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Logging in to gmail with multiple accounts

I’m trying to log into my son’s new e-mail address at his new school. I am able to log into it on my I Pad, but not on my desk top. See info below. Did anything we did last Friday affect this? You will see his old CMS google account and his new Trinity google account.

Nothing we did would effect this issue.

1. If his account is not listed, you can go to, sign out of any accounts you're currently signed into, then sign in using his new account. Gmail has the ability to maintain many email account sign-ins at the same time. If you don't see his new or old account listed when you go to log in, you'll find a link near where the red arrow pictured below is that allows you to sign in as a different user.

2. Make sure the password for the account you are trying to log in with is correct.

3. You may have been using Chrome and now using Safari. Each browser stores it's own record of what accounts you're logging in with.

4. Keep in mind that emails are not related to each other. Therefore, passwords may not be the same. In other words, a person can have an email account based on trinity and another based on cms.k12, both being hosted by gmail but have different passwords. There would be no relationship between the two.

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