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Email going out as wrong name

Hi… how can I correct my name coming up as husband’s name on my e-mail?  It should read my name.  Not sure how this happened??? I cannot change the account name in mail preferences because it is grey and won’t let me click on it…

How can I change it?  It is under husband’s name and it should be my name.  It’s my e-mail address but with his name… bizarre.  It is confusing people like crazy!

A few things to consider...Under a normal account you can go into Mail’s preferences under accounts and select the account on the left column then change the name in the name field.
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However, due to a few recent Apple changes, you’re probably referring to an iCloud email address. iCloud email names are not always editable from the Mail preferences. So you’ll need to look elsewhere. Go to system preferences on your computer and select the iCloud pane. Select account details. If you can edit your iCloud name here then do so and log out then back in to your computer. If you can not however then you’ll need to take the next step. Go to and log in using your email address. Choose to manage your apple ID. Now you’ll finally get to the screen where you can edit your name.

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After you’ve edited your iCloud name, sign out, log out of your computer and back in. Re open mail. If the name still shows as husband’s, then the next step to take would be to delete the account and re add it. You won’t loose any mail. Go back to Mail preferences and accounts. Select the account and hit the “minus” button in the bottom left corner. Again, due to Apple’s awkward engineering at times, this may not be allowed. So you’ll have to go back to System preferences to Internet Accounts. Then either uncheck and recheck your mail account or delete the iCloud account entirely.
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Again, you won’t loose any data. It will ask you if you’d like to leave certain data on the computer and you can say yes or no. It won’t matter because you’re going to be re adding the account in a moment anyway.

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