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Migrating from one email server to another

switched account servers, and now all ~9900 SENT biz emails are not converting. Tech support at says it’s an Apple issue… Have you seen this?

I’m currently not entering homes/businesses and working only remotely. Converting from one email server to another is never pleasant. The SENT messages can live either locally on your computer or on a server. When moving from one company to another, if the emails are on the old server and need to be migrated over to a different server, the Mac doesn’t really have a hand in that. That’s usually worst case scenario. We wouldn’t know where the emails live until I see the computer. (Remotely would be fine). Hopefully we can find those locally then move them where we’d like in the future. It’s a little complicated. The good news however is that it’s possible we could recover them from your backup as a last resort.
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