you, Scotty! Sorry to bother you ... Just wanted to keep you informed.

1. On the device you are hoping to locate, be sure to first check a few settings. On the phone go to Settings/iCloud/Find My iPhone. Be sure that "Find My iPhone" is turned on and "Send Last Location" is also turned on. Next, within the Find my Friends app on each phone, select the "Me" listing at the very bottom. On the next screen be sure to turn on "Share My Location" and then below that, chose the device you wish to be located from. Most of the time that will be one's iPhone.

2. in regard to son and husband still being attached, not 100% sure what you mean but I think you mean: are they still associated to each other. No they should not be. Other than being logged into the same Apple ID to make purchases under the store, each person in your family has their own iCloud account completely separate fro the others. It is that AppleID that each member of the family logs into iCloud, messages, and FaceTime. We went into husband's AppleID and removed the other related email addresses and phones earlier.

3. This is a larger issue that may need to be addressed in person. You could try the following fix first however: Hold down the option+command buttons and open Photos. You should be presented with the option to "Repair" the library. Try that first. If that does not succeed then we may need to look further into that issue separately.

My computer says "your apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage" What's going on?

My iMac asked for all sorts of passwords which I put in. Now on my phone and iPad it says
"Your Applle ID and phone number are now being used by iMessage for your new Mac."
Does that mean my phone and texting arent going to work???
Thanks, worried as I am headed up north tomorrow and trying to fix this!!!

My phone is no longer accepting calls!!!


Seeing this message is completely normal when a person signs into their iCloud account under messages or FaceTime under a new or different device. This does not prevent one from no longer receiving calls in any way. In fact, it actually allows you to receive your calls on multiple devices. Essentially, your phone number becomes associated with your Apple ID so you can make calls and text from computers and iPads as well as your phone.

How do I turn off the 6 digit passcode on my Apple ID?

  1. This new Apple verification six digit number is killing me? How do I take it off? I can't access any movies on my Apple TV now.

To turn off two-factor authentication, sign in to your Apple ID account page and click Edit in the Security section. Then click "Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication". You'll need to create new security questions and verify your birthdate. After that, two-factor authentication will be turned off. 

You can also turn it off from the enrollment confirmation email sent to your Apple ID or rescue email address. Click "Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication" at the bottom of the email to restore your Apple ID to its previous security settings. The link is only active for two weeks after you enroll.


To turn on 6 digit verification on your Apple ID follow either of these steps for iOS or Mac OS El Capitan:

  1. Go to Settings > iCloud > tap your Apple ID.
  2. Tap Password & Security.
  3. Tap Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

On a Mac:
  1. Go to Apple () menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Account Details.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

Does an Apple ID have to be an email?

Quick question. We just got our daughter a phone and I can’t remember what you said to do about an apple id. I feel like you said that it should not be an email address. Is that right?

No. Any Apple ID you create must be based on an email address. I suggest you make it an email address you plan to use for the rest of your life. People who make Apple IDs based on RR or ATT email addresses end up abandoning those addresses later and think they have to change their Apple ID's which is not the case, but leads to problems down the road.

When creating an Apple ID for your child you can either use an already existing one or create a free email address The confusion comes in when trying to understand the difference between an iCloud ID vs. and iTunes Store ID. I personally prefer children under 18 (still in the household) to share the parents iTunes ID but have their own iCloud ID. One is for purchases and the other is for syncing contacts, calendars, text messages, pictures, and GPS information. Each family should have their own iCloud ID.

Resolving Apple ID purchase problems

Hi Scotty,

All of the updates were moving along smoothly until I got to the iPhoto update (which is the one I need to see my pictures) and I keep getting this message.  I don't know why my Apple ID has worked with all of the other updates but not this.  What should I do?

That’s odd.  I might suggest going into your applications folder and dragging “iPhoto” to the trash.  You will not be deleting your iPhoto library which lives in a completely different location.  After the iPhoto application is gone, return to the App Store and attempt to download iPhoto.  That should give you the ability to download iPhoto under your own ID.  

Another solution: clear the cache db of ~/Library/Cache/storeaccountd storeassetd and storedownloadd
another thought here:

Let me know if that worked.  

I changed my AppleID password. Now what?

Thans for today.  I can’t remember my apple ID and password so I asked for a new one to be emailed to me this morning….no email yet.  So I have no idea what email is assigned for the Apple ID.


Ok, apple will not email a new password ever.  If you’d like to change your AppleID password, you do so by going to  From there you would enter in your security information like your date of birth and a few other questions you answered previously.  Then you can change your password.  They may have emailed a link to the page I mentioned above but they will not email a new password.  

Changing your AppleIDs password will cause a chain reaction within your computer ecosystem.  In other words, once you change a password, you have to make sure ALL the applications and devices that use that password know about the new change.  In other words, you have have to enter in several times.  Each application of device will usually present a message saying the old password didn’t work.  That’s your opportunity to enter the new one.  

Also.  As I recall, you are using a email address as you appleID.  And your children use this as well.  Which means that the reset link may have been submitted to that yahoo email address.  To find out what your appleID is, go to your phone and in settings, select “iTunes Store”.  That should reveal the appleID you use to make purchases.  To find your iCloud ID which may be the same as your AppleID, go to settings and select “iCloud” settings.  You will see your appleID at the top.  

Apple ID's are very confusing

Hey Scotty its CC. I disconnected from Time Warner today and now my email
Is not coming in at all. I tried to set my Apple ID using my email and it will not accept it. Now do I have to use an ATT account! Help!  My Apple ID had my CC  account

Let’s review: When a person cancels their ISP like ATT or time warner, it’s best if they’ve first made the move to an independent email like or This way they can keep their email address for the rest of their lives in dependent of what ISP they choose to use. As we discussed, canceling Time Warner service would most likely end that address. However, if you used that email address as an Apple ID in the past, like many many of use have, then you’ll still carry that email address for the rest of your life as an Apple ID. It’s confusing I know. But Apple doesn’t consider it an email address. It’s a set of letters and characters that means you. You will never rid yourself of that Apple ID as it is embedded into the purchased content like apps, songs, movies etc...

So I suggest continuing to use as your Apple ID for the rest of your life even though you no longer receive email there. The two concepts are unrelated. You may have also used the @carolina as an iCloud account. The same idea applies. Leave it.

You do not and should not use any email given to you by ATT. I can’t stress this enough. Otherwise you’ll just end up in the same situation down the road when you change ISP’s again.

Apple ID password change.

I had to authenticat the set up of my children's email for school w apple.  Couldn't remember my password for my Apple ID so had to reset it.  Now I can't get email to send because it says incorrect icloud password.  Is the icloud password and Apple ID password the same thing or different?

That depends on whether your Apple ID is based on an actual Apple provided email address or not. If your Apple ID corresponding email ends with @me, @mac, or then most likely you are using that ID for both purchases via iTunes and the app store as well as an iCloud ID which would be related to syncing data like contacts, calendars, pictures etc...

So most likely when you changed your Apple ID password, it effected your email as well. We assume that when we change our passwords within accounts that that change would automatically push to all other related areas but that is not the case. When we change our passwords, we have to go to every device and every application that needed that password and enter the new one.

iTunes/Apple ID password woes

Scotty, should I upgrade to OSX Mavericks? I have no idea.

That depends on the speed of your processor and the amount of ram you have. I say anything above a 2.66 Core 2 Duo is fine. And while Mavericks will run with only 2 gigs of ram, 4 is much better. You can find out this information by selecting “about this mac” under the black apple in the menu bar.

Overall, the answer is yes. Upgrade. It’s free and available in the Mac App Store.

Signed in to Two apple IDs is a problem


A: I’m in the market for external hard drives. I have a couple of questions.

Can you rank the drive manufacturers by reliability and quality? We are talking 4TB and above.

B: Also, what would be the best way to send one of these hard drive to India? Do I need to be concerned about data being lost or erased during transit? Is there a way to prevent this?

C: I need to take several years of videos and load them onto the hard drive, and then send to India. Is there a service that I can upload to and they access it, instead of shipping to India on a hard drive?


  1. Seagate Backup Plus
  2. Lacie
  3. G Drive

All Good brands. Seagate wins out considering its much lower price point. The G drive is a favorite among serious video editors and photographers but its cost moves it down the list. Every drive dies so there’s no perfect solution. I am not a fan of the MyBook Drives by Western Digital at all.

B: They do make specialized travel cases to ship drives to protect against magnetic interference. Overall I don’t think you need to be so much worried about magnets as you do the handling of the drive. I would wrap the drive in some serious bubble wrap then slip it into a faraday bag. Done.

C: Youtube. Make the videos private.
Dropbox if you bought more space.
Flickr gives you a terabyte of online storage for free.

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