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Rebuild your inbox

My mail search stopped working and when I click on an email, it doesn't show the actual email. It's just blank.

When you get a chance, I’d also like you to rebuild your inbox. Here’s how.

Open mail
Select the
inbox from the left hand column.
Look under the Mailbox menu in the menu bar and select “

This process will take about 1-2 hours but may also resolve the issue as it rebuilds the cache files (which are most likely the problem here) as well as re-indexes so search within mail works better.

If you’re running Ventura (the latest OS) then you can watch the progress by selecting “
Activity” under Window in the menu bar. But if you’re not on Ventura, then you just have to guess when it’s done.

Mail not loading content

I've had several people mention their email attachments or body of emails are not loading consistently. Here's a list of thing to try to resolve the issue: Disable "Hide my IP", hide my email, private relay. Select to always download mail attachments from mail settings. Account information. System settings AND mail prefs (now settings) under privacy *Rebuild effected mailboxes. (About a 2-3 hour process with no progress indicators). As of Ventura, the Activity window will now show rebuild progress. Delete mail cache found at: ~/Library/Containers/ ~/Library/Containers/ Delete cached V2-V9 folder wait for email database to rebuild over 24 hours. monitor activity window for progress. Delete email account and re-add

*most likely to resolve the issue.

Gmail deletion

I went through and deleted all the messages in “Important” under gmail from 2012 through 2019. That didn’t seem to do anything for my space. Is it because I now need to go in and delete them from Trash? There is a picture below of what the Storage Manager is telling me. I was reluctant to delete them without knowing if I am on the right track. Everything has been backed up.

Regarding gmail to trash:

Keep in mind that even if you delete an email from any folder, all it does is move into another folder spelled “trash”. That folder is set to delete any email after it’s sat for 30 days. However, if you’d like to speed up the process, you can empty the trash at any time. That should show a space change once the trash is empty. Otherwise, if you do nothing, eventually, 30 days later, older email will begin disappearing.

How do I set up auto response on RR email?

Hi Scotty - I can’t remember how to have husband's email shoot an auto-reply stating he longer checks this email. Would you let me know please?

To set up a vacation response, go to, log in to his account, then go to settings. From there, you should see “vacation response” or something worded very similar. There may also be a range as to how long you’d like that message to be active. There may also be a “save” button on the page but I don’t think so. Just check at the bottom of the page.

Keep in mind that Carolina.rr email is now managed by spectrum.

what is archived email?

I can't find my archived email. Where is it?

1. You may not have “archiving” enabled.

Go to first and login to that account on the web. Then go to settings. Under settings I believe it’s under forwarding and IMAP. You might find a checkbox to archive.

2. You could possibly have archive turned on but not showing in your IMAP settings.

Again, at you can check which folders you’d like to show in your email client. For example, you can hide “important” or “sent” from being seen in your mail client.

Also not a bad idea that if you’re using Outlook, to set up your mail account in apple’s mail program also. No harm in having it in both. If the archive feature is turned on, it will list on the left side of that screen.

. Ok, so if you have archiving enabled on an email account it would appear on the left column as seen here:

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 7.10.34 AM

Notice that each email account has it’s own archive folder. In the example above, aol, iCloud, then my business account.
If you don’t see that and it’s a gmail account, go to settings and check this setting:

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 7.14.11 AM

You’ll need to make sure you are pointing archive mail to be stored in the archive mailbox. If “archive” is not a choice in that dropdown then we will have to head back to to make some adjustments.

Email immeadiately comes back after it's deleted.

Beginning today, when I delete multiple messages ( for example, Saks Fifth Ave) I deleted them and then they all return and need to be deleted again. Is there a simple fix? Thanks!

That’s a sign that the email account is not syncing quickly enough. You delete, and before it has a chance to send the message up to the server that you’ve deleted them, the server sends the message down saying “oh, looks like you’re missing these.” Then puts them right back. This is probably due to a lag in your upload speed of your ISP. There’s not really much you can do about it. Hopefully it will go away on its own. Calendar will sometimes exhibit similar behavior. You create an event, name it and within seconds the name goes back to “untitled”. This is the same thing happening. Download is faster than upload.

How do I remove unwanted remembered email addresses?

I don’t understand why this is so difficult - I need for the display to be exactly the same as it appears fo __________ Interiors - it has nothing behind the email address still - please see below. Can you PLEASE fix this?


aka: When I start typing an email in to send to someone in Apple's mail program, I see email addresses I don't want to. How do I fix it?

n Mail, under the word “Window” in the menu bar, select “previous recipients”.

Next, search for the word “studio”

Select any studio@ result then hit “remove from list.

Where did my emails go?

I closed my email account and can no longer find my old emails. It was an old work account that I no longer have access to. How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

When storing emails here are a few strategies.
a. Leave them in the inbox which builds up over time obviously. These however, are tied to the cloud so if you stop that particular email account, you would eventually lose access to your inbox.
b. Move them to a folder associated with the email address. These will also live in the cloud and are subject to the same potential fate mentioned above. For instance, if you have a yahoo account and your store emails in a folder (aka. Mailbox) located on yahoo’s server, if you end the yahoo account you will eventually lose access to those folders.
c. You could make folders (aka Mailboxes) that reside “On my Mac”. Dragging an email from the inbox to one of these folders will remove it from the cloud and place a permanent local copy of the email. Disadvantage here is that these “on my Mac” folders will not show up on other devices like iPad or iPhone.

Why am I not getting all my email?

Problem not resolved from last session- still have settings with junk and spam coming in brown to my inboxes.

Junk mail settings in Apple’s Mail program have three tiers:

Level one: Mark it as junk (brown) but leave it in your inbox.

Level two: Move junk automatically into your junk box therefore not even seeing it unless you look in your junk box.

Level three: (never used) perform custom actions.

Keep in mind junk mail filtering for any account happens at TWO levels. It happens at the server level (your email provider) before it ever gets to you. Then it is filtered again once it arrives in your email program on your computer. (No junk filtering software exists on the phone level). This means Godaddy is filtering a bunch of stuff you’d never want to see like drug ads, adult ads, etc…. So most of that never gets to you. Then Apple’s Mail is using the settings from above to apply even more junk filtering.

Important: Whenever you get an email that has been classified as junk, be sure to select “not junk” in the menu bar at the top of mail. The email should automatically move from the junk folder into the inbox. Or, if you have “mark as junk mail but leave it in my inbox” setting as discussed above, clicking “not junk” would change it from brown to black.

I suggest you choose the second option in Apple’s Mail settings “move it to the junk mailbox”.

Another very important setting to be familiar with is the frequency that Apple’s Mail program deletes the junk folder. It is possible that email has been marked as junk then deleted too quickly. To set the frequency, go to settings then select “accounts” at the top then “Mailbox Behaviors”. Next find “Erase Junk Messages” and choose one, day, one month, or never. You probably want to choose month or never so you have plenty of time to find any mislabel emails.

Account with ( had to reset password, had them send 3 times but never received any of the 3.
Acxxxxxx sent confirmation of order( and then a second with pick up time - I don't have either.

We would want to check the following:

Log into the web browser version of your email and check the email account from your browser first. This eliminates Apple’s Mail as a suspect if it can be found in a folder on the web. Keep in mind, junk and spam are the same thing so you’d want to look in either of those folders then if you find either the minted or ace hardware emails, select them, mark them as “not junk” then move them into your inbox.

Lastly, you’d want to check that you don’t have any specific rules set up to manage mail. This is doubtful that you have rules that would effect either of these senders but it’s worth checking by going to “Rules” in Settings. You can see the Rules selection in the top right corner of the previous screen shot.

Don't need to conference at all - just need it fixed this time please, but will be available if you need to chat, thanks!

Managing junk mail can be so frustrating. I hear from clients often that they missed an important email due to it being marked as junk. I also hear from people upset at the amount of actual junk mail they get also. Unfortunately there is no perfect solution, only compromise between too much or too little filtering.

Why won't me mass email go out?

I have one small issue trying to send out an group email to 265 parents. It won't go.

Several things could be at fault.

1. You could have misspelled email addresses in your outgoing list. That could prevent the entire list from going out.
2. Your ISP might be considering anything over 30 recipients as potential spam and blocking such a large outgoing email group.

The easiest way around this is to use a service like MailChimp. It’s free up to around 2000 recipients.

How can I delete a lot of email at once?

I just figured out that I've been deleting files from my gmail account, not the aeftemple account. Ugh. I'll start on the account tomorrow.  It's very tedious. Is there a quick way to go directly to the end of the messages rather than scroll back 100 messages at a time?

From it is pretty difficult to delete more than 100 at a time. Something the really need to adjust. But from an email client like Apple’s Mail or Microsoft’s Outlook, you can select several thousand at once then delete. Keep in mind that deleting email from one box simply moves it into your “trash” box where it sits until it’s scheduled for deletion. That time is up to the email program you are using and its’ own settings. One week, One Month, One day etc…

If you have “archive” turned on within Gmail, you may not be deleting at all. Archive just keeps a copy for future reference. These settings are available at

Why am I seeing this bounce back to me?

Subject: Failure Notice
Date: October 28, 2020 at 11:01:12 AM EDT

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

552: 5.2.2 The email account that you tried to reach is over quota. Please direct
5.2.2 the recipient to
5.2.2 o5si2733492qtr.98 - gsmtp

--- Below this line is a copy of the message.

DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=; s=s2048; t=1603897272; bh=Dt8Cv7AHMAxJp8pb1R4eKOAagcBwaCbWZiv3KS6VX2A=; h=Subject:From:Date:To:Reply-To:List-Unsubscribe:From:Subject; b=mwWlkOI6Rrozhm6HxiYPFKigFuqataeOSBBw1lmZR0C+ZrqU3vBUBTNS6KOOlpRW7sIL+JFEjkkVkc36rgnfxidd+0/+vlCe8kL+EBZrFN9ra6av30vdEvyGXJwP3XUHNWTlUM1xn5wF8pDOju7DssU3NmHdFvuw1Ts+Ket9Dj8zHbMtMQ3N73lcdBNp3023YHTqcM6lJvpmaLcu/AMO44dTK1xTOaPxay2tyVhMoLSTZhNY6rxach1eRdxUY/HlrLob7F4cCA15bveBQNvbp3ClaAcwPxzZ1MsT1a2WBzQGXM0RhWGH8HBG5M822hhFz4SKHUm7equN4yWBbnIEOA==

In this case, the person you are emailing <>: has run out of space on their gmail account. Gmail gives all its users 15 gigs of space but if a person never deletes any email, it’s inevitable that they’ll end up with a full box. That’s what’s happened in this case.

Where's the email on my iPad?

I’ve been on the lookout for an email from a teacher. Marcia told me she received a copy and showed that it was sent to me. I searched and found it - “iCloud inbox”. Yet, when I look at all my mail on my iPad for that day, I don’t see it. How can I be sent mail that I can only find by searching?

Definitely not normal for iCloud email not to sync considering that it's IMAP. First, I'm sure you've checked that the email sent is actually the email account you have set up on your iPad. In other words, if it were sent to a gmail account for instance, but the gmail account were not set up on the phone, that could be an obvious reason.

Second, try deleting the email account then re-adding it again. (On the phone that is.)

Third: Insure that "complete Threads" is turned on in the Mail settings on your iPad under Settings/Mail

Fourth: make sure that "Push" is on and set to "automatically" within mail settings. You can toggle this off and on again to hope that it will resync with the server.

Fifth: be sure the location of the email is in the appropriate mailbox. Inbox, drafts, created mailbox, etc…. Sometimes an email can be in a different location than we expected it.

Sixth: "organize by thread" on the iPad could end up hiding an email you're looking for by placing it in line with the full conversation.

Seventh: check at to see that the email is actually in the cloud as well.

How can I remove my Gmail account from my Mac?

Help. I only use gmail and I changed something that has enabled my apple mail to work. I don't want it jumping up from my tool bar or being used. How do I stop it there's 43,000 duplicate emails in there. I think my gmail is forwarding there too. HELP

Sounds like you've added Gmail into internet accounts that allows your Apple Mail to check it but you prefer to check your email only using a web browser. Fairly harmless but some prefer not to have their email in Apple Mail. To remove the gmail account from Apple Mail, open system preferences and find the Internet Accounts pane.

Select the gmail account listed there then hit the minus key. This will remove the Gmail account from Apple's mail program. It will also remove any calendars and contacts associated to the Gmail account. If you change your mind, you can re-add it and any contacts and calendars will return.

Migrating from one email server to another

switched account servers, and now all ~9900 SENT biz emails are not converting. Tech support at says it’s an Apple issue… Have you seen this?

I’m currently not entering homes/businesses and working only remotely. Converting from one email server to another is never pleasant. The SENT messages can live either locally on your computer or on a server. When moving from one company to another, if the emails are on the old server and need to be migrated over to a different server, the Mac doesn’t really have a hand in that. That’s usually worst case scenario. We wouldn’t know where the emails live until I see the computer. (Remotely would be fine). Hopefully we can find those locally then move them where we’d like in the future. It’s a little complicated. The good news however is that it’s possible we could recover them from your backup as a last resort.

My email is confused

Scotty, I have a question. Scotty I have the same problem with somebody wrote to you about. Cannot verify server identity next slide the identity of back.mail got cannot


By your description, it looks like your yahoo mail is trying to use your apple incoming/outgoing server. This would be the equivilant of asking Amazon to deliver a USPS letter. The two accounts don’t share that type of sending/recieving settings.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is to remove the account and re-add it. That should reset the incoming/outgoing server settings and you would be good to go from there. You do not lose email in the process. All your email lives in the cloud within both yahoo and Apple email accounts.

Email name is wrong.

How do I change my name so that my outgoing email says the name I'd like it to to the receiver?

You can change that in mail’s preferences.

To do so:

go to Mail (in the menu bar at the top.
Select “Accounts” then select the email address who’s name you’d like to edit.
Select “Account information”
Select “Email address” then choose “edit email address”.
Click on the name on the left then change it.

My google is offline

it is saying google appears to be offline due to a network problem

Google offline is a little vague. I assume you may be referencing your gmail email that may just be labeled “Google”. If this is the case, Google recently changed the way they authenticate which now requires re-entering your password with an account that has been set up in Apple Mail or iPhone. You could also see a message similar to “ server is unavailable”. This has been very common over the last month. A couple ways to deal with either of these, you can re enter your password in settings for either device or you could also just delete the account and re-add it once again. You will not lose any data by doing so.

Very common Gmail imap error

Why is Gmail giving me the error.

I’m going to guess that you may be referring to a common gmail error having to do with outgoing server issues.

If so, this has become a very common error within Gmail. The easiest remedy is to just delete the email account then re-add it once again. That usually takes care of it. The reason for this error is due to changes Gmail has recently implemented which requires authentication via a web browser. So when re-adding the gmail account, it will automatically open a safari window when you enter your password. That should resolve the issue. Hope this helps.

I need to recover a deleted email but it's not there.

My computer will now allow me to delete emails but there is nothing in my trash folder after. Once I push delete, it is gone. Already accidentally deleted something I need to get back but I have made a note of what it is. Can you help me with this this week?

First, I’m glad the email issue has subsided and you can now delete email. If I remember correctly, the issue was that the computer was not communicating to the cloud correctly so I rebuilt the email database and set it to store all messages locally. This means that it doesn’t rely on the cloud to store junk, drafts, or deleted messages. Those all reside on the computer. (Which is a good thing). There is a setting in Mail that allows your deleted messages to be removed permanently either after one day, one week, one month, or just after quitting mail. Not sure which yours is set on. Nonetheless, sounds like the only way we can reacquire that deleted email would be through time machine. If you were backing up via an external hard drive then most likely, we could go back through your backup and recover that deleted message.

How does that sound?

Gmail server error

I get this on my phone 500 times a day! How do I make it stop?


One of two things has happened:

1. You've changed your gmail password and the phone doesn't know the new one.
2. Gmail has updated their security preferences and your phone doesn't currently have permission to check your email.


Just delete the gmail account and re-add it on your phone. Go to settings/Passwords and Accounts/ select the gmail account and choose "Delete Account" at the bottom. Then go back one window and select to "Add Account". I like to first prove that I know my password before entering it on the phone. To check your password, go to on a computer web browser and try to log in. It's always less frustrating to check a password using a real keyboard instead of a glass iPhone keyboard.

Hotmail not working on iPhone

Hi there and good morning!  I am having some issues with my iPhone X ever since I did the most recent update last week.  I can not check my email from my phone on my hotmail address.  It constantly says it has updated, but then I will go to my laptop and check and I have several unread emails.  I called apple last night and they were not helpful.  Any ideas???  

The first thing to try is to delete the hotmail account off of the phone then re-add. When you do, it may want to set up as an exchange account. Hotmail is a Microsoft product and I think they have changed their hotmail backend and you may have to use Exchange which is also a Microsoft product.

If this doesn't work, then it could be a 2 factor issue with hotmail that is blocking hotmail access. Hotmail may also require you sign in using a browser now much like google does. So when you set it up on the phone, it kicks you over to Safari to authenticate. I should be able to assist if needed.

Why is my mail not going out?

My internet connection has not been working for a few days on my desktop. I keep getting these pop up boxes. I've reset the wifi and still can't get a connection. My wifi works on my phone but not my desktop.
Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.42.14 PM

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.42.26 PM


Your issue is most likely not wifi related. These messages are related to incoming/outgoing server settings within the mail application. There are many settings to consider here but the easiest way to deal with this issue would be to delete the email account and re add it. Even then, sometimes the old incorrect outgoing server settings will still show up when trying to send and email and the same problem can occur.

In the first pic, the .me server is an older server. It still works but you'd be better off getting the newer iCloud based server. The best way to do this is to delete the mail account and re add, as I said earlier. We could handle this issue remotely if you'd like assistance with it at some point. You can schedule a remote session online. Unfortunately, due to there being so many potential causes to this issue, there's not one tried/true one-click fix. More info would be required.

My signature doesn't appear on my emails automatically.

My “signature”, to which we added the tagline today, is no longer appearing on my e-mails. I accessed the “Signature” under “Mail” but cannot figure out how to get it connected back to my gmail account. Help?

Here's how to assign a signature to an email account:

Select "All Signatures" on the left. Drag the signature listed in the middle column onto the account you'd like to use over on the left. Finally, select the account on the left column then select the signature from the drop down at the bottom near "Choose Signature".

This is poorly designed on Apple's part. Very unintuitive.

Logging in to gmail with multiple accounts

I’m trying to log into my son’s new e-mail address at his new school. I am able to log into it on my I Pad, but not on my desk top. See info below. Did anything we did last Friday affect this? You will see his old CMS google account and his new Trinity google account.

Nothing we did would effect this issue.

1. If his account is not listed, you can go to, sign out of any accounts you're currently signed into, then sign in using his new account. Gmail has the ability to maintain many email account sign-ins at the same time. If you don't see his new or old account listed when you go to log in, you'll find a link near where the red arrow pictured below is that allows you to sign in as a different user.

2. Make sure the password for the account you are trying to log in with is correct.

3. You may have been using Chrome and now using Safari. Each browser stores it's own record of what accounts you're logging in with.

4. Keep in mind that emails are not related to each other. Therefore, passwords may not be the same. In other words, a person can have an email account based on trinity and another based on cms.k12, both being hosted by gmail but have different passwords. There would be no relationship between the two.

Assigning a signature to your email on the Mac

Somehow my e-mail signature has been cut off. I use mail on my desktop and have a gmail account. I don’t know if this happened when I downloaded the new MAC software update or when I tried to log into my son’s new g-mail account. Can you help me set it up?

One thing I noticed this morning is that my e-mail were appearing on my I phone and IPad but not on my desktop. Somehow I was able to correct that on my desktop but I don’t remember what I did.

You created a screen shot of my info for my signature awhile ago. I tried putting that back into signatures, but it doesn’t show up when I draft a new e-mail.

In order to get your outgoing email to utilize the signature you created in your mail application, you first have to drag it onto the email account in the left column as shown by the red arrow in the pic below. Next, you'll want to select the signature using the drop down menu at the second red arrow. After thetas done, each time you create an outgoing email it will include that signature.

AOL is terrible.

Scotty, I have a question. I haven't received AOL in a month, though when I try to create a ew account I'm told an account exists Connection Doctors shows a red dot next to map; green next to SMTP. I also clicked "take online" and nothing happens. I remember you telling me there were several places to check. Suggestions?



The easiest way to solve this is to just delete the AOL email account and re add it. AOL is terrible. To delete it, go into system preferences, Internet Accounts, and minus it out using the minus button in the bottom left corner. Then re add it using the AOL choice to the right. Reopen mail and see if that solves it. By doing this, you are telling the computer to go out and get the correct settings for incoming/outgoing servers once again as well as checking that your password is correct. Since AOL is IMAP based email, you won't be losing anything. It will return from the server.

If you prefer to seek other means of resolving this issue, that would require editing the smtp settings within mail, deleting the keychain entries, etc… I suggest just delete the email account and re add it. It is possible that AOL has introduced their attempt at 2 factor authentication which I'm sure will be poor, and that could be causing the problem but I have seen no evidence of that with other users either.

If you are wondering why AOL services are in the shape they're in, you can ask yourself the question: If you were a young computer science major just having graduated college, where would you want to get a job? Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, AOL? Not getting the cream of the crop these days. Same goes for printer companies.

Why can't I email with a vpn on?

Thanks for your help by the way. I got Google Chrome and just signed up for Nord VPN. There weren’t a lot of instructions besides logging in once you pay. so I got that far, but now my emails are not sending. I have to turn it off to send. Can you help me with that?

There could be several possibilities. By the way, I experience the same issue on my own VPN as well. Most likely, your email provider is using Port 25 and most VPN's block port 25. Depending on the type of email you're using, gmail, iCloud, etc… you could try configuring your incoming/outgoing server settings with a different port. 587 is also a standard email port. You could try using a different location. Connecting to one IP may not work whereas another may allow the email through. You could also fall back to using a web browser to check email such as or etc… None are practical but as I say, security = inconvenience. Overall your best bet would be to find out if your email service has a alternative incoming/outgoing port. There may also be a setting within Nord that would allow it as well.

Reciepents getting weird emails from me.

Good morning! Hope all is well. Wondering the best way to fix a problem. I apparently have an issue with my email - maybe malware. A few people said they are getting weird emails from me - they are coming from a different email but say my name.

I’d love to see one of those emails. Could you have someone possibly forward one to me? There are often details in the header data of emails that can help us figure out what’s going on. It is very possible that this issue has nothing to do with your actual computer and everything to do with the security of your email. If this is a gmail account, they have a good security feature that gives one the ability to see where your account is being used and on what devices. Regardless, the very first step you should take is to change your email password just to be safe.

My email is down

Scotty why aren't I getting my email on my phone and my iPad? I changed my password on my computer but now it doesn't work on them.

When you change your password on one device, it doesn't automatically sync that new password to your other devices. That would defeat the purpose of changing a password. If someone steals your device, then you change your password to lock them out of that email account, you wouldn't want that stolen device to automatically get the new password.

To resolve the issue, go to the mail app on each device (phone and iPad) and look at your inbox. You'll notice a very small blue link at the bottom saying something like "incorrect details" or similar. Click that link at the very bottom and it will prompt you to enter the new password for the email account.

I can't save an attachment from an email.

Random question- I was at my Mac and in email and I tried to save a pdf from an email attachment into my files that you’ve helped me set up on the Mac. For some reason it won’t save - clearly I’m doing something wrong. Any tips?

I'd first try to simply drag the attachment to the desktop. Moving something to the desktop gets it out of the application (in this case mail) and sometimes gives the computer a better handle on the file as you move it or do other things with it later.

Next you can try using the toolbar to download the attachment. Below you'll see a shot of the toolbar. Notice the paperclip denoting the email has one attachment.
Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 3.41.48 PM

Another idea is to right click and save the attachment.

If none of these work, the next step I would try would be to log into the webmail account (for instance, or See if the attachment is retrievable there. If you still have issues with the attachment even on the webpage, then there's most likely a problem with the attachment. Request the sender resend.

My email isn't coming in on my Mac

You were at our house today. I just got on my Mac and my email is no longer pulling up.

Can you walk me through how to put it back on? I used the password that I have had for a long time and it isn’t working.

I actually didn’t change anything on your Mac so this is a separate issue from what we covered yesterday concerning your devices.  If your email is not functioning on your Mac, first step is to verify that your password is correct.  Go to and log in to make sure you have the correct password.  

After you’ve verified your password, next go under the black apple on your computer (top left corner) and open system preferences.  Next go to Internet Accounts and select your Carolina account on the left side.  You may be prompted to enter your password.  That step may solve the issue. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.46.53 AM

 If not, take the next step. In your Mail, under the word Mail in the menu bar, select Preferences:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.48.48 AM

Next, select Accounts at the top of that window, select the Carolina account to the left, then server settings as seen below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 8.50.24 AM

Re enter the password (that you verified earlier) and that should solve the issue.  

Outgoing email settings crossed

Whenever I try to send an email using my account, I get the message that I have copied above. Again, I am more than happy to pay you for helping me with this problem.


From the screenshot, it looks like the outgoing servers for each email address are incorrect. This means that one email account is trying to use the other email account’s outgoing server to deliver its email. And they don’t always like to cooperate. Think of it like asking Fed Ex to deliver a UPS package. That looks why you’re getting a bounce back. Maybe not really enough for one session’s worth but I’m happy to work on it for you if you have some other items as well.

Re entering email passwords after a Keychain reset

I am having a similar problem with one of my mail accounts.  I am not receiving emails in that account and it is asking me for a password.

After a keychain reset as I think you have done recently, you'll be asked to re enter your passwords of various accounts. Your email accounts are included in this. Should be simple to solve. You can re enter your email passwords in a couple of different areas. Let's try system preferences first.

Under the black apple in the top left corner of your computer, choose System Preferences. Then select Internet Accounts. Click on the email account you wish to re enter the password to on the right hand side. You should see a drop down to re enter your password. That may do it. If not, let me know and I'll give you another way to enter your password to an email account.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 6.29.10 PM



I tried your fix - it didn’t work.

The very first thing you want to do when troubleshooting email password problems is first make %100 sure the password you think is correct, IS correct. To do this go straight to the source. If you're using gmail, go to and log in from the webpage. If you're using Yahoo, go to and log in from the webpage. If you're using iCloud, go to and log in using the webpage, and so on.

After you've proven to yourself you know the password proceed:

The next place to re enter your email passwords can be found in your Email program's preferences. Open up your email program. (I call it the stamp). Probably in your dock.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.39.46 PM

Open Preferences from the "File" drop down menu at the top.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.40.30 PM

Select Accounts, then the email account on the left. Then "Server Settings" across the top area.
Enter the password for both the incoming and outgoing settings.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.42.26 PM

If you don't see those choices you will need to do the following:

Select "Server Settings" then edit SMTP Server List

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.46.48 PM

Then enter the password here for the respective account.
Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.48.42 PM

If that doesn't work, there may be other issues at play, or something very obvious we are simply missing. If this does not work for you, send me your email and pw and I would be happy to troubleshoot it further for you.

Sending email stuck message

when I send a email, something shows up in the lower L hand corner, right under the list of files that sends “Sending Message. 76 KB”. The Kbs change with every email I send - the emails appear to go out, but the sending message never disappears. That is going to drive me crazy as it looks like the computer is trying to do a task that it can’t complete. Thoughts?”

There could be a stuck outgoing email left over from the past that is having difficulty going out. It is also possible that this email has a large attachment that caused the initial problem. This is just one explanation. To get a little more detail, in the menu bar, go to “Window” then select Activity. This will show you a little more detail as to if there is actually activity or not.

Another explanation could be that your email is just trying to sync up with the server and this could go away in time.

Last explanation is: Time Warner email is terrible.

Use time machine to recover old email

Hi Scotty,
I had used your consulting services awhile ago, and now I have a friend who may be in need.  I said I would reach out on his behalf to ask if you might be able to assist.  Then, we could use your site to schedule an appointment and appropriate timeframe, based on how my friend wants to proceed.

My friend has been using Time Machine to do backups, and is now in need to checking for email from this year 2016 as an email appears to be deleted and the files that were it in, not saved/ download as he thought had occurred.  When he goes to Time Machine for the start of October 2016…the emails are only returning 218 messages and they are from 2014.  He’s not sure how to confirm that emails from this year (September/October ) are available or how to get to them.

Are you able to help with retrieving backups for emails?  Does it involve restoring the full email inbox, or can certain emails be retrieved?  For this type of activity, is a short appointment sufficient or is the hour and half likely needed.

If you can let me know, I can share the details and your website for scheduling.  I know he was trying to google more information, so he might try this first, but I recalled how you assisted me so wanted to ask a few questions.


Good questions.  Time Machine is SUPPOSED to allow you to retrieve individual emails within the history of backups but it doesn’t always work.  So, what I might suggest is we use a test computer to restore the entire email contents to a fresh unused user.  Then your friend may be able to find the specific items he was looking for.  Worth a shot.  Not an easy task but possible.  I would say 1.5 hours to be safe.  If time machine has a healthy set of backups dating back over a year or so, there’s a good chance we can get what they need.  We would then just have to move or forward the emails to his current account.  

My email won't go out. Please help

Scotty, my email is not going out. It's stuck in my inbox. What should I do?

You most likely changed your email password recently. When you phone prompts you to re-enter the email password, it fills the new password in both the incoming and outgoing server settings. However, when your computer prompts you to enter the new password it only fills it in for the incoming server settings. Therefore, you're outgoing settings remain incorrect.

In mail, go to the menu bar and select "preferences".

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 5.27.28 PM

Next select Accounts across the top of the window and click on the account you're trying to send out from. Now select Server Settings and toggle the Outgoing Mail Account to reveal the outgoing servers available.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 5.29.16 PM

If the account in question is a gmail account then you may see "Google" as one of your choices.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 5.31.46 PM

Try that first. Close the window. Quit mail and restart. Try to send your mail. If that doesn't work, continue on.

Sof if that didn't work select "Edit SMTP Server List" from the choices.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 5.33.34 PM

Enter in the correct password there. (IMPORTANT: you may want to go to and test your password there first to ensure you are trying the correct one).

Close the window and try again. If that doesn't work, it would be best to go to system preferences, internet accounts and delete the account and re add it. The computer would then do all this for you automatically. But you'd lose your outgoing email.

Email server not working outside business office.

Email is not working on MacBook from locations other than at the office.  I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message and what I think is the correct screen.  Other messages (which I have not saved) have said Outlook could not verify incoming or outgoing IMAP.  Is this something you can correct online?

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.11.23 PM

We’ll need a way of testing the connection from another outside source besides your local wifi network due to the fact that it is problematic based on your location.  Maybe our better option is for me to remote in to your computer when you are home.  Either that or I take the computer home over night to solve the issue.  The problem with working on your computer remotely is that I may have to change some settings that will kick the computer off the network temporarily and we’ll have to re establish our connection several times.  

Godaddy email stopped working after 10.11 upgrade

Hi Scotty, updated to El Capitan & thought everything was working but this afternoon I'm not able to send any email. Seems to RECEIVE but not sending :(( even after restart computer 

Godaddy outgoing server settings:

From Mail go to preferences then select account.
After selecting the first account to the left (you have 3) select Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) from the menu

From that pull down, select to Edit server list.

Select each account from here and check to make sure port 565 and SSL are checked.
Also check Automatically detect and maintain account settings.
You can also allow insecure auth.  That’s fine.  

If it's still not working you might try deleting the outgoing server settings then re-entering them again.  They should be as follows:

outgoing server:
pw:  xxxxxxxxx
Use SSL yes
Authentication method: password
Server port: 465

You would want to do this for each of the accounts.  You may also want to name each outgoing account setting differently so that in mail prefs you can assign each outgoing server to its own correct account.  

Let me know if that resolves it.  

Dealing with junk mail

Often I get unwanted emails that do not offer to unsubscribe.  
How can I dispose of those from a frequent sender I would like
to stop sending.  Currently I am just deleting the latest annoying

Small question with a big answer.

Depending on the company that sent the email, sometimes unsubscribe doesn't do what we hope it does. In the United States there is a law requiring companies to allow recipients to opt out. However that law doesn't prohibit that same company from auto enrolling you in 7 over email lists when unenrolling from one. This occurs mostly in emails sent from outside the U.S. from companies less than reputable.

When you click to unsubscribe from an email list, often what you've actually done is told that sender you actually looked at the content. Therefore you are even more valuable to them in the future. The best way to deal with this is to first evaluate whether the email is legitimately from the company it claims to be from. One way to do this is to hover your mouse over the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the page. The link's address will show up in a small box revealing the actual address you're about to go to. If the address contains the expected company's then you're probably fine to proceed with unsubscribing. However, if the first few words or characters in the URL look suspicious. Don't go there.

In this case, the best thing to do is use the phone's or computer's ability to label it as junk. Unfortunately, marking an email as junk doesn't cover everything. Marking as junk simply tells the computer that the next time that exact user sends an email, move it to junk. Junk senders know this, therefore they rarely send emails from the exact same address twice. Once it may be 233lr0m2; then the next it may be

So the next way to fix this is to use rules. Your apple computer's Mail program gives us the ability to set specific rules or behaviors for different emails. For instance, you can make a rule that says "if the email contains" "" then delete. This will only apply to your email if the mail program is open on a mac that is currently running. This way it will filter your email before it sits on your phone.

The phone also has a junk mail ability. Swiping to the left, then choosing "more" give you the ability to mark as junk. In your case, it sounds like just making a rule applied to that one sender should do the job. Just realize if you change your mind and want to start seeing emails from that person in the future, you'll need to remove that rule.

Email is taking forever to download

After deleting and re adding my AOL email account my messages seem to have stopped downloading with about 1000 more to go. Something I should do?


Step 2: Have patience. It sometimes takes a very long time for your email to resolve with the server. If you’d like to speed things up you can refer to
this answer about mailbox behaviors. Don’t worry, it will finish. Could take hours. In the mean time you can start planning your exit strategy away from AOL.

Email junk, drafts and sent not behaving

Part 1: I”m having some funky issues with my email since yesterday.  Lots of junk coming in and when I flag it as junk, it goes away, then comes back in the inbox the next time I open the Inbox, exact same emails.  Also, some emails are sending, then also sitting in the outbox.  My ipad and phone are also getting a bunch of junk now too.  Any suggestions?  

Also, should I turn on auto updates?  

Thanks for such a quick turnaround.  

part 2: Actually, the emails are sending and ALSO sitting in a drafts folder.  Very curious.

Each of these issues probably stems from the same group of settings. I like to be very frugal when it comes to how much communication your email client has with the email server. In your email preferences, under Accounts, choose “mailbox behavior”. Once there you’ll see the following set of checkboxes.
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.53.03 PM
I would suggest unchecking all but the second to last one “move deleted messages to the Trash Mailbox”. By unchecking these boxes you avoid certain issues that can arise. (many of which you described). In general, you don’t need to store draft messages on the server. You don’t need to store junk, trash, or sent messages on the server either. While a case can be made for storing sent items on the server (the second checkbox listed above) I still prefer that be left unselected. If you need to reference an email you sent, you can always do so from the device on which it was originally sent. Hope that clears up the issue.

As for auto updates. Yes, I think its a good idea. Apple will only automatically update small moves. When a very large revision of each operating system is released (say 10.11 to 10.12) you’ll have to agree to a completely new terms of service so that would not be included in auto updates.

Mail won't retain email password for Yahoo.

I cannot get my mail.. my password will not stay plugged in under Mail-Preferences-Accounts-Password... Using a MacBook Air with a bellsouth (yahoo) mail account.

Here are a few things to think about and try:

1. Verify the password you know is the correct one by going to and try logging in.

2. Open Keychain access and search yahoo. Delete any keychain entries associated with that.

3. Delete the mail account from within Internet Accounts in System preferences.

4. Re-add the account either from within Mail or Internet Accounts in System preferences once again.

Yahoo email not sending out

1. I'm setting up my parents' iCloud account on their new computer (thanks to you!). Their computer's Address Book is not connected to an email account, although Mom likely wants it connected to her yahoo email account. (See q#2). However, her iCloud account is connected to an old Comcast email address that they no longer can access. How do I get everything to talk to each other?

2. I'm setting up mom and dads yahoo email addresses, but I cannot get them to send emails out. They can only get incoming.  Is there an issue with Yahoo?  Dad's gmail works fine. 

1. It’s important to remember that while, we see an Apple ID as an email address, Apple does not nessacailry think of it that way. They see it as a unique set of letters that represents you. So whether or not the email address is still in use is not very important. In other words, if you started making purchases 10 years ago with a yahoo email address, even though to may no longer use that address, I feel it’s a good idea to continue to use it as an Apple ID. Otherwise, you’ll still need to come up with the password the next time you move purchased content over to a new computer or iOS device anyway. You can not change the ownership of a piece of content (movie, app, music, tv show) from one Apple ID to another.

To investigate and possibly reset your apple ID password use https// If you already know your password but would like to associate another email address to your apple ID, use

If the yahoo account has many contacts at, there should be a way to export those off of and then import them into your parents address book. From there, iCloud will sync them to multiple devices.

2. Yahoo can be a little tricky. Especially if you’re one of the poor souls who started with a bellsouth address, move to ATT, then moved to yahoo. Either way, Yahoo now supports imap email. So there should be no reason you shouldn’t be able to send outgoing email from yahoo. Verify you are setting it up as an imap account in your mail settings. If not, you can try setting it up manually instead of choosing the automatic “yahoo” option.

Here are the settings for yahoo mail:



Will Gmail ever stop syncing on my mac?

Gmail box on my main computer keeps loading old soon as I delete, it loads about 500 more!!!  What do I do?
Getting these on my phone, but nothing coming in on my main computer except hundreds of old emails loading continuously!


It’s common for Gmail to download a large number of emails initially as the server emails and the local email program balance each other out.  Things should have calmed down by now and your inboxes should be synced up by now.  If you’d like to see the process happening, you can open Mail “the stamp” and in the menu bar under “window” select Activity.  This will show you the progress of the conversation between the mac and the gmail server.  It’s common to see activity come and go in this window.

Where is my mail going?

I received a LivingSocial email today and when I opened it it was not from Living Social but from a realtor I’ve been working with in the mountains.  The email from the realtor had the Living Social info on it.  How did this happen?  I would have deleted the living social email without looking at it usually.

Also I am not receiving emails on my phone.  I received several but not all emails.  I know this because the living social and realtor email didn’t show up on my phone.


This can sometimes be a difficult problem to solve. It can be caused by many different issues. I would suggest before doing anything, we just wait and see if the problem exists a week from now. If it does then it is likely that we may have to take larger steps to solve the issue. That would include deleting and re adding the email account which in your case, considering you have lots of mail still associated to an old account, can be tricky.

It is possible that while your old RR account allowed junk mail to get through, your new gmail account will be more conservative. Checking your junk folder from time to time then marking the mail as “not junk” in your email program will help this a great deal.
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.57.17 AM
For the most part, junk mail filtering happens at the gmail server and at your computer but it does not happen at your phone. So once it moves into junk, it may not be visible on your phone. That would explain it not showing there. Again, check your junk mail folders and mark it as “not junk” going forward. The newest version of iOS 8allows you to move to junk as well.

Mail not displaying html emails


My email is not showing up as html. I tried checking “view remote images” in’s prefs but that didn’t work. What next.

Try showing invisibles first then delete
".OfflineCache" folder found in "User/Library/Mail/V2/IMAP-{youremail}/"

Another thing to try would be just tossing
~/Library/Preferences/ however you could also try editing the plist file by changing PreferPlainText to No as a value. You’ll need a text editor like Xcode, bbedit or text wrangler to edit the plist file however.

Why can I send this email?

Sorry to keep bugging you with this same question!
This message has continued to pop up through years with different emails I've  tried sending. I wish I knew what to click on to make it stop reminding me it won't send.
Please help again.


Unfortunately the picture is too unclear to make out the email address you’re trying to send to. But the large majority of the time the cause is the same. As before, you’re probably trying to send an email to a non valid email address. ex: instead of instead of etc...Due to the lack of clarity in the picture I can’t tell much more than that.

Can't send email

Hey Scotty
could you please help me know how to make this message go away. it pops up about every 15 minutes. I put in a wrong email it's actually a website but either way this message: (Cannot send message using the server Gmail )
Has come up several times in the past.


In the email pictured above, you are trying to send to a website, not an email address. One cannot send an email to a site like You can only send email to email addresses like or Delete that in the To: field and replace it with an actual email address.

Emails moving to junk unwantingly

Those 2 email addresses that you helped me with from my kids school are still going into the junk folder.  There are frequently important communications from them, I really need to fix this.


Junk filtering happens at two levels.  Gmail on the server, then after it is delivered to your mac, within Apple's Mail program.  (the stamp).  One thing you could do temporarily would be to turn off junk filtering on the mac.  Another thing to consider would be to create a rule for those specific email addresses. "If email is from x person, then move it to the inbox."  Something along those lines.  If however, the junk filter is being applied at the server level (within Gmail itself) then that would need to be addressed at  I may then ask for your email password and I can log in to your gmail account and see if there's anything that we can do at to try to prevent the junk filtering.  What are the exact spellings of the email addresses?

Why Road Runner email is terrible.

…still getting messages about other devices in use and my emails are not being sent anymore.  What should I do? Can't remember what you did to get my emails going again.
I will also check into getting a new email address.

First as you already know...stop relying on as your main email address!

Because it’s a POP email account and not the more modern IMAP, this means that your email still thinks it’s 1995. Therefore this POP account gets very confused when more than one device or computer is trying to check it at the same time. iPads, iPhones, computers all make a call up to the email server to request email. The account gets very confused by this (because it’s crap) and sends down the message “other devices in use” etc... So if you want to check from another device then this means you have to make sure all the other device’s mail apps have been quit. On a computer, you must actually quit the mail program. On an iOS device, you’ll need to double click the home button at the bottom of the device then kill the mail app that’s running. This will allow a different device to start a conversation with the email server. Terrible right?’s what everyone with a RR email should be doing or has already done. Either:

A: stop using road runner email.
B: only use RR email for junk and create a new email that IMAP like gmail or iCloud.
C: If you must continue to use RR email, then create a gmail or iCloud account then go to and log in. After you’ve logged in, go to your RR email settings and set the RR email to forward a copy to your new gmail or iCloud email address then discard the copy. This will prevent RR email from storing a copy therefore filling up the pathetic 100 megs of storage they give each user. 100 megs of storage vs. the 7000 megs that gmail gives you for email storage.

In closing, I can’t stress it enough. Get off of RR email. It’s nothing but a horrible bag of pain and suffering.

At this point I often hear people say “but Scotty I can’t stop using my RR email address. It’s my Apple ID.” I agree. I don’t like to encourage people to change Apple IDs but that’s not what this is about. This is about using that as an EMAIL ADDRESS. It can continue to be a username as far as Apple is concerned. Whether or not it is functional as an email address makes no difference to Apple. They just want a series of characters that represent you uniquely and using an email address was their first choice.

Gmail outgoing ports on certain wifi not working

I have a general email question that I am sure you can answer or at least steer me in the right direction.

When I am at school I can receive email (gmail) but outgoing email is blocked. Is there a way that I can send email while I am using the school’s WiFi connection?

sounds like a port issue. Most likely, the outgoing port gmail uses is being blocked by your school’s wifi. Simple case of IT departments being over zealous. In gmail’s case, the outgoing port is commonly 587 but will fall back to 25, 465 if 587 doesn’t work. Then there’s also the issue of whether SSL (or secure sockets layer) is prohibiting the outgoing traffic as well. I would suggest you go into your mail settings and play around with changing the outgoing port number to 25, 465, or 587 specifically then if that doesn’t work turn off SSL. Maybe one of those combinations will allow gmail to travel out.

email lost after imap conversion.

I wanted to let you know that when you converted my email address from POP to IMAP and deleted the POP account I lost all my emails that were in the account, inbox, sent, etc.  They were deleted both on my computer and on the server.  The service provider can't locate them either.  I backed up my computer the day before you arrived and again the morning 10th.  So the emails should be on the Seagate correct?  Can you advise how I retrieve them?

You should be able to recover those emails.  If they were ever stored locally on your computer (and I believe your pop mail was) the best way to go about it would be to open the mail application first, then choose “enter time machine”.  You’ll be presented with a spacey interface that will allow you to scroll back in time to the last known day you had the emails.  There you should be able to restore an entire folder at a time.  


So if I restore the emails, will it affect my current emails?  Will it add emails from a month ago that have been deleted filed, etc?  Ideally I'd like to go in and cut and paste the emails from this particular account +200 emails.

You should be able to use the command key to select only the emails you want to restore. You could also select an entire folder on the right hand column to restore as well. Restoring emails within time machine should not have any effect on current email in mail.

Email going out as wrong name

Hi… how can I correct my name coming up as husband’s name on my e-mail?  It should read my name.  Not sure how this happened??? I cannot change the account name in mail preferences because it is grey and won’t let me click on it…

How can I change it?  It is under husband’s name and it should be my name.  It’s my e-mail address but with his name… bizarre.  It is confusing people like crazy!

A few things to consider...Under a normal account you can go into Mail’s preferences under accounts and select the account on the left column then change the name in the name field.
Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.23.00 AM
However, due to a few recent Apple changes, you’re probably referring to an iCloud email address. iCloud email names are not always editable from the Mail preferences. So you’ll need to look elsewhere. Go to system preferences on your computer and select the iCloud pane. Select account details. If you can edit your iCloud name here then do so and log out then back in to your computer. If you can not however then you’ll need to take the next step. Go to and log in using your email address. Choose to manage your apple ID. Now you’ll finally get to the screen where you can edit your name.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.30.55 AM

After you’ve edited your iCloud name, sign out, log out of your computer and back in. Re open mail. If the name still shows as husband’s, then the next step to take would be to delete the account and re add it. You won’t loose any mail. Go back to Mail preferences and accounts. Select the account and hit the “minus” button in the bottom left corner. Again, due to Apple’s awkward engineering at times, this may not be allowed. So you’ll have to go back to System preferences to Internet Accounts. Then either uncheck and recheck your mail account or delete the iCloud account entirely.
Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.34.35 AM
Again, you won’t loose any data. It will ask you if you’d like to leave certain data on the computer and you can say yes or no. It won’t matter because you’re going to be re adding the account in a moment anyway.

Moving to a new email hosting service

Can you help me move from Bluehost email hosting to Godaddy?

I should be able to assist you with your transition from Blue Host to GoDaddy.  However, you may want to discuss your change with your web developer first to get their opinion.  It is a bit of a process to move email hosting.  Usually email hosting is bundled with your web hosting service so your web designer will definitely need to be in the loop on this. This involves changing the email MX records and requires the cooperation of both the company you’re leaving and the one you’re going to.  Changing email servers is not to be rushed into and everything must be in place before the switch is made.  Otherwise you risk loosing email for a period of time.  

Email signature to a letter

How do I move my email signature to a letter?

The signature in your email (found inside your preferences) is most likely a pict file that you created using Preview’s signature feature. There are a couple ways to go about this.

1. open Mail. Go to Preferences/signatures. Select the pict file in the signature and choose copy, then paste in your word or pages document you are using to compose your letter.

2. Find the original graphic file you may have stored in a folder on your computer. I seem to recall your signature graphic may be in your dropbox folder. Drag that file into the word or pages document.

My yahoo has been hacked!

Hi Scotty, I need to set up a home security system with nanny cams, would you help me with this or point me in the right direction for it? Or should I just call ADT or something?

You could go the high end professional route or just solve it yourself for way less money. Allow me to introduce you to Very simple. Very cool. You buy the camera(s) and add them to your wifi network then you can pay differing amounts for their could recording service depending if you’d like video records held for 7 days or 30 days. You could also just use the cameras without those recording services. I like dropcam!

Apple blocked my company email

Hey Scotty.  I tried to change my iTunes password tonight because the kids are charging too much stuff.

But when I changed it, it seems to have effected my e-mail server somehow...I think I have changed it back but not sure... I can send e-mail but I am not receiving it on my computer.  Only on my iphone.

What should I do to correct it?


Sounds like the outgoing server didn’t get the message that you changed your password. Try going into Mail’s preferences, select the account (most likely an iCloud account that is also being used as an Apple ID) then select “Outgoing Mail Server”.
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.11.17 PM
Next try changing the setting to “iCloud” as the outgoing server setting. If that doesn’t resolve the issue then you may need to enter the server information manually. iCloud works on several different outgoing server addresses. If your iCloud account was set up manually then you can select “edit server list” from the pull down and re-enter your password under the advanced tab.
Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 5.14.36 PM

Port 993 iCloud SSL error.

Hey, Scotty,

Thanks for help last night on Town Hall. After deleting the mail cache files...

So, here is what is happening now:
  • Husband’s email came in last night
  • My phone isn’t deleting messages when I delete on desktop - sounds like an iCloud problem but to my knowledge I haven’t changed any settings
  • My phone is now getting two copies of every email.  Now last night after town hall when I opened my phone it wouldn’t give me any emails.  It gave me this screen where I had to choose from one of 6 or 7 email providers.  When I tapped on Google, I had to go through the exercise of entering my account name, email address, password, etc.  Sure that has something to do with it.
Ah, yes, just checked settings and I do have two Nancy Gmail accounts.  One has mail, contacts, calendars and notes turned “on.”  The other only has mail and notes turned on.

When I go to iCloud under settings in my phone, mail is not turned on.  Should I turn that on?  When I try to turn it on, it asks me to create an iCloud account but I already have one.


I also have a downloads question.  My husband logs in remotely to his desktop at work and every time he does it he has to download something.  Never was it like this before 4-6 weeks ago.

Deleting that cache file on your computer should not and does not have any bearing on your phone’s behavior.  However, a great second step to take would have been for us to not only delete that cache file on the computer but also to have gone in and deleted then readied the associated gmail accounts on all devices.  Sort of a nice reset.  

I’m pretty sure you only use gmail for mail and notes.  So I would turn off the other calendar/contacts on the phone.  A very common problem that people have is that they often use many services to sync contacts and calendars instead of just choosing one.  iCloud is most likely the service you use so I would turn off gmail syncing contacts/calendars.  

Mail should only be turned on in iCloud if you are using an, or email address.  So in your case, the mail switch can remain off.  

Your husband’s download question is a little vague.  What program is he using to remote in?  Logmein? Timbucktu? GotoMyPC? Microsoft Remote Desktop client?  Citrix?

Suspect emails

Scotty, I saw on your answers page that you are on record as not being a Fan of time capsule.  I'm curious as to why.  

I've been wondering if I should be backing up in a different way??  

I have lost faith in that product for several reasons. I do not like the process that Apple uses to store data on Time Capsule.

First, it uses a sparse image bundle instead of Time Machine’s open folder structure when a hard drive is directly connected over usb, thunderbolt, or firewire. These sparse image bundles are very unreliable in my experience as they are easily corrupted. I have had too many clients who relied on time capsule to recover data after a hard drive failure but when the time came, the sparse image could not be opened. I’ve even stated that my experience leads me to feel that time capsule is only about 60% reliable.

Secondly, the speed of backing up data wirelessly or restoring data wirelessly is painfully slow when compared to just using a USB drive to recover files.

Third, I feel that Time Capsule is overpriced.

I prefer that clients use a physically connected usb, thunderbolt or firewire drive to backup using time machine. It is important to note the difference between time capsule and time machine. Many people get the two confused. Time capsule is a piece of hardware. It is a wireless router with a hard drive inside. Time Machine is a piece of software. It is included in the operating system. While I do not like time capsule, I do support the use of time machine. Time Machine used in tandem with a usb drive is a wonderful combination. In fact, with OS X 10.8 and later, you can use time machine to backup to more than one drive. this allows you to keep one drive connected while occasionally bringing another drive in from another location to backup a second time then getting that drive back out of the house in case of theft or fire.

Checking iCloud settings and forwarding RR email

Scotty--Finally got around to buying an external drive to back up my MacBook.  It asks whether I want to use Textura (software that came w/ the Toshiba drive) or Time Capsule.  Which do you recommend?  Textura partitions the hard drive and (I believe) would not work w/ Parallels (which is on my iMac but not MacBook).

Time Machine is great. Stick with it. Time Machine may reformat the drive the first time it uses it to go from MS-DOS to Mac OS Extended Journaled. This is totally fine because the drive is new and you have no data on it yet. I don’t trust the manufacturer’s backup software that comes with a drive.

I had to delete and re-add my gmail. What have I done?

The time capsule was stopped and had to start again. This time it says that it has 361GB to back up. Is this in addition to the 200+ that had already backed up. Or is the time capsule starting over and it is not backing up the whole computer?


It’s hard to say. I seem to recall that you had around 600 gigs total data so that would make sense. The time machine backup (wirelessly to time capsule) was interrupted during its initial dump of the 600 gigs. It sounds like it completed about 200+ and now needs to finish the 600 gigs by completing the other 360. Time machine is very good at picking up where it let off so giving plenty of time for the wireless backup to complete, everything should be fine in time.

Moving your business email to another provider

1 - the laptop is showing doubles on the calendars.  You fixed it on my computer, but how can I fix on the laptop.
Check to be sure only one account is set up on the calendar.  With the calendar open, go to the calendar preferences in the menu bar and then select accounts.  If only one account is listed then you would most likely need to delete the doubled events manually but I am betting that's not the case.  

2 - remember the weird thing on the iPad where you could not click on the icon, you had to go in and type it in. Do you know how we can go in and fix that?

try restarting the iPad.  Hold down the top button and home button for about 7 seconds until the iPad shuts down on its own then restart.  Hopefully that will resolve the issue.  

3 - For the emails, I wanted to change the name descriptions, but when I do it says incoming mail server cannot be blank (even though the server name is in there and it greyed out). You said it was an apple bug, is there a way to work around it?  Not a big deal if not.
It's possible after an update you'll be able to rename the iCloud account.  The iCloud server settings are now stored in the operating system and cannot be changed therefore it is greyed out.  Which means, on occasion the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing so the mail program doesn't realize the computer already knows the settings so it reports the silly error.  Try restarting and see if that helps.  

wrong outgoing email address outgoing


I need to know about setting up the OS X Server. What I would like to have is a unified Contact database, so that all of the contact info for the entire church is the same on all of the devices that the employees, and pastors have access to.

An issue has arisen where one individuals contacts are different from another's, and now I'm tasked with cleaning it up. I do not want to change them both to be identical, but I do want them to be accurate.

An example of what I'm talking about is that I prefer my Last names first, then the First name following. I put notes in my contacts, to help me remember certain things. I do not want to lose this info, but I want all of the other info correct. 

Let me know my options please. And I do know that this is going to e a lot of fun.

First, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to purchase the server package from the app store. Available here. The next thing I might suggest is going to each individual’s computer or iCloud account and exporting a card containing all of their contacts. Don’t choose archive. This would overwrite the data of the previous contacts when trying to import. After you have a vcard for each employee’s contact. Now import all of those into one address book on the server. You may want to create sub groups for each employee. While the entire database will contain everyone, each subgroup would only have the contacts that particular person had in their own address book. They will loose their own subgroups in this process.

After you’ve done all that you will next want to make a backup of that state. Now choose “archive” from the export menu. You now have a copy of the total number of contacts before you merge and possibly damage them. Next, choose merge under card in the menu bar. You should see the number of contacts go down. In this process, no data “should” be lost as the process takes two contacts who have different data but the same name and puts it into one card. If they had 2 different addresses, now they have one card with 2 addresses. etc…

The notes (if they were in the notes field) will all merge into the notes field of the new card however it is important to remember: These notes are visible to all contact subscribers from the server. So if you put a personal note about your boss in your contacts notes field, they are going to see it.

The first name, last name concern you mentioned is controlled locally with each person’s preference. This is called sort order and can be found in the iOS settings or the Mac’s contact preferences. The server does not control display order.

The big thing to consider here is this. Some people don’t pay attention when they enter a contact so they will often type the entire name in the “first name” field and leave the last name field blank. Or they will type the last name in the first name field and vise versa. If you have anyone that has done this, it will make your job extremely more difficult to weed out and correct the contacts.

After you have accomplished all that, it’s now time to set up your server and start sharing contacts. By the way, nothing is preventing each employee from keeping their own contacts as well as subscribing to the server list. They will have many duplicates but that may solve your personal notes issue. But it would be confusing.

Remember, backup after each step so if you go down the road road you have an exit strategy. May the force be with you.

Not recieving files via email


I was one of the participants of tonights town hall.

I upgraded from OSX 10.6.8 to Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.3 as you suggested . . .

But now I am told that three of the programs that I use constantly no longer work on my Mac!!??!!  They are Quicken 2007, Finale 2006 and Microsoft Office Suite.

Furthermore I am told that now I can't even access my Quicken data files.

In short, this is a disaster.  Any suggestions?  Can I reverse the procedure?

I use Quicken, Finale and Microsoft Office every day for my work.  Sure would love to hear what you may suggest.


Yes, you have each of these pieces of software you mentioned all ran through a translator on your computer called rosetta because they were originally written for PowerPC machines. Able gave a window of about 6 years for all software companies to update their code after they made the switch to intel processors. Some made the conversion faster than others. In 10.8 rosetta was taken out which means users would have needed to move to the next version of each of these. So here’s what that means for your case:

Quicken offers a free updated version of Quicken 2007 for intel that fixes their older broken software. Quicken® Mac 2007 Personal Finance Software - Mac Financial Software

You were using Microsoft Office 2004 or earlier which is now 9 years old. Your choices here are:

update to the latest version of Office ($140) Microsoft Office for Mac | Office For Mac
use their new subscription service called Office 365 which requires a monthly fee for Office. This is the new trend and where many software companies are headed. Buy Office for Mac | Office For Mac
Consider Pages and Numbers. Apple’s equivalent to Office. Each application is $20 each and it works great. You just need to remember that if you’re sending a document to someone to save it as a .doc file or .xls file. It’s fine. Yes, it’s compatible with all word formats and will read all your old documents just fine. (available in the app store here)
Open Office is a free version of Microsoft Office. It’s open source which means it was written by crowd sourcing. It’s fine and FREE!

Lastely, Finale 2006. This one will be a little harder. Finale didn’t re write 2006. They only support 2010 and higher on Lion and above. This means an upgrade to a never version of Finale is an inevitability.

Change is hard. However, software and hardware changes so very often it’s difficult to keep up. We have to stay on top of all the updates and that’s a big job. The longer we wait between updates the worse the process is. It’s sort of like going to the dentist. If you go twice a year it’s not so bad, but if you only go once every five years, a lot of pain awaits. I speak from personal experience.

Can the upgrade be reversed? Technically yes. It would require you erase your drive, reinstall 10.6 from an old disc, create a new temporary user, run all your updates to get to 10.6.8, then use the migration assistant to move all your data back over to your drive from a time machine backup. However, I would not consider doing this. It is really best to move forward as painful as it seems. You will only delay the inevitable and more pain will lie ahead.

update: Thanks Scotty!!  You're right change is hard. I've found that there will be a learning curve for OSX 10.8.3. :  /

After I sent you my frantic email last night I was a le to find the Quicken update. Intuit charged me $14.95 for the free update. : )

I actually found and bought Pages. Really happy about that. I've never been a fan of Word but had to get it years ago when AppleWorks went away. 

Get the Finale update was inevitable. They just charge an arm and a leg. I had 1.1 and back hen it was Mac based only. 

Thanks for all the info last night. I'll be back. 

All is good!  Thanks for your reply. 

Hide your all mail folder in Gmail

I just did a software update and my printer disappeared again.  How do I reinstall it?  Thanks!

Under system preferences, go to Printers and minus out the old printer. Then select the plus sign to add the same printer once again.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 8.47.19 PM

If this does not solve the issue, be sure to run software updates as there may be new printer software available. Also, in your case, be sure that the second airport express (repeater) near your kitchen has a green light. That is the router your printer will be looking for.

How to change your iCloud full name on your Mac's mail

Scotty my computer won’t boot up.
Here's what it's doing now. Is this faulty RAM or a bad HD?


Yes, that's definitely a sign that the ram is not in all the way.  Take the cover off on the bottom and reseat the ram.  Be sure you push it in all the way.  It takes a great deal of force. There’s also an outside chance that the ram is bad but that is rare, especially if you bought the ram from

email password not working

Since yesterday, I cannot get the Internet in several rooms in my house using the new connection with the boosters that you installed. Looked at the boosters, and one of them has a yellow light instead of a green light. Is there something I should do?

Very often, the main cause of an airport device blinking orange (or yellow) is because that’s its way of saying “there’s an update available for me”. Usually updating the device via the airport utility will cause the light to go back solid green.

You can try to work it out by using the "airport utility" available as a free download in the app store on your iPad.  See if you can run all your updates for the devices then check to make sure the express is set to extend. You can also use Airport Utility that is already installed on your Mac. You are looking to make sure the express is set to “extend” the network and not simply “join” the network.

How to set up out of office replies in gmail

Hey Scotty, my email is not working right and I've entered the correct password.  Any ideas?  Here's a screenshot of what it says:
Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 11.10.30 PM

was it working earlier this evening?

is it working on a different computer?

Verify the password at

delete the mail account, quit mail, then re add it.
Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 11.15.51 PM

I forgot my gmail password

Scotty, I need help with the following:

1) Time Machine Backup says "Backing up 855,255 items  2.59 GB (and growing) of 62.55 GB

2) "Airport Utility was unable to find any Airport wireless devices. Make sure the Airport wireless device you want to set up is plugged in  and in range of your computer, then click rescan to try again." Does this relate to the WiFi I set up for my wife's former laptop and her current iPhone 4? Her phone is on and connected to the WiFi but hitting Rescan gives the same unable to find message.

3) The Time Machine On/Off window is currently set to "OFF" and says Available 924.9GB of 931.2 GB. Oldest and latest backups are blank and "Backing up is presently at 6.1 GB (& growing) of 62.6 GB

Does it matter that the P/N printed on the box for the Seagate drive is quite different from the P/N on the device? 1D8AN5-570 v/s 1D8AP8-500

I've not yet seen the Seagate Dashboard depicted on their Quick Start Guide.

1.  The time machine backup sounds like it's doing exactly what it's supposed to.  Backing up your data so the message saying "backing up 855…etc…" is a good thing.

2.  The airport utility is used to manage apple wireless devices like an airport extreme, airport express, or time capsule.  I'm not sure if you have one of those or not so I can't really address the number 2 question at the moment.  

3.  The time machine window should be set to "on".  

The P/N number is irrelevant to how your seagate drive is used.  I wouldn't worry about that number.  

You should not use a "Seagate dashboard" to manage your backup drive.  Every drive comes with very poorly designed software that each company thinks you might use.  I never use them.  I trust Time Machine so letting the operating system do the backup work is always best in my opinion.

iCloud on Outlook

Scotty, I purchased a Seagate 1TB Backup Plus portable drive at Best Buy. Closest they had to Time Machine was Time Capsule which was obviously not what I was looking for. How/where do I acquire that software?

I didn't know which box to check on your Website as I had no idea how long it would take. How do you suggest handling this? Do you know whether we are talking remote service or house call?


We can easily get Time Machine up and running over one of our Monday night sessions.  But if you'd like to move ahead without my assistance, just plug the drive up, go to your system preferences (located under the black apple at the top left of your screen) and click on  "time machine".  Next choose "select disk" and the newly plugged in drive will be a selectable choice.  Once you've selected that choice, you may be warned that the new drive may need to be reformatted.  Since you just bought it, that would be fine.  After you've selected to go ahead, you should be good to go.  

Gmail can't send out

How do I take out the background of my image so it’s transparent?

Godaddy sent messages gone

Scotty -

I know no one still alive uses AOL, but now mine, since the computer came back, is so slow, and doesn't seem to want to be used as a search engine.  And even though Quick Time Player is still in my apps, and I can get it onto the tool bar, it won't work.  But the simplest of all, is I want to clear my messy desktop and store the stuff I want to keep in a folder, but can't remember how to create a folder.  Any simple way to explain?


You are right. Way way time to abandon AOL for pretty much anything. I do highly suggest not using the AOL software and instead going to a web browser like
Safari or Google’s Chrome. You can still go to to check mail and see their news and stories if you wish plus you can also add your aol email into Apple’s email client (the stamp). This way you will be able to see your mail but can avoid the ads.

There are several ways to create a folder on the mac so you can drag other items into it in order to organize things. Here are a few ways to create folders:

1. Control+click or right click on the desktop and choose “new folder”
2. When in the finder, under the menu bar word “File” choose “new folder”.
3. With a finder window open you can select the gear icon and select “new folder”.

Screen Shot 2012-09-21 at 8.03.29 PM

Once you’ve created a new folder you can always just drag it to the area you want to permanently store it. Inside another folder or into the documents folder for example. If you are still struggling to create and manage your folders, I’m
online every Monday at 7pm and would be happy to walk you through it.

Removing an email account in the Stamp

Scotty:  I hear that the new 10.7 lion will not permit Microsoft Office.
True?  I have had trouble with mobilmee as well.

Partly true. Lion eliminates the transitional software called Rosetta that allowed PowerPC written software to run on Intel computers. That means that Microsoft Office 2004 will no longer run under Lion since it was PowerPC only. You’d need Microsoft Office 2008 or higher.

Don't use passwords that are easy to crack.

iCloud Transition:
Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 6.11.59 PM

The move to iCloud is a rather large one and should be done only when you have ample time to complete the transition. Like hours! You’ll need be running Lion 10.7.2 in order to use it.

1. Backup all your data. If you’re using Time Machine, great but it’s still a very good idea to export copies of your calendar and address book. To do so open iCal and in the menu bar: go to File>export>iCal archive. Save to desktop in case of an emergency. In Address Book go to File>export>address book archive. Save to desktop in case of emergency. These can be thrown away in a couple of days once you feel comfortable that iCloud is obeying.

2. Next, run your software update. Under the black apple in the top left hand corner of the screen choose “software update”. Allow everything. This should get you to Lion 10.7.2, iTunes 10.5 and a few other miscellaneous printer updates etc… Expect your computer to run slower. It’s just a fact of life that when you update to a newer version of any software, it’s very very very very likely that the newer versions of software are asking your computer’s processor to do a little more. You may not notice one update’s effect on your hardware but over time and several updates, you’ll start to notice.

After the first set of updates are run, you should go to software update once again because there will be another update for iPhoto that wasn’t available before. Run that update. You should now notice an iCloud icon in the system preferences.

Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 5.17.10 PM

3. Now connect your iPad or iPhone up to iTunes. You should be asked to update to iOS 5. If not, then simply select the iPhone or iPad on the left hand side of iTunes then choose “info” from the buttons across the top of the iTunes window. Next choose “update”. iTunes will backup your device then start the slow process of downloading about 700 megs of iOS 5 updates.

4. Now go to and attempt to log in. You’ll be prompted to go to and log in to initiate the move of data from me to iCloud. Have your lawyers look over the new terms of service that Apple pushes by you and allow. You’ll notice that Apple is taking some features away that were present in MobileMe; iDisk, MobileMe galleries, iWeb publishing, certain syncing information that nobody used. (Hopefully Apple will replace the gallery feature with some photo stream branch later) You’ll be told that you need to update all your computers and iOS devices. but you will have already done this in the steps above.

5. After iOS 5 has downloaded and your devices are updated you’ll be walked through a simple iCloud setup once you start up your iPad or iPhone. Notice in iPhoto that you now have a folder called “photo stream”. Pictures will now sync automatically without using a cable. Your iWork documents will begin syncing without using a cable and you’ll be able to move songs, movies, etc… to and from iTunes without the cable. It’s magic. Hopefully it will all work.

Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 5.49.35 PM

6. Open the App Store app and check for even more updates to iMovie, iWork, etc… There’s also a cool new update to AppleTV second Gen that allows photo stream sharing, NHL, Airplay from iPad 2’s and a little more.

7. Finally, be ready for setbacks.

Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 5.58.38 PM

The smart thing to do is to do nothing at all right now. Wait for the crowds to update to iCloud this week then at the first of next week take your turn. The servers are up and down in the beginning. Be patient.

If all goes well you’ll get a notification from your system preferences that your MobileMe account is ready to be upgraded to iCloud. After allowing, you’ll see message stating success.

Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 7.46.22 PM

Good luck!

Outlook error -17895

When a friend changes their email address, how do you delete the old email address from coming up? I made the change and deleted the old in my contacts, but it still appears when I try to send her an email.
Thanks for your suggestions!

This is a very frequently asked question and there’s an easy answer. In mail go under the menu item called “window” and select previous recipients.

Screen Shot 2011-08-11 at 7.09.28 PM

Now do a search for the contact you want to remove. Next, select that item in the list and select to remove from list. That’s it.

Screen Shot 2011-08-11 at 7.07.53 PM

Editing your Gmail password

Thanks.  One more thing.  We are looking at keyboard workstations for our son..  We are looking at Korg vs. Yamaha.  If you have any experience with these, do you have a recommendation?
(I do recall your fabulous musical background!).

Both manufacturers are highly regarded.  You'll not go wrong with either of those choices.  

Mail not responding

Somehow I have lost my calendar on my macbook... the icalendar but have it on my me mobile account.  any quick fix?

It sounds like you may have just accidentally removed it from your dock. Go to the finder by clicking on the happy face in the dock then go to the applications folder. You should find iCal in that folder. Drag it back into the dock and you’re done. Now if you’ve already done this and it’s not in the applications folder. First, do a search using spotlight in the top right corner of your screen to see if you can locate it and if it’s gone then you have two options on getting it back.

1. Use your install discs to do an “optional install” which would allow you to choose specific apps to reinstall. or even easier....

2. Find another computer that has the same version of your operating system and copy ical to a flash drive and move it to your computer. Many mac applications are drag and drop. When you open ical the next time, it will find your calendars and all should be well again.

Where is going?

Hi Scotty. Have you had any success syncing iCal with Droid phones? Or at least getting iCal items into Google Calendar? Thanks,

Using iCal with the droid will work just fine but you’ll want to use a google calendar inside iCal instead of a standard calendar or mobileme calendar. So you’re letting google sync your events and using iCal only as a viewer.

Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 4.42.17 PM
Go to iCal’s preferences, accounts, then click the plus button on bottom left corner. Next, enter your gmail account. If you have multiple calendars setup in gmail then you may have to go to the delegation tab and enable those.
Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 4.43.29 PM

Can I delete Entourage?

iMac says there is not enough memory to back up to passport. Sent you an email last week, but was sending to wrong address!
Also, can't find iworks disk. Will they send me a replacement copy? Do I go to for this?

If your target backup disk is smaller than your source disk (hard drive) then you will eventually hit that problem. The best answer is to get a larger external drive to back up to. There are other solutions as well. I’ve dicsussed them here: Data is exceeding Time Capsule capacity | Backup, time machine | Sells Consulting

I can’t speak to what apple may do about the missing disks. You can always call applecare and plead your case. They may send out replacements. I just don’t know.

How do I delete an email account in Mail?

For some reason, every time I download photos to iPhoto, 2 of each are downloaded. Any idea why?

You may be shooting pictures in HDR mode if you are using an iPhone. HDR stands for high dynamic range photos. The camera takes a couple pictures at different exposures then combines them to make a better picture.

Do I need to turn on my firewall? I'm getting lots of junk.

Hi Scotty,
My Lacie 500GB hard drive that sits on top of my MacMini in my living room, is no longer being recognized by the Mini.
I've changed the chord between the two, rebooted both systems, unplugged and plugged back in ... but all that happens is the little indicator light on the front of the Lacie just pulses on and off ... every once in while it goes solid again ... but in all cases it is not recognized.

Do you have a quick thought on how I might fix this, or do you think this is just a dead hard drive? This is my drive with all my songs on it (almost 10,000 songs).

In any case, for the last year I have had a blank 1TB External Hard DRive (for Mac) just waiting in its box for something like this to happen.

Any thoughts?

Is it as simple as unplugging the old and plugging in the new and just download the songs back onto my new hard drive?

Every drive dies. It sounds like it was time for this one to go. In some cases it’s only the enclosure that has failed. You can try pulling the drive out of the Lacie enclosure and putting the drive into a new enclosure to see if you can get the data. Hopefully you had this drive backed up to another drive. I seem to remember we had time capsule pushing that data over. If this is the case then you might as well break out the new drive and get started with the transfer.

iPad cursor jumping around

Hey Scotty....For some odd reason the Apple TV in the family room is not connecting to internet....the one in the Bedroom is fine...and my music is fine.  I entered the pass codes for the network and it is not recognizing them.  Any suggestions?  

To double check pass code to my network do I go in settings and then network, choose my network and unhide the code?  Not sure why just that TV is offline.  

This is a hard one to troubleshoot without being there. Second question first: to double check the password saved in your computer for your network, go to spotlight in the top right corner and type “keychain access”. Now open that program and you’ll be presented with a list of passwords saved on your computer. Now find the one that has the name of your wireless network. Double click that and you’ll get the following screen.

Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 8.18.18 PM
Now click the “show password” checkbox and you’ll be prompted to enter your actual computer’s password. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see your wireless network password.

Now, as far as your appletv, unplug and replug it in. Be sure no ethernet is connected. Be sure you can find the wireless network at that location by testing with a laptop. It may be out of range or the signal may have become degraded in that area of the house for some reason. I don’t have a great set of advice for that issue. It’s more of an issue I can only deal with in person if any of those suggestions don’t work.

Revealing an unknown sender's email address

Hey Scotty 
Hope you are well
I'm having problems login into my backend app on my website
 my software guys are sayin it's an issue with my macbook pro
 After login in once using 4 different browsers, I get an error message
 with blank screen.  I was told I may need to reset my I.P. Address
What's your suggestion??

Well, that’s a little vague and I’m not sure exactly what the problem is but let’s go with their suggestion to reset your ip address. There are two IP addresses at play here. The first is the one given to you by your ISP. Time Warner, ATT, etc... You can find that by going to The only way to attempt to get a different IP address is to unplug your modem then re-power it. Depending on your ISP, you may get a new IP or your may get the same one. It really depends on the area activity as well as other things.

To reset your actual IP address given to you by your router...this is called your sub network IP address. Depending on the router’s settings, it may be giving out 192.168.x.x numbers or 10.0.1.x if it’s an Apple Router. You can:

go to system prefs/Network.
Select the Airport (if wireless) in the left hand column then select “Advanced”.
Now select TCP/IP
Make note of your IP address then choose to Renew DHCP lease.

It’s very likely you may get the exact same number. There are several ways to go here. You could set your sub network IP address manually or your could go to your router’s settings and address the problem there. There are many choices.

Deleting annoying emails

Hi Scotty,
I am having trouble printing checks from Quickbooks (VW).  I am afraid to restart because sometimes it takes me DAYS to get back into my QB if my printer is on the "outs".  What to do?  Do you think you can help me if I schedule a service call with you?

I cannot be down even a day right now -- year tax end, etc.

Depends on the version of Parallels/VMware you’re in. I suggest deleting the printer from Windows then re-adding it through Apple’s printer tool for windows called Bonjour for Windows. The virtualization software has printer sharing ability but I’ve found the Apple software to be a little more reliable.

Cannot send email because one of the email addresses is incorrect


I wanted to see what shortcut you put in to see what was running on the machine.  I am used to hitting alt-control-delete in the PC world and have not figured out the equivalent in the mac world.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for your help.  I know I will be OK once I get over this frustration.  Some of it is self inflicted trying to use Outlook.  I appreciate your patience with me!

The keyboard command you are thinking of is command+tab. This shows a list of open applications. To then move from one to the next you can either use the arrow keys or just hit tab again while your thumb continues to hold down the command key. For a list of many useful mac key commands you can print out my list found

Easy ways to accidently hide email in Apple's mail program

Hi!  My daughter is home sick today and went to rent a movie on AppleTv.  It again says AppleTv  disc full.  It shows capacity of 32GB with availability of 871 MB.  We only own 12 movies and I think we determined that we are streaming the photos, though maybe that is not the case.  I am happy to take the photos OFF the AppleTv drive if you tell me how!



So you’ll need to go into the iTunes AppleTV settings. Across the top of iTunes, you’ll have a menu bar that allows you to customize what syncs to the AppleTV (first gen). Go to the movies tab and there you may find that you are syncing movies and that may be what is taking up the space. If not movies, then move to the pictures tab and see if you are syncing pictures. If you unselect to sync pictures or movies then you can still access this data by choosing the “my pictures” or “my movies” tab on the appleTV itself.

Also, in iTunes, when you have the AppleTV selected, it should show you on a bar on the bottom what is taking up all the space. That bar will be color coated to disiminate movies from pictures from music, etc... Much like the pic below:

Screen shot 2010-12-07 at 12.08.07 AM

Changing the default outgoing ports in mail

Removing old email address history

Hey Scotty, I still cannot get my printer to work with my new router unfortunately.  Any advice?  It shows that it is "looking" for the printer and I have jobs lined up, but they will not print.  I have plugged in the yellow cord going from the printer to the router and tried going into preferences as you suggested, but obviously, I'm missing something.  Thanks.


So there’s a large clue here in your description. You mentioned a yellow cable. I’ve never seen a USB cable that’s yellow so that tells me you are most likely connecting your printer via ethernet. Ok. That’s cool. If you have a USB cable you may find it easier to add the printer but if you need to use ethernet for some reason then here’s the most likely step you’re missing.

You’ll need to add the printer via it’s IP address. First you have to find out the IP address of the printer. Most printers that have ethernet ports are capable of printing a configuration page that will state the IP address. Next, you’ll select “IP” in the top tab of the Add Printer window in the Printer system preferences.

Now that you’ve found your way here, type in the IP address you found on the printer’s print out and once you’ve done that you should see the actual printer type show up in the lower field. If you see “generic postscript printer” display in the “name” field then that probably means you haven’t gotten it right yet.

Now with all that being said, it’s really much easier just to plug up via USB and call it a day!

Windstream sucks

Hi Scotty
Here is the msg I keep getting. What do you think?


While time machine is one of my favorite features of Mac OS X, it can sometimes be a bit temperamental. There is one of two things going on. Either a: the data on your computer has an issue and can not be written to the external drive or b: the data on the hard drive has an issue and can not be managed. Let’s go with b for now. So here’s what you can do.

1. Go to system preferences and under sharing, give your computer a slightly different name.

2. Go to the backup time machine drive and delete the backup.backupsdb folder. This will remove the old data on the drive therefore erasing the history in time machine. It would be even better if we just erased the external drive but we will just delete the backup folder for now.

3. Now go back to system preferences and select Tiime Machine then turn off and back on time machine. Now choose to “change disk” and reselect the hard drive you were using previously.

Now sit back and wait. If the data on the external drive was the problem then it’s solved. If the data on your computer is the problem then we’re heading to part 2.

Let me know how it goes.

Gmail stopped working

Forgot to ask u 
Do you no how to set up cameras on the network so I can access remotely n record ?


I think the best choice out there for the mac is EvoCam. It’s software that controls a camera (purchased separately) from the web. Supported cameras are listed on their site.

Deleting an email account from Mail

I have decided to buy a used mac...what model do I want and who should I but from?

So when buying a used mac, you want to get at least a core 2 duo chip.  eBay is a fine way to go.  Don't be fooled by sellers trying to increase the price of the machine boasting that it has certain software on it already.  They should not be selling preloaded software.  You want a cleanly wiped iMac.  I think you are probably best suited for a 21" but if you find a better deal on a 24" then get it.  I wouldn't look at spending more than $800 on a used computer.  In fact it should be less.

Making much better to use


Where do I get a 12-15' firewire cable? I need to be able to use the theater computer in a chair. I thought we had connected the hard drives via USB but not the case.



Amazon would have what you need but you'll need to know which firewire connector is needed.  There's 400 and 800.  And then there's 400 to 800.  Here's a 400 to 400 but I think you need 400 to 800.  Just not sure what kind of laptop you are using to manage music downstairs.  I think it was a macbook which may not have the firewire 800 port.  I'm pretty sure your hard drives use 800.  You want to use 800 over USB anytime you can. Firewire Cable IEEE 1394, 6 pin to 6 pin, 400Mbps, 14 Long: Electronics

Bulk email won't send

since they stole my computer, can they access our history? Can they see our online banking, etc??


I would say absolutely yes. That is a serious concern. I would move forward with trying to reset all the passwords you have as soon as possible. If they are smart enough, they can discover your passwords to sites and other. Your computer does not store banking passwords but there is plenty of other data there to look through.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

iPhone and incoming/outgoing email problems

Hi Scotty, I am interested in joining your discusson group on Monday night. Do
I need any special equipment to do that?  Also I'm guessing that a lot of it will be
way over my inexperienced head, but I still think I would enjoy it.  Thanks


When you click “join” on the Town Hall page, your computer will install a program called GoToMeeting. The requirements to run that program are as follow:

For Mac-based Organizers and Attendees
  • Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®), OS X 10.5 (Leopard®), OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard®)
  • Required: Safari™ 3.0 or newer, Firefox 2.0 or newer; (JavaScript and Java enabled)
  • Internet Connection Required: Cable modem, DSL, or better recommended
  • Required: PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor, 512 MB of RAM or better recommended

I’m pretty sure you meet all those criteria. See you soon!

Weird email showing up and won't delete

I've got a simple computer question to run by you.  Child needs a computer for school this year.  I assume it's mostly word processing needs but not totally sure.   Husband’s thinking about cleaning up the hard drive on his Powerbook G4 and letting him use that.  I think that it's about 4 years old??  Do you think that's a good plan?

The new low end macs are about $1,000 - right?

Told you it was simple!  Take good care! Thanks,


That powerbook has really seen its prime and it may be time to move on.  Yes you can get some more miles out of it.  You put office on it (you may already have it on it) and he should be fine.  But your kids are gamers also.  That powerbook can't drive anything modern in terms of graphics.  But that's not a reason to buy him a computer for school of course.  If he's a good kid and has proven he can take care of things then I'd say get him a macbook but if he still has a way to go in showing responsibility then he rides with the powerbook for a while and earns the nicer machine.  

eMail forwarded by RR is causing problems

Hello Scotty,
 I am in need of a new power cord for my computer. The other one is fried and makes sparks when it's pugged in YIKES! I cannot seem to find a replacement. Can you point me in the right direction or do you offer them?


Honestly, I would check
ebay. You can usually find used power adapters for Mac laptops at a descent price there. One thing to be aware of is that a common difference between macbooks and macbook pros is that the pros use an 85 watt adapter and the regular macbooks use 65 watt adapters. It’s not the end of the world if you use one with the other. It will just charge the battery at a more regulated rate.

If you purchase directly from apple they’re going to charge around $79 whereas you can often find them on eBay for much less.

Mail servers going down on desktop

can you offer how to put documents on the dock, I mistakenly erased mine and don't know how to put it back thanks,


It’s very easy to both pull out things from our dock as well as leaving them in there by accident. The two most common itmes that people want in t their dock are applications and docmuments. Look carefully and you’ll notice a small line on the far side.

You can drag documents from a finder window (inside your documents folder) to the right side of the dock and applications (from your applications folder) to the left side of the dock. Then you’ll be able to launch them easily with one click right from the dock. To find the items you want to put back in to the dock you’ll need to use the finder. Double click on the icon on your desktop “Macintosh HD” then click on the documents folder on the left hand side of that window. Inside, you’ll most likely find the documents you were looking for.

Mobileme email path has been changed

Is it possible that an airport express could go out in less than 6 months.
The new airport express I purchased when you were last out does not show on the network after I reset it and try to extend the network.  The light on the express is blinking yellow? Let me know if its something I'm doing or if you think the airport express on out?


It's extremely unlikely that the airport express has failed.  The failure rate on that hardware is very very low.  So I have a good bit of faith in it.  There must be something else.  If you've done a hard reset on it and had it to rejoin your network and you feel you've done everything correctly then there may be something we're missing.  Luckily the airport utility will tell us what the problem is.  Launch airport utility and double click on the express icon in the left hand column.  When the next window appears, click on the yellow dot next to Status.  That should show you a list of errors the airport express is reporting.  Then we can go from there.  

Resetting your Gmail password

I have duplicates in my address book and on my phone. Help


With the address book, all devices should now be syncing.  Since I didn't have your phone I was unable to check its syncing.  If you have duplicates on your phone, it could be because you are syncing over the cloud and via a cable.  Apple turned this ability on last year and it has happened to many people.  It's not a good thing.  If there are just general duplicates in your address book with either computer, then there is a simple way to remove them.  Under "Card" in the menu bar, select "Look for duplicates".  You'll have the ability to also merge cards with the same name but different information.  

ATT microcell and junk mail

The first thing you could try would be to delete each of the mobileme accounts and then re-add them. Since mobileme is based on IMAP, you won’t be loosing anything. If that does not resolve the problem, the second thing to try would be to navigate down to the file path pointed out in alert window and delete the corresponding folders, then re-add the accounts once again. it could be a bit messy. Let me know if you need any assistance.

RR's inbox is full. How to solve it.

Hi Scotty,

I just one question.....I use MYOB AccountEdge software.  I just logged in as I also do and all of my transactions back to March 3rd are gone.  I have no idea what happened to them!!!  I am having a heart attack thinking I have to go back reenter all this data.  Any suggestions????  I will be happy to pay you if you have time to come out or if you can give me any suggestions via email to try!!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!


Ugh. Well there is hope if you were backing up your data. So first question...drum roll...where you using time machine? If so then there’s a very good possibility we could recover the data. Second question...if not time machine, were you backing up your MYOB data any other way?

If the answer is no to both questions then it’s very unlikely we will be able to retrieve any of that data.

Slow internet and SSL on the iPhone

How do you take someone off your favorite list from your phone and keep them in contacts.
Looked on apple and can not find answer



Removing a contact from your favorites list should not remove them from your contacts list. You can select edit on the favorites screen and then select the minus button. Your contacts list should not be affected.

MobileMe smtp server failing on outgoing

Thanks, Scotty!  I don't think anything is wrong, but I thought I'd get your take.  My airport has given me trouble lately, and since it is almost 10 years old, I thought I'd get a new one.  I wanted to get the Time Capsule.  Any thoughts?  1TB vs. 2TB?  Since I have a few computers, I was wondering if I needed you if I made that transition or is it just a matter of plugging in the Time Capsule?  I'm a bit afraid of setting it up and crashing all my computers.  Any thoughts are appreciated, and I am certainly willing to use your service if you think it would be beneficial.  Thank you!


Sorry for the delay in responding...

Wow! A ten year old airport. You’ve definately gotten your money’s worth. I do like the time capsule for the conveience it provides as a wireless backup method without having to ever do anything to make it work. Overall, I think the 1 TB is fine. However, if you are going to be backing up several macs then the 2TB may be more in line. But the cost of that product is a bit too high for me to recommend. You could always just use a stand alone drive if you’re backing up a desktop. The Time Capsule will not affect your computer’s performance so there’s no need to worry about the “crashing” you’re thinking about. Although you may need a little assistance setting it up. Just depends on your level of experience. I would suggest you try setting it up yourself first and if you have any issues then you can schedule a session if you need.

Sending email blindly

Thanks Scotty,

Is there a way to import a YouTube video into your IPhoto or IDVD? The owner of the puppies we are buying in a month gave us a link to see them, but she wants to eliminate the video tomorrow night. I would love to keep it for my records. 


Sort of. If you are just wanting to save the youtube video then the easiest thing to do is open an activity window within Safari (under Window in the menu bar) and find the corresponding file downloading. Double click on that file and your video will download locally to your computer in flv (flash) format. Now flash doesn’t just fall right into iphoto or iDVD. If you would like to put it into iMovie, etc... then you’d need to convert that flash video to a more “apple happy” format.

Where did my deleted folder go in my email account?

If I were to get an ipad - should I get 16, 32 or 64 GB?


iPad:  I'll most likely only be getting the smallest, least expensive model.  I know there will be features in later releases that will prompt me to buy the next version.  As a purchaser of the first iPad series, you have to be ready to accept there will be major improvements in the second and third series.  You will most likely want those so spending a larger amount of money on the first series is not as worth while in my opinion.  

Most of my colleagues have stated they'll also be going with the 16 gig version.  You will just not have a ton of movies at once and will have to sync to itunes more often but we already do that with our iPods now.  

Where did my RR email go?

Hey Scotty,

The screen on my iphone is there a way of fixing it? I googled "shattered screen" and all these different thing popped up...



The least expensive way to repair your iphone is to change the glass yourself.  Kits are typically around $20.  I have had a few clients do it themselves.  It's not easy but can be done.  Here's a link to the kit on amazon. Apple iPhone 3G Replacement Front Glass and Digitizer -2 Tools, Suction Tool, Adhesive and Exclusive Microfiber DBROTH Cleaning Cloth Included - Repair Your Cracked Glass: Electronics

Sending email from the correct address

Two questions for you.

Some of my client folders are missing from my HD. I pulled the backup copy but twice that I know of, a folder was there and then on another day, it was missing. Any thoughts?

We are looking to have a Mac Server or HD so the two designers I work with can access files to work on so I do not have to burn a CD or FTP the files to them, get it back from them and then place them back onto my HD. I would like to have a central server or HD that we can all access and pull files to work on and then place back when complete. Can you help with setting that up or make recommendations on what solution would work best?


Weird on missing files. I cloned that drive so the data on the new drive would have been exactly what was on the other drive. I’m glad you had backups.

Sounds like you need to look into
Dropbox. Dropbox is fantastic. All users can share files across the internet and all files update immediately across all users. It’s a beautiful thing. I’d be happy to help you get up and going if you need. The first 2 gigs are free then you pay a monthly fee for more data beyond that.

Send out email as who you'd like to be

Hey Scotty,
I'm trying to open myitlab for school and it's saying I need to install activex control, I installed some cleaner fix thing. That didn't work so where can I find this thing?


ActiveX control is a windows feature. It’s not natively supported on the mac. Most likely the file that you are trying to use requires a piece of software written for windows. Internet Explorer for example. ActiveX controls can be found within certain (poorly written) web pages. It’s not an internet standard so anyone using them in webpages are cutting themselves out of the rest of the browser world.

You can use virtualization to view the file but that may be overkill in your case. It’s an old technology.

old school article here:
ActiveX Controls for Mac

Hide/Show headers in email

My son's repaired xbox requires him to use a password to activate wireless. How can I find the Airport password??


To retrieve your wireless password, it’s stored in your keychain. Go to keychain access in your applications/utilities folder then you’ll see a list of passwords. Find the one associated with your airport name and double click. You’ll be prompted for your actual computer’s password for permission to see this password. Then select to show password. There it is:

Mail's buttons have gone away.

I also converted over to mac mail, calendar and contacts.  Is there a way to synch iCal with google?  When I put a calendar appointment on google, I see it on iCal.  But when I put an appointment on iCal I do not see it on google.


As we discussed. Spanning sync may be the answer for you. Try it before you buy it. Let me know if it works for you. If not, there are other less obvious ways.

Spanning Sync 3 - Sync iCal with Google Calendar, Sync Address Book with Google Contacts

Deleting email without looking at it

Why do I keep getting unwelcome skype messages?


Even skype is not immune to spam. Check your privacy settiings within Skype's preferences. Also be sure your status is not "skype me!". That's an invitation to spammers. More info here:


Stop receiving unwanted chats and calls - Skype for Mac

Stop Skype Spam: Tips for Reducing Spam Messages in Skype

email has duplicated itself

Hello Scotty,
How do I answer this?


Apple seems to go out of their way to scare us as we set up our home networks these days. Two choices here:

1. uncheck the Allow SNMP over wan and Allow setup over WAN and move on or....
2. check the "ignore this problem" box.

I vote for number 2. Check ignore this problem for both of these errors. Apple is more concerned than they need to be overall when it comes to wireless security. I know that sounds niave. But as long as your are using WPA encryption, the chances are pretty low that anyone is going to get past that. Ignoring these problems means that you are free to make changes to the router wirelessly. Otherwise, you'll need to directly plug in via ethernet to change settings on the airport express and nobody wants to do that.

Don't live in fear. Ignore the problem.

Email accounts failing to open

Hi Scotty,

Could you suggest a good card game program for the mac?


Check out Solitaire 2.5
Apple - Downloads - Cards & Puzzle - Classic Solitaire

Using mobileme email aliases

I have 4 users on my mac.  3 of us use mail.  My son finally set up his account.  Now 2 accounts are unable to open.  When u click the mail icon a question mark appears, while the third account mail has vanished.  I have tried to reboot, update, delete his account all to no avail.  Help


This may be too involved of a problem to try to solve via email.  If they are IMAP accounts then you should be able to delete them then re-add them.  This may be better handled with an actual session.  You can schedule a session from my website or make a reservation at the genius bar at the Apple Store Southpark.    They may be able to help you as well.  

Time zone settings wrong in mail


What is your favorite external hard drive?

Lacie Quadra. LaCie Big Disk Quadra eSATA/FireWire800/FireWire400/USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive: Electronics

duplicate emails

rec on where to buy another 1 TB drive for my drobo?


Newegg rocks! - HITACHI 0A38016 1TB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

How's the Drobo going?

How do I add back into mail?

Trying to use imovie but it won't recognize clips downloaded on usb (file format .avi then converted to .mov) - any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Depending on the version of iMovie and your OS, you may require an additional codec for quicktime to understand. Check out meg StreamClip. That may help. direct download from apple.

Another video converter you can use is iSkysoft. Good tutorial here:
How to import video files such as WMV, AVI, M2TS to iMovie - convert videos to iMovie

Mail reports "null" error when deleting messages.

Thank you for all your help today.
My iMac  Root Level has 5 items:
System Folder (with 33 items)

The Systems Folder blue icon is plain where as the other icons for have a symbol in them.

Can I delete the System Folder? 


The "system folder" folder is a left over from OS 9 classic. You don't use it anymore so you can toss it out. However, the permissions of that folder may be set in such a way that the computer will not let you trash it. If that is the case, more drastic measures may have to be taken. But that will free up about 600 megs of data. Not a lot but keeps things clean.

How to adjust POP email settings

Pls help me. When I try to delete messages, it says  I can't delete to the "null" mailbox..What can I change? It's driving me nuts. Thanks.


I would suggest going to the mail preferences under "Mail" in the menu bar then going to the accounts tab. Next, look at mailbox behaviors. (the second tab in the window)

other useful links:

Emailing a bulk group in Apple's Address Book


Great presentation today. I actually don't have an ipod question for you, but instead an audio question. I've got a pro-tools studio in my house running off a new 24'' imac that I got a month ago. That being said I'm running pro-tools 7.3.1 and am seriously thinking about moving over to logic, which you were using today. Are there any specific features that help make your decision to go with Logic?

Thanks so much,


While Pro Tools is of course the standard of the industry, Logic is a strong second place.  There are of course, several choices, Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase, etc...  I started on Cubase in 98 and after about 2 years, went to Emagic's Logic.  A few years later, Apple purchased Emagic and took over Logic production.  In the last 4 years, Logic has changed into the strongest overall audio editing software on the Apple platform in my opinion.  

As Logic is developed by Apple, it is a strong advantage to have the company that develops the operating system and hardware going to lunch with the Logic development team.  Working under the same roof, we as consumers are guaranteed to have lots of problems answered before they get out in the open.  The other software developers are usually a little behind on solving software/hardware conflicts.  

Further, Logic will import Garage Band projects easily which means you could start in Garage Band with your kids then move to Logic later for more detail.  It's a big investment so the more research you do the better.  The apple store usually has Logic installed on a few machines on the floor with demos so I would suggest checking that out as well.  

In the future, if you'd like a quicker response from me, emailing my personal email will result in a faster turn around.  I don’t check my cms email as often as I should.

Getting rid of iPhone junk mail


A number of months ago you helped me with changing out a hard drive, airport card, etc. on my iBook.

Do you work with home wireless networking?

I am having difficulty with keeping a consistent signal.  Some times my mac mini does great . . . connects and navigates very fast.  But at other times it will just get stuck.  This "slow/fast" situation will go back and forth within minutes of each other.

Mostly I am the one having problems, but other of my family members who are connected wirelessly will also some times have problems.  So, I don't know if the problem is my computer or the router we are using, or something else.  I was having the trouble before and bought a new router (a mid-cost linksys) thinking that might be the problem.  Sometimes if I shut down my computer and reset the router it works normally for a few minutes, but then goes back to giving me problems.


Yes, I can assist you with the in home network.  Overall, I'm not a very big fan of linksys routers.  I've posted several entries on my answers section of my website concerning how often linksys routers fail.  Personally I would suggest looking at the airport extreme router.  It's pricey but does a great job.  If your home is over 3000 square feet, you may need to look at an additional repeater/extender such as the airport express.  

Other contributing factors can be the building materials of your home such as copper pipes, plaster wall thickness, metal interference, or large surface mirrors.  

Entourage to mobileme

Is there anyway to reduce the junk mail that comes through on my iPhone?!  You set it up for me with my business email and for some reason ALL of the junk mail seems to come through on my phone, but rarely any of the business emails I NEED to get.  Is there some way to change the filtering system or make it match the email system on my office desktop?



Yes, this is a bit of a problem. Currently there is no junk mail filtering on the iphone. So the best way that I know is to leave your mail program running on your computer with it’s junk mail filtering system active. Now, providing you’re using an IMAP email and not POP email (Bellsouth or Road Runner email is not good) then the mail program will sort through the junk mail as usual then sync automatically back to the iphone so while the junk mail may appear on your phone at first, they should disappear from the phone when the iphone syncs back over the cloud. Essentially you’ll be creating your own mail server by leaving the mail program running on your computer. Again, this method will only work with IMAP email like aol, mobileme, .mac, or gmail for example. Not RR or Bellsouth. I see you are running your email through your business website which adds another obstacle. You would need to check with your hosting service to see if they offer IMAP email. Some do, some don’t. You could also route that email through a gmail account for instance.

As far as your business emails, that would need to be addressed in your junk mail filtering settings within your mail application. You can customize your settings to work in such a way so that any previous recipients would not be filtered or people you have in your address book for example would also be left alone.

see my previous post on IMAP here:
POP email is inferior to IMAP | email | Sells Consulting

making an alias with mobileme

I am going to hurt someone... then start drinking!  What have they done to the new iWeb!  I cannot seem to get my website re-published.  I bought more space, as it says I don't have enough... I go to publish and log into my account... and it says that only 1 gig is used and it will not publish my site!  Also, I want to back-up my address book, etc. but I cannot click on the buttons!

This is really, really frustrating!  The IWeb program says I need more space on, meanwhile, nothing is being backed-up, published, saved in the 59 gig of space I just bought!



Ok. the first thing you’ll want to check is the space allocation on your iDisk. All your galleries, media, iWeb stuff, etc... is saved on your iDisk but by default it’s 50% email 50% storage. Two things to check:

1. Go to system prefs then mobileme and select iDisk to see what the usage bar says.

Next, go to and login to view your system prefs. Here’s where you can change how much is allocated to each function. I usually reduce my email amount to around 2 gigs or so.

You may also try republishing your iWeb page completely as opposed to only updated pages. That function is in iWeb. Overall, iWeb is good to start with but I outgrew it and moved to RapidWeaver. I’ve enjoyed it very much ever since. More power but also a little harder to use.

To address the address book problem...You sometimes have to clear the server info and replace it with your address book on your computer. First, back up address book by creating an address book archive from the application itself. Next, go to your mobileme prefs in system prefs again and check your sync settings. Now go to advanced and select to replace address book data on the server with info from your computer.

The settings you need to know for your email.

Hi Scotty. The boys messed up the sound again. Do u remember what u did.


Yes, go to system prefs and sound then be sure that “show sound in menu bar” is checked.

firefox slow and ...who sent this to me?

I tried to send u another message and apple e-mail disappeared from
the dock.


To re-add the application to your dock, first go to your hard drive then to applications then to the app.  Drag the app into the dock and it will stay.  Be careful not to drop it on the way to the dock.  Another way to do this is to do a spotlight search and launch the appliaction that way then right click or control click on the dock icon and select to keep in dock.  

Showing or hiding your inbox in Mail

We can no longer successfully "boot up" (is that even still the right term) our desk top.  When we turn it on it just gives us a grey screen.  Sometimes there is a blinking graphic of a folder with a question mark.  I have tried some of the manevuers suggested on the Apple website under "supprt" but have had no success.  The next suggested strategy is to reinstall the operating system.  I cannot find the disks that have the OS on them.  What should I do?  Am I toast.  Can you help or should I schedule an appointment with the apple store?  Please "reply to all" so that I get this email on my work email as well.  Thanks for your help.


Sounds like one of two things:  either the operating system has gone bad or the hard drive has failed.  More likely that the hard drive is bad.  I would suggest making an appointment at the store and they can resolve it for you.  You are most likely under apple care I would think.

Mail will not quit


Can you fix and external hard drive that has crashed?  My daughter said her hard drive  sounds like "broken glass" inside.  It did not fall but "flopped over"???  What would be the charge for something like that?


When the drive has been physically damaged, then it’s beyond what I can do. There are companies that specialize in data recovery from severely damaged hard drives but they’re usually more expensive than the data is worth. is well known.
Charlotte even has one locally at
Data Recovery | Data Recovery Services

Gmail problems (May 11, 2009)

Hi Scotty,
I was in the Apple store the other day inquiring about inputting addresses for a data base for volunteer work that I do.
I have iwork 08.  The guy that I was talking to said that my  Mac does not really have a program for Data base that they have two programs that you can buy for creating and inputting a data base.  He did not recommend the 09 he said at this point I don't really need it.
My question is would it help me to purchase the program for my computer and will it make a difference since they all work with PC's.  I know MS office you can do a data base maybe for this I should stick with a PC.
If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


The apple store employee was correct in a way by not pushing you to the 09 version. If you’ve not used iWork 08 then 09 will not be any major update for you. When you say database, there are several different ways to create databases of information.

1. using a spreadsheet application. Excel via microsoft office is the default spreadsheet application. iWork contains an application called Numbers which is Apple’s answer to Excel. It is also a spreadsheet application and has basically the same functionality.

2. You may want to take a look at Bento. The makers of Filemaker have created a lite version that may work for you. You can try it free here: Bento Tours | FileMaker

bulk email


Hope this is a quick question, or I need to schedule you for some help...
I've had some problems being locked out of files before, but figured out the whole "Get Info"  & unlocking system.  NOW I can't get into any recent photos and can't unlock the permissions!!!  It won't let me do anything with the files which is a big issue!  I"ve Googled the issue and found a couple exchanges, but they all suggest unlocking which isn't working... HELP!!


So you understand how to get info and the choose to view sharing and permissions of that file from the get info window. You understand how to add yourself as a user to the file by clicking the plus sign. You may then choose to change the permissions of the entire contents of the folder within the get info window so that changes apply to enclosed items as well.

We need to consider where these pictures are residing. On your own drive, an external drive? Are they within iPhoto? You can’t change permissions within iPhoto ut if the problem is within iPhoto then you’d need to go into the iPhoto library to adjust the permissions. I little too involve to go into via text.

Maybe you could be more specific as to what pictures are having this issue. You can schedule a session if you are unable to get it resolved.

eMail that moves to junk mail (spam folder) by accident...or is it?

Hope you are well and remember me.  You came to my home about 9 months ago and helped me set up windows on my mac.  Anyway, I have a quick question.  Once in awhile I will be working in windows and walk away from the machine for any period of time.  When I return, I get a message that states that the virtual machine has paused and do I want to restart - If I say yes, it restarts windows which I don't think is good however I don't know how to restart (i.e., unpause) without doing that.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your help.

VMware or Parallels?



How do I upgrade my current libary in iTunes to iTunes plus with the unlimited usage format? The online support says click on the Upgrade iTunes Plus page. Where is it?


Go to the itunes store then you’ll see the link on the right. Be careful however. It does not give a choice to select which songs to convert. This could be expensive because of the charge per song.

Email server settings finally happened.  Everything was going so good too!!!  Just today, typing along and it just froze up on me.  I just unplugged it, grabbed the other mac's wireless and started using it.  Any thoughts?

Well that's certainly odd.  It's strange that keyboard then worked as long as it did.  I have continued to use the keyboard we exchanged with no problems whatsoever.  So it really seems to point in the direction of the USB bus having an issue.  Very very rare to see a problem like this.  Very hard to replicate as well.  

The apple store would suggest troubleshooting the software side of things first.  If the problem is consistent once it starts then it would be interesting to know whether it carried over to another user as well.  That would tell us a great deal.  If you have a test user on the computer then logging into it once the problem happened would help identify the problem more specifically as well.  Because, as with any software problem, it must first be isolated to either being system wide or user related only.  Although in this case it doesn't seem likely to be software to me. Feels more like a problem with the USB bus.  I say bus and not port because we know the issue happens with multiple ports.  

How to change the mail server settings


We are having trouble with printing to our HP Officejet Pro 7590.  It was
working fine until a day or two ago.  Now when I send something to the
printer, my computer sees it, builds the file to print, but never prints.  I
have reinstalled the driver and that did not work.  I went on line to
download the latest driver and that did not work.  When I do these things, I
get the message that my software does not support this printer.

The only major difference from three days ago to now, is that I updated some
software, but I cannot remember exactly what software was updated.


Sounds like you've tried the most obvious things.  You downloaded the latest drivers.  You may also try downloading not only the driver but the entire software package as well.  Sometimes HP and others will provide different packages.  Larger download for the full software package though.  So be prepared to wait a while while it downloads.  

You may try deleting the printer from the printer preferences and also reseting the print system.  Right click or control click on the printer window and you choose to reset.  This erases all printer settings and you set everything up from scratch.  This may fix it.  



After I sent this message/request for help, I received a notice of update for my airport software.  Immediately after I downloaded the new airport software, my printer came to life.  I thought the problem was solved.  It was not.  

I cannot print.  I tried to take the path you suggested below, but now I cannot even see a printer and cannot get my Mini to see the HP 7590.  

Any suggestions?


You might next try to directly connect to the printer via USB to rule out the printer USB port.  Sometimes the printers relationship to the airport extreme router is severed and while it's connected and both are powered on, they do not see each other.  Try powering off your router and back on once again.  Then go to airport utility to see that the printer is recognized and sharing is checked.  

POP email is inferior to IMAP

I have several ring tones from you on my phone.  I just purchased an iphone.  Can you help me with transferring these to this phone?  I am on ATT service now.

You had to help me when I was with Verizon.

Thank you,

Putting any audio file on the iphone as your ringtone is no problem.  It's actually getting the file from your source that could be the issue.  In the old days (last year) companies would provide a link for your phone to directly download a sound file to play on your phone.  Now, with smarter phones like the iphone, this is unnecessary however this also means that that company will now loose money so they don't want you to be able to download the actual audio file.  

OK   new information.    I went on itunes and found a couple of sounds that are acceptable.  I paid for them   $   .99  mind you!   And they are on my playlist in itunes.      HOW do I get them to a specific contact?  Thought this might be easier than using the other ones. 

Sounds like you're solving your own problem!  That's great.  You can purchase ringtones from itunes but you can also create and edit them within garageband.  It's included on your mac if you are using a mac.  

Here's tutorials on each:

From the iPhone home screen, tap the Phone icon. In the Phone application, tap the contacts icon in the bottom center. From your contacts list, select the person who you want to assign a ringtone to. When that person's contact information appears, tap the Edit button in the top right corner. When the contact information is editable, you will see an item below their phone number that reads "Assign Ringtone." Tap that. When you do, the list of iPhone ringtones available to you will be displayed. Select the one you want. When you have selected the ringtone, tap the Info icon in the top left. This will return you to the person’s contact information.

How to create custom ringtones in GarageBand 4.1.1

email moving to Junk incorrectly

I have a powerbook G4 w/80 gig hard drive, needless to say it is about maxed out.

Would you suggest getting a larger internal hard drive or an external hard drive?

If getting an internal hard drive what company would you suggest?

You need to consider that the powerbook G4 is getting long in the tooth. It will not be upgradable to Snow Leopard when that comes out later this year. But if you want to keep it going for a while then a new hard drive is a good option. I would go with the larger internal just because you want to maintain that portability. That model needs an ATA drive. Not a SATA drive. SATA’s are the current type of drives. Your machine is older so you need to look at ATA. You can get them fairly inexpensively now days. I recommend using newegg. - Computer Hardware,Hard Drives,Laptop Hard Drives,ATA-6,

Leopard killed email

Hi... all my airports are blinking yellow except one has no light on at all.  I reset the main one and now that one is green but all rest are still blinking or no light at all.  Is there something I should do?  My internet seems to be working fine in the kitchen?

Your network is/was setup so that the main airport extreme was being repeated by the other remotes.  Extended that is.  If you reset the main extreme and changed the settings (like password or name of the network) then those repeaters will no longer do their job.  Since your entire network is on 802.11.n this means it's very easy to troubleshoot and fix any issues.  

Go to your airport utility and you should see a list of devices.  If you've reset your main then you'd need to go behind and reset each of your expresses as well.  If by "reset" you mean you've turned it off then back on, then the remotes should automatically pick the signal back up again.  You can try unplugging each one and plugging back in.  

Ultimately you'll want all greens and all airport devices showing up in airport utility like this:

hide recipients in eMail

Hi, I had a several hour session with you in December at which time you recommended that I purchase and install the Leopard operating system.  I finally did, as I wanted to wait until the new ILIFE was out as well.  It has completely shut down my email, and I can now not even open mail from my computer.  How am I supposed to deal with this?  Do you have a solution?  Everything else seems to be working.

I would first try running all updates. There may be crucial updates that will fix the issue without having to do anything.

This has happened to others before. Here are a few suggestions:

If it’s related to rules, then tossing the rules plist file could solve it. It’s located at ~/Users/Yourusername/Library/Mail/MessageRules.plist

You might also toss out the backup rule.plist file as well. Apple describes it this way:

1) Force quit Mail if necessary: From the Apple menu, choose Force Quit, select Mail in the Force Quit window's list of applications, then click "Force Quit".

2) If the issue persists after relaunching Mail, follow these steps while Mail is not running:

3) From the Finder's Go menu choose Go to Folder. Go to this location (type or paste the following, then click Go): ~/Library/Mail

4) Move the items named "MessageRules.plist" and "MessageRules.plist.backup" to another location, such as your desktop.

5) Open Mail. Note: At this point you can either set your Junk Mail settings and re-create your Mail rules manually in Mail preferences, or follow the next two steps (if you re-create rules and Junk settings, do not perform the following steps).

6 ) Quit Mail.

7) Place the items named "MessageRules.plist" and "MessageRules.plist.backup" back in the ~/Library/Mail folder (replace any copies that were added to ~/Library/Mail when you opened Mail).

You can also try a more serious fix. Using terminal (only if you feel brave and advanced enough to use terminal):
Caution!!!! Using terminal can severely destroy your system. So proceed only if you feel confident and have an understanding of Terminal.


defaults remove JunkMailBehaviorHasBeenConfigured
defaults remove JunkMailHeaderFlags
defaults remove JunkMailInfoPanelHasBeenShown
defaults remove JunkViewerAttributes
defaults remove LastTimeJunkWasVisited
defaults remove NumberOfMessagesMarkedAsJunk
defaults remove NumberOfMessagesMarkedAsNotJunk
defaults remove UseJunkMailHeaderFlags

Then press Return and quit Terminal.

Another solution. You may have installed a thrid party plugin into mail. Apple provides instructions here on how to deal with it:

Mac OS X 10.5.6: Mail unexpectedly quits

eMail alternatives?

Hi Scotty,
I have 2 questions 1st ~ As long as I', not sending you every question in the book is it ok to email you with questions so I don't mess up my MAC?

I purchased a download video from Lifeway and it came in the windows format giberish but it can convert to MAC if I download (for free)
Windows Media Player 9 for MAC OSX ...can I do that does that mess up anything??  Thanks

I’m assuming the video is in wmv format and you may have found that there is no windows media player for mac anymore. However there is an alternative. Telestream Download Flip4Mac WMV should be able to convert the video without an problem. If you are still unable to view the video then you can download VLC which will pretty much do the trick as well. Think of it as the swiss army knife of video viewing.VLC media player - Overview

I don’t mind a few questions every now and then. I’m happy to help.

Linked images in email signature?

do you know what the name of the spray in that helps the ball on the mouse work and where do you get it?

Any canned air will do. Spray into the ball area and should free up dust covering the infrared lense. Office Depot, WalMart, etc...

Gmail server settings

 I am having a problem that I can't seem to correct.
I took my computer to the beach, we have wireless there, received emails, etc.  I did change my outgoing server under the preference area so I could send emails.  I did nothing to the incoming server preference and things were coming in fine.
I get back to Charlotte and cannot receive any emails from my gmail account.  I can receive them from my carolina.rr. account!  My iphone received the gmail account and I can use my husbands computer to see those messages, just can't get them to come up on my apple.
I have done everything!  Any suggestions?

Outgoing server settings in 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard are a bit different. 10.5 is a little easier to work with and I’ll assume you are on Leopard since it’s the latest version.

When you changed your gmail account’server settings, when it now tries to send or receive it’s trying to use someone else’s line of communication. I suggest going to’s preferences. (that’s the stamp application). And take a look at the settings.

I’ve made a short screencast to help explain. It’s available at my video gallery here.

invalid email addresses

Hi Scott,
I'm trying to send a letter to multiple email addresses and the pop up says it is not a valid address.  It lists them all as if they were one address.  Should I separate the addresses with a semi colon and a space or just a space?  I've tried both ways.  Is there a limit to how many addresses can be in the To line?   I tried putting half of them in the Cc space but that didn't work either. It's 10 addresses I've never used before.  (I'm organizing an engagement party & these are all hosts who have given me their addresses)
Any ideas?
Thank you,

They should appear as separate addresses (usally highed in blue each). Most likley one of them is invalid. Try hovering your mouse over each one to reveal the actual email address and most likely you’ll find the botched one. The email must contain a beginning, middle and end.


While your mail program does not have any foreseeable limit to the “TO” field, it is more likely that your outgoing server does. I would say usually around 40 emails at once starts to raise a flag with our email provider thinking you are trying to spam. You could try sending in 2 smaller groups if you are around that number.

hope that helps a little.

inbox full

If you see this error: don’t panic. It’s very common these days since around 10.5.4 It usually self resolves and you’re back to normal within an hour or so.

iCal notifications not working Quark. It decided to not work today (press day, too) even though it was fine on Friday and my computer was off all weekend.

Every time I tried to open it, either with a file or on it’s own, it would just get stuck and I would have to force quit the application.

A forum on the internet said to look for the Preference file and trash it, then it should work again. I know that works or my classified program but I couldn’t find the file anywhere. I copied what was on my hard drive to the server to keep and then I uninstalled and reinstalled Quark on my hard drive. I had to install the 6.1 and then do the 6.5 upgrade but that didn’t work either.

3/4 of my job relies on quark and the other machines don’t have all my fonts, etc.

Any ideas?

The preference file the user group referred to is called a “plist” file. Here’s the file path:


I’m not exactly sure of the quark plist file name but it should have the word “quark” in it. Simply quit the program and then remove that plist file from the folder. I like to place it onto the desktop temporarily. Then restart Quark to see if that helps. If it’s worse, (like on the rare occasion that a plist file contains a serial number or other settings that are too important to lose -but usually not the case) then you could put it back in. But when you restart the program with no plist file, the app will recreate the plist file again and this time, hopefully in a more healthy version.

Knowing Quark and you print types, the more likely problem has to do with fonts! Ugh how I hate fonts. I would gladly just have the entire world write everything in helvetica and be done with it but you graphics people and your fonts...

Here’s another great thread that looks toward other possible issues:
Apple - Support - Discussions - Quark won't launch ...

another possiblity:
Quark won't open - Apple Computer -

open winmail.dat files in

Unfortunately we have to deal with Outlook users whether we like it or not. I’m often asked how to open winmail.dat files sent to us by Outlook users. There has been TNEF’s Enough and that’s been ok but now there’s a slightly better option. Letter Opener by is a new plugin for While it’s not free ($29.95) it’s better than nothing but the best solution is for those people in Outlook to stop sending those stupid attachments.

outgoing mail problems

Hi Scotty,

Wondering why my email is hanging before it sends. I replaced the router from Time Warner and everything else is fine. Any ideas?


Takes a long time to send?  

You could try using a different outgoing mail server.  RR's is  .mac or MobileMe is  Some outgoing servers will deliver mail from other services even though they sometimes hang in the process.  

Mail attachement too large

So did you try to send another file above 20 megs?  Last time I went into the mail files and deleted the appropriate mail folder but I don't know which folder that is right off hand.  If you need my assistance you can check my calendar online here and let me know what times might work for you.

This image is a theme.plist hack