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How to Unblock skype callers

Hi Scotty-
I cannot get my calendars, on my ipad, iphone and mac, to sync. What could be the issue??

If you are using iCloud to sync your calendars then you’ll first item to check would be to see if calendar syncing is checked in iCloud settings in system preferences on the computer and under “iCloud” on the phone’s settings. Another possibility could simply be that the calendars are unchecked in the calendar app and applications themselves. While in the calendar application on iPhone or iPad select “calendars” in the top left hand corner and make sure “show all” calendars is selected.

If you are relying on Google to sync your calendars then there are other issues that could be at play. More so than to go in to. Remember every Monday and Wednesday I’m online for
town hall at 7pm if you’d like to try that first.

Skype to Skype vs. credit

Scotty, my ical stopped syncing.
Both the mail and contacts still are syncing but the ical is not.
I this an icloud issue or a setup issue on my computers?

I feel very confident that iCloud is not the issue.  It's most likely a settings issue.  Verify that calendar syncing is turned on on all devices under the icloud preferences on both the computer(s) and the iOS devices.  Next, go to ical's preferences then "accounts" to insure that icloud account is present there as well.  Lastly, be sure there are no local calendars listed in the iCal calendar list when selecting "calendars" under the top left corner of the ical window.  

Make Skype more private.

these odd boxes appear on my mac when I am working in Quickbooks. do you know how I get rid of them?
never happened on the macbook pro...


I honestly do not know what those could mean. Here's a case where we might want to use some context clues to help us solve this riddle. What function is taking place when this occurs? Is there a Quickbooks update 2010 update available? It may be a bug.
This image is a theme.plist hack