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Moving your business email to another provider

1 - the laptop is showing doubles on the calendars.  You fixed it on my computer, but how can I fix on the laptop.
Check to be sure only one account is set up on the calendar.  With the calendar open, go to the calendar preferences in the menu bar and then select accounts.  If only one account is listed then you would most likely need to delete the doubled events manually but I am betting that's not the case.  

2 - remember the weird thing on the iPad where you could not click on the icon, you had to go in and type it in. Do you know how we can go in and fix that?

try restarting the iPad.  Hold down the top button and home button for about 7 seconds until the iPad shuts down on its own then restart.  Hopefully that will resolve the issue.  

3 - For the emails, I wanted to change the name descriptions, but when I do it says incoming mail server cannot be blank (even though the server name is in there and it greyed out). You said it was an apple bug, is there a way to work around it?  Not a big deal if not.
It's possible after an update you'll be able to rename the iCloud account.  The iCloud server settings are now stored in the operating system and cannot be changed therefore it is greyed out.  Which means, on occasion the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing so the mail program doesn't realize the computer already knows the settings so it reports the silly error.  Try restarting and see if that helps.  
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