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Recyle or reuse?

Is there still a use for this  desktop?
It’s prob 8-10 years old


If the hard drive is still functional ( that particular model iMac was down for hard drive failure over time) then yes, it would be useful to someone. It will not move to the latest version of the OS (Big Sur) however it will at the very least, take MacOS 10.13 High Sierra or even possibly macOS Catalina 10.15 which would make it plenty useful for someone. If you'd like to recycle it however, you can use this link to see if it is eligible.

Do you wipe and recylce computers?

Do you recycle old computers?

Yes. I charge $20 per laptop and $40 per desktop. I will wipe and remove the drives then recycle those separately. I only pickup recyclables in conjunction with a previously scheduled session.

How do I recycle old devices?

There are several things you can do with old computers/iPhones/iPads

Staples and Best Buy will take old iPhones and iPads for recycling. They often repurpose them for others to use. You would want to wipe them before you pass them on however, including logging out of your iCloud account. That step is very important.


1. You can call the city for a pickup (411) and the night before leave your computer out and the city will recycle it.
2. You could take it to a recycle center yourself.
3. You could send it to Apple's third party recycler and they will recycle it. Link here.
4. You may be able to get a little money for it but it's usually not much.
5. You could have me do it. I charge $10 for laptops and $20 for desktops. I wipe them before taking them to a Charlotte recycling center.

Note: If you choose to have me recycle, I prefer to bundle that in to an actual session. I usually don't just pick up computers for people as my only reason for traveling.

Does Apple Recycle?

Does Apple do recycling?
Yes. They outsource the program through a company called PowerON. More info here:
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