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AppleID relationships and other issues.

I've run into some issues:

1) find my friends: I'm getting message "location not available" is there a step we need to complete?
2) Are son and dad still attached?
3) In photos I cannot see video, move pictures, and there is an exclamation point in the corner of older pictures.

Thank you, Scotty! Sorry to bother you ... Just wanted to keep you informed.

1. On the device you are hoping to locate, be sure to first check a few settings. On the phone go to Settings/iCloud/Find My iPhone. Be sure that "Find My iPhone" is turned on and "Send Last Location" is also turned on. Next, within the Find my Friends app on each phone, select the "Me" listing at the very bottom. On the next screen be sure to turn on "Share My Location" and then below that, chose the device you wish to be located from. Most of the time that will be one's iPhone.

2. in regard to son and husband still being attached, not 100% sure what you mean but I think you mean: are they still associated to each other. No they should not be. Other than being logged into the same Apple ID to make purchases under the store, each person in your family has their own iCloud account completely separate fro the others. It is that AppleID that each member of the family logs into iCloud, messages, and FaceTime. We went into husband's AppleID and removed the other related email addresses and phones earlier.

3. This is a larger issue that may need to be addressed in person. You could try the following fix first however: Hold down the option+command buttons and open Photos. You should be presented with the option to "Repair" the library. Try that first. If that does not succeed then we may need to look further into that issue separately.
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