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Sending email stuck message

when I send a email, something shows up in the lower L hand corner, right under the list of files that sends “Sending Message. 76 KB”. The Kbs change with every email I send - the emails appear to go out, but the sending message never disappears. That is going to drive me crazy as it looks like the computer is trying to do a task that it can’t complete. Thoughts?”

There could be a stuck outgoing email left over from the past that is having difficulty going out. It is also possible that this email has a large attachment that caused the initial problem. This is just one explanation. To get a little more detail, in the menu bar, go to “Window” then select Activity. This will show you a little more detail as to if there is actually activity or not.

Another explanation could be that your email is just trying to sync up with the server and this could go away in time.

Last explanation is: Time Warner email is terrible.
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