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A: I’m in the market for external hard drives. I have a couple of questions.

Can you rank the drive manufacturers by reliability and quality? We are talking 4TB and above.

B: Also, what would be the best way to send one of these hard drive to India? Do I need to be concerned about data being lost or erased during transit? Is there a way to prevent this?

C: I need to take several years of videos and load them onto the hard drive, and then send to India. Is there a service that I can upload to and they access it, instead of shipping to India on a hard drive?


  1. Seagate Backup Plus
  2. Lacie
  3. G Drive

All Good brands. Seagate wins out considering its much lower price point. The G drive is a favorite among serious video editors and photographers but its cost moves it down the list. Every drive dies so there’s no perfect solution. I am not a fan of the MyBook Drives by Western Digital at all.

B: They do make specialized travel cases to ship drives to protect against magnetic interference. Overall I don’t think you need to be so much worried about magnets as you do the handling of the drive. I would wrap the drive in some serious bubble wrap then slip it into a faraday bag. Done.

C: Youtube. Make the videos private.
Dropbox if you bought more space.
Flickr gives you a terabyte of online storage for free.

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