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Apple ID password change.

I had to authenticat the set up of my children's email for school w apple.  Couldn't remember my password for my Apple ID so had to reset it.  Now I can't get email to send because it says incorrect icloud password.  Is the icloud password and Apple ID password the same thing or different?

That depends on whether your Apple ID is based on an actual Apple provided email address or not. If your Apple ID corresponding email ends with @me, @mac, or then most likely you are using that ID for both purchases via iTunes and the app store as well as an iCloud ID which would be related to syncing data like contacts, calendars, pictures etc...

So most likely when you changed your Apple ID password, it effected your email as well. We assume that when we change our passwords within accounts that that change would automatically push to all other related areas but that is not the case. When we change our passwords, we have to go to every device and every application that needed that password and enter the new one.
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