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I need to recover a deleted email but it's not there.

My computer will now allow me to delete emails but there is nothing in my trash folder after. Once I push delete, it is gone. Already accidentally deleted something I need to get back but I have made a note of what it is. Can you help me with this this week?

First, I’m glad the email issue has subsided and you can now delete email. If I remember correctly, the issue was that the computer was not communicating to the cloud correctly so I rebuilt the email database and set it to store all messages locally. This means that it doesn’t rely on the cloud to store junk, drafts, or deleted messages. Those all reside on the computer. (Which is a good thing). There is a setting in Mail that allows your deleted messages to be removed permanently either after one day, one week, one month, or just after quitting mail. Not sure which yours is set on. Nonetheless, sounds like the only way we can reacquire that deleted email would be through time machine. If you were backing up via an external hard drive then most likely, we could go back through your backup and recover that deleted message.

How does that sound?
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