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Can't log into Netflix

Hi Scotty,
My TV is not recognizing Netflix and says to go to network configurations. Can you talk me through this or do I need an appointment?

So the first thing to do is always verify that you know the login username and password. To check this, go directly to the website. In this case then enter the info there to be sure you know your username and password. Be careful to not allow your browser to autofill that info. Otherwise, you will not have learned what the real password is. Once you've verified the correct information, return to your television and try to enter the info within the app. If this still does not work, next verify that your is actually one the correct wifi network. Every tv setup is different so I can't really walk you through how to go into your tv's settings to check this. Another step you can take is to test a different app to see if your tv is online. You can try the Hulu app, maybe amazon prime app, etc….

That's really as far as I can help you without being in front of it. Give these items a try first before scheduling me. I never enjoy charging people for only one issue so if you do end up scheduling a session, maybe you'll have some other issues to deal with as well to make use of our time.

In the long run, I highly recommend using a dedicated tv box like Roku or AppleTV instead of the "smart tv" apps. The interface is always way way better in my opinion and troubleshooting is also much easier as well. Lastly, companies like Apple or Roku are constantly updating those devices and software vs the smart tv that is rarely addressed by the manufacturer after it's shipped. So you may consider purchasing one of those in the future.

Hulu to TV? Not so fast.

Hi Scotty,
My email is not working today. It has that circle (dot) to the right on the inbox. I tried going into preferences to see if anything was wrong. I can't find anything. Any suggestions?

Did your email come back online?  Sometimes it just falls off for a time.  But if you've changed your password then it will not come back online until you address it.  Here's a similar post I just wrote a few days ago on how to check your password in Apple's mail program.  It’s focused on Gmail but the process is the same.

Editing your Gmail password | email, Mail | Sells Consulting
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