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Mail not responding

Somehow I have lost my calendar on my macbook... the icalendar but have it on my me mobile account.  any quick fix?

It sounds like you may have just accidentally removed it from your dock. Go to the finder by clicking on the happy face in the dock then go to the applications folder. You should find iCal in that folder. Drag it back into the dock and you’re done. Now if you’ve already done this and it’s not in the applications folder. First, do a search using spotlight in the top right corner of your screen to see if you can locate it and if it’s gone then you have two options on getting it back.

1. Use your install discs to do an “optional install” which would allow you to choose specific apps to reinstall. or even easier....

2. Find another computer that has the same version of your operating system and copy ical to a flash drive and move it to your computer. Many mac applications are drag and drop. When you open ical the next time, it will find your calendars and all should be well again.
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