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Where is my mail going?

I received a LivingSocial email today and when I opened it it was not from Living Social but from a realtor I’ve been working with in the mountains.  The email from the realtor had the Living Social info on it.  How did this happen?  I would have deleted the living social email without looking at it usually.

Also I am not receiving emails on my phone.  I received several but not all emails.  I know this because the living social and realtor email didn’t show up on my phone.


This can sometimes be a difficult problem to solve. It can be caused by many different issues. I would suggest before doing anything, we just wait and see if the problem exists a week from now. If it does then it is likely that we may have to take larger steps to solve the issue. That would include deleting and re adding the email account which in your case, considering you have lots of mail still associated to an old account, can be tricky.

It is possible that while your old RR account allowed junk mail to get through, your new gmail account will be more conservative. Checking your junk folder from time to time then marking the mail as “not junk” in your email program will help this a great deal.
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For the most part, junk mail filtering happens at the gmail server and at your computer but it does not happen at your phone. So once it moves into junk, it may not be visible on your phone. That would explain it not showing there. Again, check your junk mail folders and mark it as “not junk” going forward. The newest version of iOS 8allows you to move to junk as well.
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