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Yahoo email not sending out

1. I'm setting up my parents' iCloud account on their new computer (thanks to you!). Their computer's Address Book is not connected to an email account, although Mom likely wants it connected to her yahoo email account. (See q#2). However, her iCloud account is connected to an old Comcast email address that they no longer can access. How do I get everything to talk to each other?

2. I'm setting up mom and dads yahoo email addresses, but I cannot get them to send emails out. They can only get incoming.  Is there an issue with Yahoo?  Dad's gmail works fine. 

1. It’s important to remember that while, we see an Apple ID as an email address, Apple does not nessacailry think of it that way. They see it as a unique set of letters that represents you. So whether or not the email address is still in use is not very important. In other words, if you started making purchases 10 years ago with a yahoo email address, even though to may no longer use that address, I feel it’s a good idea to continue to use it as an Apple ID. Otherwise, you’ll still need to come up with the password the next time you move purchased content over to a new computer or iOS device anyway. You can not change the ownership of a piece of content (movie, app, music, tv show) from one Apple ID to another.

To investigate and possibly reset your apple ID password use https// If you already know your password but would like to associate another email address to your apple ID, use

If the yahoo account has many contacts at, there should be a way to export those off of and then import them into your parents address book. From there, iCloud will sync them to multiple devices.

2. Yahoo can be a little tricky. Especially if you’re one of the poor souls who started with a bellsouth address, move to ATT, then moved to yahoo. Either way, Yahoo now supports imap email. So there should be no reason you shouldn’t be able to send outgoing email from yahoo. Verify you are setting it up as an imap account in your mail settings. If not, you can try setting it up manually instead of choosing the automatic “yahoo” option.

Here are the settings for yahoo mail:


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