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two-factor authentication

Is this 2 factor authentication?

My 2 factor set up did not compete. How do I know what this code is?


This is not two factor authentication. This is asking for the 6 digit code you use to unlock that iPhone.

Two-Factor Authentication sucks

Since setting up, my iPhone x, I get notices on all my devices saying: “Apple ID Sign In Requested Your Apple ID is being used to sign in to a device near Charlotte NC” It gives me the choice to allow or disallow. When I allow, it the Apple ID 6-digit verification code.
I have my desktop, laptop, ipad and new phone all together. They all receive this same notification at the same time. So, I can’t figure out into which device I need to enter the code. I already went into settings, pressed on my name and then deleted the old iphone from the list of devices. I need to figure how to clear this up because it is a real nuisance.

The problem you're experiencing is called Two-Factor Authentication. It makes your AppleID very secure but it's also massively inconvenient if you are using older AppleTVs, any computer with 10.10 and many other situations as well. To turn it off, go to, log in, then authenticate once more with the 6 digit number provided to you. Scroll down to security and select "edit". Turn off two factor authentication. You'll be asked to come up with answers to 3 questions. Answer them and write down your answers for future reference. You're done. It won't bother you anymore. Oh yeah, now that you've made changes to your AppleID security, your devices will once again ask you to enter your password. This is for security reasons. You should be good to go from here.
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