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email lost after imap conversion.

I wanted to let you know that when you converted my email address from POP to IMAP and deleted the POP account I lost all my emails that were in the account, inbox, sent, etc.  They were deleted both on my computer and on the server.  The service provider can't locate them either.  I backed up my computer the day before you arrived and again the morning 10th.  So the emails should be on the Seagate correct?  Can you advise how I retrieve them?

You should be able to recover those emails.  If they were ever stored locally on your computer (and I believe your pop mail was) the best way to go about it would be to open the mail application first, then choose “enter time machine”.  You’ll be presented with a spacey interface that will allow you to scroll back in time to the last known day you had the emails.  There you should be able to restore an entire folder at a time.  


So if I restore the emails, will it affect my current emails?  Will it add emails from a month ago that have been deleted filed, etc?  Ideally I'd like to go in and cut and paste the emails from this particular account +200 emails.

You should be able to use the command key to select only the emails you want to restore. You could also select an entire folder on the right hand column to restore as well. Restoring emails within time machine should not have any effect on current email in mail.
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