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I changed my AppleID password. Now what?

Thans for today.  I can’t remember my apple ID and password so I asked for a new one to be emailed to me this morning….no email yet.  So I have no idea what email is assigned for the Apple ID.


Ok, apple will not email a new password ever.  If you’d like to change your AppleID password, you do so by going to  From there you would enter in your security information like your date of birth and a few other questions you answered previously.  Then you can change your password.  They may have emailed a link to the page I mentioned above but they will not email a new password.  

Changing your AppleIDs password will cause a chain reaction within your computer ecosystem.  In other words, once you change a password, you have to make sure ALL the applications and devices that use that password know about the new change.  In other words, you have have to enter in several times.  Each application of device will usually present a message saying the old password didn’t work.  That’s your opportunity to enter the new one.  

Also.  As I recall, you are using a email address as you appleID.  And your children use this as well.  Which means that the reset link may have been submitted to that yahoo email address.  To find out what your appleID is, go to your phone and in settings, select “iTunes Store”.  That should reveal the appleID you use to make purchases.  To find your iCloud ID which may be the same as your AppleID, go to settings and select “iCloud” settings.  You will see your appleID at the top.  
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