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Is keychain preventing the App Store from opening?

One of the problem I’m having and I wanted to see if it was tied to the keychain is I cannot open the App Store on my laptop. Could that be part of the problem we’re dealing with in regard to keychain?? 

The inability for the App Store to just open wouldn't be related to keychain. If the problem is instead an inability to log in to the App Store once the application has loaded could be however. So I'm not sure how far you're getting when trying to open the App Store. An AppleID is needed to log in to the App Store, iTunes (now Music) or TV but just browsing either of those applications does not require you be logged in. Only downloading or purchasing content from either of those would require logging in.

If you just can't get it to open, check to see what version of the OS you're on and if an update is available run that first to see if that solves the issue for you. 10.15.4 is the most recent version of the OS as of 4/26/20.
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