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September 2022

Daughter's messages showing up on my computer!

Why are may daughter's texts showing up on my computer in addition to my own? This isn't happening on my phone.


On your computer, open the Messages app then go to Message preferences. (Under the word “messages” in the menu bar. Then uncheck all the emails and phone number associated to daughter.

In the long run, we really should separate her completely from your account but that would require working with her device(s) and making sure she has her own AppleID so this doesn’t happen in the future.

Why can't I open attachments in my mail?

I can't open these attachments…

So based on the Screenshot you provided, you are using Chrome to go to, logging in to your email through their website to check your mail. This could be solved by using a proper email program to handle mail. You have the Apple Mail program on your computer that you could easily set up your aol account and any other email accounts for that matter. An actual email program (as opposed to a website) will be a way better choice to handle attachments. Yes, should be able to handle attachments but to be frank, aol is terrible. Nothing works there. You could try right clicking the attachment and possibly you’d have the option to download within the right click menu but the real answer is: use a different interface to check your mail. Long story short: instead of going to the website to check your mail, set your mail up in the Apple Mail app. To do this, you’d open system preferences, go to Internet accounts, choose AOL, add the account. Then look in your applications folder, find Mail, launch it, and problem should be solved.
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