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Moving iMovie projects to DVDs.

Hey - the new software update broke our Letterbox plug-in. Do you have a trusted source for a fix yet for the latest update? 10.6.7

Here you go: He’s the creator of the letterbox plugin. Apple is always breaking it and he’s always fixing it.

iDVD produced a blurry DVD

Hi Scott,  you evaluated our home service a few week back and found our windstream server to be a little slow.  We are thinking of changing over to Time Warner, but  I just hear about Clear WiMax.   Is that something we should consider??


I have to say currently have zero clients in Charlotte and the surrounding area that have the Clear service. So my experience in dealing with Clear is also zero so far. I can only judge by reviews I’ve read online. Charlotte was one of their roll out locations. I hear they are constantly working to improve. The speed is around 1/2 to 1/3 of a standard Time Warner cable connection. The benefit is that you are mobile in the Charlotte area. The reviews are mixed that I’ve read. I would still have to say that at this point, Time Warner is the best thing going although ATT’s uverse has been installed on several of my clients networks and they have been very happy. I am no fan at all of windstream

Here’s an interesting write up on Clear. Clear brings 4G Wimax to Charlotte, an in-depth look | CLT Blog

Use iDVD to make a watchable DVD on a standard DVD player

I hope you are doing well.
Can you help me?  I have no doubt somehow set up mobile me or sync wrong because all my calendar entries are entered twice.
Also it doesn't seem like my iPhone 4, iPad and desktop are all mobile me syncing. I enter something on my iPad and it never shows on my phone.
One last thing, once I figure out why the duplications, how do I get rid of them?  I spent hours manually deleting and they all came back.
Help please!!!!


MobileMe is famous for duplicating entries and unfortunately there’s no easy answer. One common occurance is that itunes is syncing your contacts via the usb cable and mobileme is syncing them via the cloud therefore two entries of each exist. That’s usually solved easily enough. With your iphone or ipad connected, select the “info” tab in itunes and be sure that both check boxes for calendars and contacts are unchecked.

But more likely it’s just mobileme acting crazy. In this case we will need to clean off the data that is having the problem. This requires several steps and is not the easiest thing to do. I involves using system preferences Mobilme sync tab and selecting to replace data on each of the computers and the cloud. If you would like assistance you can schedule online. This can be solved and is common but it’s a bit of a pain.

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