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Hotmail not working on iPhone

Hi there and good morning!  I am having some issues with my iPhone X ever since I did the most recent update last week.  I can not check my email from my phone on my hotmail address.  It constantly says it has updated, but then I will go to my laptop and check and I have several unread emails.  I called apple last night and they were not helpful.  Any ideas???  

The first thing to try is to delete the hotmail account off of the phone then re-add. When you do, it may want to set up as an exchange account. Hotmail is a Microsoft product and I think they have changed their hotmail backend and you may have to use Exchange which is also a Microsoft product.

If this doesn't work, then it could be a 2 factor issue with hotmail that is blocking hotmail access. Hotmail may also require you sign in using a browser now much like google does. So when you set it up on the phone, it kicks you over to Safari to authenticate. I should be able to assist if needed.
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