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Help. Can't authenticate AppleID.

Hey, Scotty. You helped Daniel (my son) reset all his apple accounts in August. There was some weirdness as I remember cause of apps under my old tswatts apple id. He is stuck... it’s requiring a 2 factor authentication to an old email of mine that is still operative and I am not receiving anything. Could you help him out? We will pay. Can he text or call you or do you want him to set up an appt?

It sounds like he at least knows the password to the appleID otherwise it would not even get to the 6 digit code step. Sounds like the next step may be to log into the appleID in question and change the email address to a more current one. This is a little like rolling the dice because it sometimes just simply requires authenticating from a secondary device that you just don’t have and you fall into a never ending loop of authentication. But first step to try would be to go to using the ID in question, and editing the email address.

Apple’s number one priority is to keep user’s accounts safe so they take the stance 100% of the time that you are the bad guy trying to break in to someone else’s account. If he can’t get it worked out, it may be better for us to work on this in person due to the number of devices that may be involved. It can get confusing. And with multiple appleID’s involved it’s good to just have a visual layout of what we’re dealing with. Unfortunately, once we’ve enabled 2 factor, Apple will no longer let us turn it off.  As I always say, security equals inconvenience.  

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