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Why Road Runner email is terrible.

…still getting messages about other devices in use and my emails are not being sent anymore.  What should I do? Can't remember what you did to get my emails going again.
I will also check into getting a new email address.

First as you already know...stop relying on as your main email address!

Because it’s a POP email account and not the more modern IMAP, this means that your email still thinks it’s 1995. Therefore this POP account gets very confused when more than one device or computer is trying to check it at the same time. iPads, iPhones, computers all make a call up to the email server to request email. The account gets very confused by this (because it’s crap) and sends down the message “other devices in use” etc... So if you want to check from another device then this means you have to make sure all the other device’s mail apps have been quit. On a computer, you must actually quit the mail program. On an iOS device, you’ll need to double click the home button at the bottom of the device then kill the mail app that’s running. This will allow a different device to start a conversation with the email server. Terrible right?’s what everyone with a RR email should be doing or has already done. Either:

A: stop using road runner email.
B: only use RR email for junk and create a new email that IMAP like gmail or iCloud.
C: If you must continue to use RR email, then create a gmail or iCloud account then go to and log in. After you’ve logged in, go to your RR email settings and set the RR email to forward a copy to your new gmail or iCloud email address then discard the copy. This will prevent RR email from storing a copy therefore filling up the pathetic 100 megs of storage they give each user. 100 megs of storage vs. the 7000 megs that gmail gives you for email storage.

In closing, I can’t stress it enough. Get off of RR email. It’s nothing but a horrible bag of pain and suffering.

At this point I often hear people say “but Scotty I can’t stop using my RR email address. It’s my Apple ID.” I agree. I don’t like to encourage people to change Apple IDs but that’s not what this is about. This is about using that as an EMAIL ADDRESS. It can continue to be a username as far as Apple is concerned. Whether or not it is functional as an email address makes no difference to Apple. They just want a series of characters that represent you uniquely and using an email address was their first choice.
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