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My computer says "your apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage" What's going on?

My iMac asked for all sorts of passwords which I put in. Now on my phone and iPad it says
"Your Applle ID and phone number are now being used by iMessage for your new Mac."
Does that mean my phone and texting arent going to work???
Thanks, worried as I am headed up north tomorrow and trying to fix this!!!

My phone is no longer accepting calls!!!


Seeing this message is completely normal when a person signs into their iCloud account under messages or FaceTime under a new or different device. This does not prevent one from no longer receiving calls in any way. In fact, it actually allows you to receive your calls on multiple devices. Essentially, your phone number becomes associated with your Apple ID so you can make calls and text from computers and iPads as well as your phone.
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